Terror threats are fighting talk as loyalists ramp up tensions over ‘traitor’ Boris and Brexit betrayal

TRYING TO FOOL US: One of the threatening UVF murals in East Belfast – Jamie I hope that’s you not wearing a UVF uniform??

LOYALIST terror chiefs have declared a ‘Phoney War’ on Britain and Ireland. 

Mounting resentment at the terms of Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal has heightened speculation over the potential for loyalist paramilitary violence both South of the Border and in Britain. The Sunday World understands the paramilitary leadership of the UVF and UDA is content for conjecture over their intentions to gather pace. The organisations are happy for senior figures to brief commentators and influential public figures about the sense of betrayal in the loyalist North of Ireland. An implieded threat of violence is being seen as the only effective weapon they have if their distant hope of wreacking the deal is to be achieved. “There’s nothing like talk of loyalist attacks in Ireland and more so in Britain to focus the mind,” a senior loyalist who wears an Orange sash has told the Sunday World. “The UVF and UDA supported by the DUP and it’s cohorts no name’s mentioned (Jamie Bryson) has little else in their armour other than the threat, at the very least, of violence.” Paramilitary leaders such as UVF chief Stephen Matthews and UDA boss Dee Stitt have been prominent in attending public meetings in loyalist areas aimed at demonstrating opposition to ‘traitor Boris.’


In recent weeks reports attributed to senior loyalist sources have talked about “loyalist bombs in Limerick”. In an interview prominent loyalist Robert Girvan said: “I can’t see loyalism of any strand just walking into a situation where there is any type of economic union with the Irish Republic.

Loyalist Robert Girvan

“I was talking to someone who said we’ll see how hard the Border is if bombs start going off in Limerick.” He said groups such as the UVF had been formed to protect the North of Ireland and it’s place within the Union. “If that place is threatened, the organisations will step up to the mark,” According to loyalist insiders there is a planned campaign to plant the seeds of fear and hate. The implied threat was highlighted by remarks from trade union chief Len McCluskey. The General Secretary of UNITE firmly predicted a violent backlash.

CONCERNS: Len McCluskey

“Boris is little bit like a second hand sales-man, He didn’t want us to look under the bonnet”  he said in an interview with NewStatesman magazine. “He didn’t want us to look under the bonnet of his deal to see the what the engine was like. And how true that was.” “The current deal puts a border down the Irish Sea that’s unbelievably dangerous.” “Have we got to wait for people to be blown up and killed? Whether these ports are in Stranrear or Pembroke in Hothead, or other areas in the North of Ireland where there’s going to be checks.


“Do the media not understand that loyalist paramilitary groups are meeting almost on a daily basis in the North of Ireland? [It is] incredibly reckless and dangerous.” The Sunday World approached Mr McCluskey (pictured above) for a comment but he was unavailable for comment. Sources have told the Sunday World it is little more than ‘fighting talk’ and that in reality there is little stomach for violence nor do groups have the capability to mount even a limited campaign, but cautioned violence remains a possibility because of a deep sense of frustration on both sides of the community.

TALKS: Prominent UVF Scumbag Stephen Matthews

There are also worries that close ties with far right groups on the loyalist side (The National Front) for one both here in the North of Ireland and Britain could be exploited to cause civic disruption with a campaign of street protests and violence. This week senior Orangeman the Rev. Mervyn Gibson (pictured in the main picture), described proposed Brexit arrangements as a ‘United Ireland by Stealth,” warned of ‘civil disobedience’ should the Boris deal go through.


DUP supporter and UDA Scumbag Dee Stitt with his UDA Scum standing guard on his right and left

LOYALIST fears are grounded in the reality that the North of Ireland is off the agenda as far as the the North of Ireland is concerned. The issue of regulatory checks on the Irish Sea does not figure in the election campaign in Britain nor do arrangements along the frontier with the Republic of Ireland. Despite urging members of the UVF to vote the DUP at the polls, there is an acceptance within the leadership of the party that it has been sold down the river. Rather than cement the Union, their hardline campaign has placed it in jeopardy.

