Court hears Lyra McKee murder accused Paul McIntyre collected bullet casings after the shooting

Paul McIntyre was cheered as he was led into the building

Protesters show their support for Paul McIntyre outside Derry Magistrates Court as the 52-year-old from Derry, appears in court charged with the murder of Lyra McKee on February 13th, 2020 in Co Derry in the North of Ireland. (Photo by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images)




The man accused of murdering Lyra McKee is alleged to have committed a joint enterprise with an unknown gunman by picking up the cases of the bullets used to kill her, a court heard.

Paul McIntyre, 52, was remanded in custody at Londonderry Magistrates’ Court on Thursday after appearing charged with the murder of the journalist last April.

During a 50-minute hearing, defence lawyer Derwin Harvey said: “The allegation against Mr McIntyre is that Mr McIntyre is at this riot and a male shoots the gun and that Mr McIntyre, after the gun was shot, picks up the cases.”

The court heard a lengthy defence submission applying for bail, but the judge adjourned the hearing until he received further information from prosecution about the evidence linking McIntyre to the charges.

Mr Harvey said the case rested on a “snapshot” of low-quality mobile phone footage which the prosecution claims showed a man wearing clothing matching what his client was wearing earlier in the day.

Earlier supporters clashed with police outside court as he arrived for his first appearance.

They held placards saying he is a “political hostage” and a “British scapegoat” and scuffled with up to 40 police officers as they refused to move from the entrance to the courthouse.

There were loud cheers as McIntyre was brought out of a Range Rover and taken into the court building.


Lyra McKee was standing near a police vehicle when she was hit by a bullet fired by a masked gunman towards officers.

The Belfast writer was living in Derry with partner, Sara Canning, who also arrived at court on Thursday morning.

Ms Mckee’s sister Nichola Corner was among several people in the public gallery wearing T shirts emblazoned with her picture.

Ms McKee was a gay rights activist and an articulate advocate of a new and more tolerant Northern Ireland and part of the generation which reached adulthood during peace time.

She wrote for publications including Private Eye and Buzzfeed.

David Young
A number of supporters of Paul McIntyre have gathered outside court ahead of his appearance accused of the murder of Lyra McKee.


David Young
Some tension as supporters refuse to move away from entrance when instructed by police


10:02 AM · Feb 13, 2020Twitter

Her funeral was attended by then prime minister Theresa May, Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and Irish President Michael D Higgins at St Anne’s Cathedral in Belfast.

Catholic priest Fr Martin Magill received a standing ovation when he asked why it took her death to unite politicians.

Days later the British and Irish governments announced a new talks process aimed at restoring devolution.

Power sharing was resurrected last month and the first same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland took place this week.

McIntyre is also charged with possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life and belonging to or professing to be a member of a proscribed organisation. His address was given in court as Kinnego Park, Londonderry.

The New IRA said it carried out the killing of Ms McKee.

McIntyre will next appear in court on February 27.

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The recent internment of Neil Hegarty, 36-hours after his release from Maghaberry after serving 5-years is evidence, if needed, of the true nature of the 6-County State.

Neil’s return to Maghaberry was based on lies told by employees of G4S, a mercenary style security group renowned internationally for its corruption and human right abuses.

They falsely claimed that Neil had refused an electronic tag which was an oppressive measure imposed on him and this was quickly used as a pretext by the PSNI, Parole Commissioner, and Stormont D.O.J to revoke Neil’s release licence.

It must be noted that Sinn Féin and the SDLP are directly responsible for Neil’s internment. This was undertaken by institutions which they support under the laughable fresh start counter insurgency agenda offered by “human rights champion” Monica McWilliams.

Where now are the PSNI supporting spokespeople of the GAA and Catholic Church such as Joe Brolly, Brian McAvoy and Gary Donegan when their precious British Crown Forces are dragging Irish Men from their families to be interned without trial? Will they remain silent like the 26-County administration and Ireland’s trendy left?

