The site of the newspaper “Yedioth Ahronoth” Hebrew, Netanyahu said:

“We are a sovereign country, we can decide a lot of things and say a lot of things, as we see good for us, but within the framework of agreements with the United States.”


La transferencia del diario “Yediot Ahronot” sitio hebreo, Netanyahu fue citado diciendo:
“Somos un estado soberano, que puede decidir muchas cosas y anunciar una gran cantidad de cosas, de acuerdo con lo que nos vemos bien, pero en el marco de acuerdos con los Estados Unidos.”

نقل موقع صحيفة “يديعوت أحرنوت” العبري، عن نتنياهو قوله:
“نحن دولة ذات سيادة، نستطيع أن نقرر الكثير من الأمور وأن نعلن الكثير من الأمور، وفق ما نراه جيدًا لنا، لكن ضمن إطار الاتفاقات مع الولايات المتحدة”.


Palestinian inmates end hunger strike

HUNDREDS of Palestian inmates have ended a 40-day hunger strike after reaching a compromise over better conditions. Prison service spokeswoman Nicole Englander said Is-a-hell (Israel) has reached a compromise with the Palestinian Authority and the Red Cross for prisoners to receive a second family visit each per month.



Hundreds of prisoners observed the strike, which they said was aimed at improving jail conditions. More than 1,000 prisoners began the hunger strike and 834 ended their fast yesterday.

With many thanks to: Sunday World for the origional story.

This is from Alex McCrory and as he wrote contact him or myself and we will get back to you ASAP

Sean McCaughey lasted only 12 days when he upgraded his protest to a hunger and thirst strike. The human organism can not last for very long when deprived of water. And given that this hunger stike has exceeded 30 days, this is a serious intention to escalate.

Socialist Republicans have been planning to set up a solidarity tent at the old Andersontown barrack site. We were awaiting critical news from Palestine before doing this, and whilst this may sound somewhat cynical, it is often only a crisis that energise support.
This plan will now be brought foward after our protest at the American Consulate on Saturday. There is no time left for dithering and procrastination. Many hundreds of lives are now in mortal jeopardy.
Of course, the success of the solidarity tent will ultimately depend on the numbers of political activists willing to commit time and energy to it. It is our hope to run it on permanent, semi permanent basis throughout the critical period of the hunger strike.
The solidarity tent shall be a hub for all forms of activism; pickets, public meetings, fasts, etc. Also, local musicians and artists would be welcome to join us.
Anyone wishing to get involved should contact myself or Chopper Mc Cotter. No offer of assistance will be refused.

With many thanks to: Pádraic Mac Coitir

Tonight around 50 people braved torrential rain and gathered at the International Wall in Divis Street to show solidarity with the Palestinian Hunger Strikers, at a vigil organised by the IRPWA.

For generations the Palestinian and Irish Freedom struggles have endured against all odds, with mutual respect and solidarity demonstrated as we both fight against illegal and immoral occupations of our homelands.

The IRPWA in Belfast will continue to support the fight for justice, freedom and dignity by Palestinian Political Prisoners, and would encourage everyone to attend the planned protest organised for the US Consulate on the Stranmillis Road on Saturday 27th May at 12noon.

With many thanks to: Henry Starr.

“I draw my strength from all the free people in the world who want an end to the Israeli occupation.

My weak heartbeat endures thanks to this solidarity and support; my weak voice gains its strength from voices that are louder, and can penetrate the prison walls.

My battle is not just for my own freedom. My fellow hunger strikers, and I are fighting a battle for all Palestinians against the Israeli occupation and its prisons. What I endure is little compared to the sacrifice of Palestinians in Gaza, where thousands have died or been injured as a result of brutal Israeli attacks and an unprecedented and inhuman siege.
However, more support is needed. Israel could not continue its oppression without the support of western governments particularly the British, which has a historic responsibility for the tragedy of my people.
I will continue my hunger strike until victory or martyrdom. This is my last remaining stone to throw at the tyrants and jailers in the face of the racist occupation that humiliates our people”
Samer Issawi on hunger strike for dignity and freedom.

With many thanks to: James Connolly.

“The Dying Rebel

The night was dark, the battle ended, 

The moon shone down O’Connell Street, 

I stood alone, where brave men perished 

They have gone, their God to meet. 
My only son was shot in Dublin, 

Fighting for his country bold, 

He fought for Ireland, and for Ireland only, 

The Harp and Shamrock, Green, White and Gold.
The first I met was a grey-haired father 

Searching for his only son, 

I said “Old man, sure there’s no use searching 

Your only son to heaven has gone”. 
Your only son was shot in Dublin,

Fighting for his country bold, 

He fought for Ireland, and for Ireland only, 

The Harp and Shamrock, Green, White and Gold. 
My God he cried, I am broken hearted 

Going on his knees: 

“I knew my son was too kind hearted, 

I knew my son would never yield”. 
My only son was shot in Dublin,

Fighting for his country bold, 

He fought for Ireland, and for Ireland only, 

The Harp and Shamrock, Green, White and Gold.

With  many thanks to: Kevin Kinsella.