Commander and Chief of the North Belfast UDA pictured here with the leader of the DUP Arlene Foster

The shadow of violent reaction hanging over the general election has addeded an edge to the campaign, here but not in Britain. “Loyalist fears are not being addressed,” said our source, “Once again there is a feeling of being left behind, backed into a corner they need to be be doing something to protect the North of Ireland position in the Union.”.


PARAMILITARY veterans have slammed the UDA as ‘broken’ over it’s failure to rid the organisation of drugs.

UDA boss Jackie McDonald seems unwilling or unable to control his henchmen who a peddling heroin all over South and North Belfast

Frustration and anger in the ranks of long time members to grow at the crime gang’s increasing involvement in the drugs trade -despite repeated promises by the leadership to step away from criminality. Beleaguered terror boss Jackie McDonald (pictured above) is facing the brunt of the criticism as the drug culture in his South Belfast heartland is booming. In the past he has stated you can’t be a loyalist and a drug dealer and this week he suggested the UDA’s name was being blackmailed by ‘small numbers of criminals and drug dealers masquerading as loyalists. He made his comments in the latest edition of the Belfast Political Research Group magazine in an article calling for UDA members to vote for the DUP in the forthcoming election. His remarks drew a sharp response from elements within his own membership. They claim the 72-year-old has turned a blind eye to his organisation’s involvement in drugs.


Two weeks ago the UDA leadership on Sandy Row in the south of the city were linked to the seizure of cash and drugs at a house in the heart of the loyalist stronghold. Two kilos of cannabis and £15,000 in cash were removed from a house at Oswald Park and it is thought the property is one link in a chain of drug dens dotted across Sandy Row including a series of ‘grow houses.’ There is no suggestion McDonald-who has repeatedly publicly declared his opposition to drugs-is befitting from sanctioned the operation-but is accused of failing to act. His three man Sandy Row command team, dubbed the Coward Commanders is understood to be deeply involved in the racket which is being operated by two brothers. 

TRIO OF TROUBLE: The Coward Commanders

The Coward Commanders take a sizeable chunk of the profit in return for the brothers being allowed to ply their trade. The Sunday World has spoken to a number of veteran members who claim the area has been turned into a ‘living hell’ as the heroin drugs trade explodes. There are now increasing concerns about the prevalence of heroin-once a taboo drug on the streets of Belfast but which has seen a surge in use in recent years. Seven heroin related deaths across the city in the space of a few days has heightened fears of a deadly epidemic.

Criminal sources confirmed RUC/PSNI warnings last week that a lethally strong batch of the deadly drug is responsible for the spate of deaths. The Sunday World also understands the increasing influence of foreign organised crime gangs, mainly Russian and Lithuanian are offering higher grade Class A drugs is a factor. Paramilitaries had total control of the drugs trade in the wake of the conflict mainly controlled by the UDA and UVF and notoriously diluted the strength of drugs like cocaine and heroin to maximise their profits. Users were forced to take higher and higher doses to get the same effect.

Foreign gangs, many from Eastern Europe, moved into the North of Ireland market bringing them purer or higher grade narcotics. Not used to greater strength userers continued  to take similar amounts, sometimes with tragic consequences. A sharp increase in the number of drug deaths is of little consequences to the UDA and other organised crime gangs. Their priority is profit. The Sunday World can reveal dealers on Sanday Row, including the cannabis brothers, are allowed to operate in return, not only for a slice of the profits, but also on the understanding that if they are arrested they admit no UDA connection.


They have been told in circumstances where they are detained they cannot rely on the protection organisation, despite lining their pockets and if they are caught they will feel “the full force of the UDA”. “That is the agreement with the dealers they can work away but are not covered in case of a comeback,” said our source. “If they are caught they are on their own…the commanders will just act stupid as if they hadn’t a clue.” Such is the resentment among veterans and residents that the UDA leadership on Sandy Row have abandoned monthly meetings of the members. “People are fed up living in Sandy Row it’s just not the same anymore it lost its spark a long time ago and that is down to drugs,” said our source. He said the UDA is ‘divided and broken’. “Veteran members are furious about the way the place has become and don’t respect the Coward Commanders one bit. “There hasn’t been a meeting in months, they can’t even arrange one as nobody wants to listen to their bullshit and they have no support or backing. “The  place is a living hell.”