Through active support and complacency these quarters have enabled years of penal and judicial oppression in the form of oppressive prison conditions, isolation, internment by remand, licence and terrorist register conditions and the denial of bail etc. They are hypocrites!

For those who believe that these tactics will intimidate Republicans into silence, you must remember, we can endure much more than you can inflict.

Republican Prisoners,
Roe 4,


The annual Volunteer Sean McCaughey Commemoration took place on May 11th in Milltown Cemetery, Belfast, on the seventyfirst anniversary of his death on hunger and thirst strike.
A crowd of about sixty people assembled and were welcomed on behalf of the National Republican Commemoration Committee by the commemoration chairperson Maíre Óg Drumm.

She reminded people that they were there to honour the memory and sacrifice of Lt General Sean McCaughey who on this date in 1946 died on hunger and thirst strike. Maíre continued by saying how “on April 24th 1916 Tom Clarke, James Connolly, Pádraig Pearse and their comrades read the proclamation declaring Ireland a Republic. Sean McCaughey pledged his allegiance to the Republic declared that day and paid for it with his life. We Republicans standing here tonight also swear allegiance to the Republic declared on the steps of the GPO 101 years ago.”

Maíre then invited Gráinne McCreesh to step forward and read the Proclamation to the assembled crowd.

After an excellent narration of the Proclamation by Gráinne a lament was played on Fife by Paula Ewing, as the colour party lowered the flags.

A minutes silence was observed in memory of Sean McCaughey and all those who have given their lives in the cause of Irish Freedom.

A wreath laying ceremony then took place with wreaths being laid by Jackie McClafferty on behalf of the IRPWA and by Alec Óg McCrory on behalf of the Republican Movement Belfast.

The oration was then given by Maíre Óg Drumm – “Sean McCaughey was born in Aughnacloy, Tyrone in 1915. After his father’s early death, when Sean was five years of age, the family moved to Ardoyne. Educated at Holy Cross Boys School he became interested in the Irish Language and Conradh na Gaelige, so much so, that his summers were spent teaching at the Gaeltacht in the Glens of Antrim. He joined Na Fianna Eireann and at seventeen he progressed to the ranks of the Óglaigh na hÉireann. From 1938 he was “on the run” and in 1940 was appointed O/C of the Northern Command. In 1941 he became attached to the GHQ in Dublin. After his appointment he began to detect a serious leakage of information including information on the leadership, personnel and activities of the movement. Investigating it with all the thoroughness for which he was noted, he had the then Chief of Staff, Stephen Hayes, arrested for interrogation. During the course of his detention, Hayes, voluntarily agreed to write a statement in which he confessed to being the person responsible for the leakage. Subsequently Hayes managed to escape from his guards and contact the nearest Garda barracks. On September 2nd 1941 , Sean McCaughey was arrested by the CID and later charged with “Unlawfully detaining and assaulting Stephen Hayes”. Sean refused to recognise the military court, consisting of three Free State army officers and on the evidence of Hayse alone was found guilty and sentenced to death. This sentence was later commuted to penal servitude for life. He spent the next five years in Portlaoise Prision, under the most inhumane and brutal conditions, refusing to accept criminal status, he refused to wear prison clothes. He was clad only in a blanket and kept in solitary confinement, he was refused all visits and communication with his relatives and was not even allowed to attend Mass. Imprisoned with him at this time was a fellow Belfast man, Liam Rice. On April 19th, 1946 Sean entered upon a hunger strike and after sixteen days he also went on thirst strike, and on May 11th 1946, after 23 days in all, Sean McCaughey joined his comrades, McSwiney, Ashe, McNeela and D’Arcy, all of whom also died on hunger strike, for the same ideals, the same principles and the same cause.

And so Sean began his last journey home to Belfast. Comrades from the Republican Movement met his remains and escorted them on the way home, with thousands lining the entire route to say their last farewells to this brave volunteer. His body lay in the Franciscan Church Dublin overnight, and the following morning the funeral procession left to complete Sean’s journey home. Sixty Republican soldiers, each one of whom had spent years in Free State jails, formed the advance guard. Others formed the guard of honour on each side of the coffin, one of those awarded this honour being our Billy McKee. At Drumcondra Bridge, the funeral halted, the advance guard formed single ranks on either said of the road and a volley of shots were fired over the coffin, a last tribute to fearless Sean McCaughey by his comrades in arms. In every town and village between Dublin and Belfast, people gathered to pay homage and as expected , at the border armed RUC men stopped the cortege and removed the tricolour from his coffin. On reaching Belfast, his remains were brought to Holy Cross Church, and at his funeral the next day, such was the esteem in which he was held, thousands again lined the route to Milltown Cemetery, including his comrades from Óglaigh na hÉireann. Sean was laid to rest in this grave where we now stand and in 1963, the plaque you can see here, was placed by his old comrades of the Northern Command.” – Oration ended and the crowd applauded.

Then after a short poem Maíre said how during the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s here in Ireland, we saw the deaths and executions of countless brave Volunteers of the Irish Republic. We would have expected nothing less from the Unionist regime in the North, but Republicans suffered more at the hands of people who claimed to be Republicans themselves in the Free State, and none more so than from DeValeras government. !940 saw the execution of the Easter Rising veteran Paddy McGrath, 1944 saw the hanging of IRA Chief of Staff Charlie Kerins, when DeValera brought a hangman from England to do his dirty work, and in 1946 saw the horrific death of Sean McCaughey in Portlaoise jail. Maíre continued by saying how “it is also fitting to remember Palestinians comrades on hunger strike at present fighting for their rights even within prison walls. She then quoted Volunteer Tom Williams – “The road to freedom is paved with suffering, hardship and torture; carry on my gallant and brave comrades until that certain day”.

Then Nuala Perry was asked to come forward and recall in verse about those lean years for Republicans in our country. Nuala did as always an excellent job, and the verse was very well received by the crowd.

The Nation Anthem “Amhrán na bhFiann” was then played on Fife by Paula Ewing as all in attendance stood in respect facing the Irish Tricolour.

The commemoration was brought to a conclusion by Maíre asking people to ponder a few things, 101 years after the Easter Rising, 71 years ago the death of Sean McCaughey fighting for his and his comrades right to be treated as political prisoners, 36 years from the death of ten of our own friends and comrades in the H Blocks of Long Kesh fighting again for recognition as political prisoners, and yet we still have Republican prisoners in jails throughout Ireland.

I would ask you to think of them and their families and to support them in their fight within the prisons.

With many thanks to: IRPWA Ireland.


Known as the ‘Riot Squad’ these highly trained and ruthless squad go in dressed in full military regalia.

The IRPWA have been informed that this afternoon Republican Prisoner, Shea Reynolds, was assaulted by screws in Maghaberry

It had been observed by Republican Prisoners that the screws were unnecessarily restricting movement all morning.  When Shea was returning from a shower 2 screws created a confrontation and proceeded physically to assault him and manhandle him into his cell; where he was placed on lockdown. 
The IRPWA have highlighted a number of assaults on Republican Prisoners  in recent times and concerned by the surge of assaults Roe 4 Republican Prisoners set about obtaining Freedom of Information statistics that show that 34 prisoners complained of being assaulted by staff in 2012, in 2013 there were 57 such complaints, 38 in 2014, 68 in 2015 and a massive 144 in 2016.  In the 18 months prior to Republican Prisoners attaining these statistics only one member of jail staff had been disciplined for assault.  This certainly proves that rather than poor hard-pressed staff being subject to abuse, it is they who are meting it out on defenceless prisoners with institutional cover from the Maghaberry Administration.
The IRPWA condemn the assault on Shea Reynolds today and find it ironic that on a day when Republican Prisoners announce the progressive step taken by Roe 3 and Roe 4 to share all facilities the screws respond by assaulting a Republican Prisoner. This begs the question; upon whose directive were these screws operating under? MI5? POA?

With many thanks to: IRPWA Ireland.

Statement from Republican Prisoners, Roe 4, Maghaberry. 2/05/17


In 2014, Republican Prisoners announced that the Republican Prisoner communities within Roe House (Roe 3 and Roe 4) would be sharing several facilities on the wing. These facilities had previously been used separately to facilitate space for distinct prison communities; although it was agreed at that time that certain facilities would be shared. It was also agreed that the canteen and yards would remain subject to separate use.
Republican Prisoners Roe 4 are now pleased to announce that these facilities (including the canteen and yard) will now be shared by both Republican Prisoner communities as of 2nd May 2017.
This comes after discussion and agreement between both communities that the sharing of these facilities is both practical and beneficial for all. This also lays to waste recent claims by NIPS spokespersons that the ludicrously restrictive controlled movement policy was necessary due to tensions on the wing. This is of course nonsense.
This move represents a progressive development for Political Prisoners and highlights the emptiness of NIPS excuses for their reactionary policies.
We look forward to moving on with this new arrangement with mutual respect for the distinct communities on the wing.
Republican Prisoners

Roe 4



With many thanks to: IRPWA Ireland.

Full list of IRPWA – Republican Prisoners



Below is the full list of Republican prisoners that are looked after by the IRPWA.

This list is updated on a regular basis.

Portlaoise Gaol
E3 & E4, Dublin Road, Portlaoise, Co Laois


Michael Finlay
Dean Byrne
Edward McGrath

Patrick Brennan

John Troy

Sean Connolly

Stephen Hendrick

East Wall
Pierce Moran

Rush Co Dublin
John McGrail

Donal O’Coisdealbha

Connor Hughes

Darren Fox

Owen McCann
Conan Murphy

James Smithers

Tony Carroll
Brian Walsh
Joe Walsh
Sean Walsh
Mick Gilmartin
Martin McHale

Kevin Devlan

Damien (DD) McLaughlin

Roe 4, Maghaberry Prison, Old Road Ballinderry Upper, Lisburn BT28 2PT

Dee Duffy
Shea Reynolds
Ciaran Magee
Brendan McConville
Sean McVeigh
Luke O’ Neill (held on a non-political wing on protest)
John Paul Wotton

Anto Davidson
Christie Robinson

Barry Concannon
Jason Ceulmans
Damien Harkin
Neil Hegarty
Nathan Hastings
Seamus McLaughlin

Barry Petticrew (Held on a non – political wing in isolation)

Darren Poleon
Brian Walsh

Martin McGilloway (CSU)

Point Rd, Limavady BT49 0LR

Brian Millar

With many thanks to: IRPWA Ireland.

Statement from Republican Prisoners, Roe 4, Maghaberry 14/03/17




Since the recent 6 county election much has been made of the supposed strength of the Nationalist representation in Stormont.
In fact, there have been those who claimed that this result is a challenge to the very existence of partition.
For Republican Prisoners such statements are outlandish in the extreme.
Many will be familiar with the brutality and the oppression that Republican Prisoners have endured and continue to endure at the hands of the loyalist Maghaberry administration.
This has not been conducted under direct rule but from Stormont whilst both of the main Nationalist parties have been present and on the Justice committee.
This is despite the fact that both have agreed with Republican Prisoners for the past 7 years that the implementation of the August 2010 agreement is the way forward.
Furthermore, It has been within this Stormont run institution that the denial of cultural identity rights has been most acute. Indeed the Stormont finance department, under a minister who ironically took a legal challenge surrounding Irish language rights, has thrown money at Loyalist governors so they can defend legal challenges taken by Republican prisoners for Gaelic athletics and Irish language/music resources.
Republican prisoners would like to remind those who have heralded this result as a victory for Republicanism to watch carefully for the absence of any positive outcome for Political Prisoners in Maghaberry never mind the laughable claim of an end to partition.

Republican Prisoners
Roe 4

With many thanks to: IRPWA Ireland