With many thanks to the: Sunday World and Richard Sullivan for the EXCLUSIVE original story – Richard.sullivan.sundayworld.com

Follow these links to find out more about the links between the DUP and UDA: https://inews.co.uk/news/politics/dup-politician-says-thought-terrorist-meeting-flute-band-event-519237?amp


UUP insists unionists must ‘use brains, not brawn’ as it rejects street protest calls

It looks like this ones aimed at you Jamie ‘mouthpiece’Bryson

Orange grand secretary Mervyn Gibson calls for “civil disobedience” against Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal for the North of Ireland

The Ulster Unionists last night poured cold water on a senior Orangeman’s call for a campaign of civil disobedience against Boris Johnson’s Brexit plans for Northern Ireland.

Leading Orangeman Mervyn Gibson told the BBC’s The View programme last night that unionists should consider “civil disobedience” to fight the Prime Minister’s Brexit proposals for North of Ireland.

The Orange grand secretary said he was speaking in a personal capacity.

But a UUP spokesman last night warned that the tactic had proved ineffective in the past.

“Lessons must be learned from the past in terms of civil disobedience and street protest,” he said.

“It didn’t work in the late 1980s to bring an end to the Anglo Irish Agreement and it didn’t work in more recent times regarding the City Hall flag protests.”

The spokesman said that his party was opposed to Mr Johnson’s Brexit plans for The North of Ireland, saying that unionists needed to “use brains, not brawn”.

“The last thing we need is to see more young people sucked into confrontation and the courts to serve the agenda of certain elements in the background who would seek to gain credibility and kudos by taking advantage of legitimate fears and concerns.

“We need cool heads and calm reflection.”

Prominent loyalist and Belfast City councillor Billy Hutchinson was also unenthusiastic about proposals for a unionist civil disobedience campaign.

Follow this link to find out more: https://www.irishtimes.com/news/ireland/irish-news/unionists-must-prepare-for-inevitable-border-poll-says-leading-loyalist-1.4097247

“Who are they going to fight?” he asked. “Are they going to fight Boris Johnson?

“Are the going to fight the British Government? We are British,” he also told the BBC’s The View programme.

And writing last night on social media, the PUP councillor said political unionism needed to think hard about the changing demographics of Northern Ireland, and endorsed a call for a ‘Unionist Convention’ to agree a way forward.

The “civil disobedience” call came as a planned loyalist protest outside the offices of the Conservative Party in Belfast was cancelled without explanation.

Only Loyalism/Unionism can celebrate the failed Union Flag protests at Belfast City Hall – YOU’S FAILED

The protest at the city centre office building was to have taken place on December 9.

Party Leader Billy Hutchinson reflects on the growing calls at meetings around the province for a #UnionistConvention
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Cllr Billy Hutchinson PUP
As meetings continue around the country we are hearing the same themes. The Unionist community want unity f… twishort.com/CZDnc
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Jamie Bryson
It is clear there is still a tiny minority within loyalism unable to come to terms with the fact that their precious hug a Provo ‘process’ is a one way road to a United Ireland. They should open their ears; everyone is committed to peace, but the process is finished.
11:46 AM · Nov 29, 2019Twitter
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The DUP’s and Orange Orders love for Loyalist terrorism “You couldn’t make it up” and don’t mention anything to do with Catholics or Jews

Newly elected DUP Councillor Marc Collins Mid Ulster and East Antrim Borough Council
We have suffered years of Tory DUP austerity the possible sell off of our NHS which they jointly voted not too protect and what do the OO do about it, nothing! but Tory DUP sea border and they wreck what’s left of the union time for UI is near
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Unionism must consider a campaign of civil disobedience against Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal, a leading Orangeman has said: bbc.in/2XVZkiF
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So. Anywhere else. Substitute Israel/Islam for Celtic and Jewish/Muslim for Fenian. What do you think would happen? Media outcry. Arrests. Court cases. In Scotland. Oh STFU Timmy. It’s just banter.


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So-called Independent Orange: Sinn Féin will try to use the results of this coming election to further their Irish Unity agenda

James Anderson is the So-called Imperial Grand Master of the So-called Independent Loyal Orange Institution

Once again another election is upon us with the upcoming Westminster vote taking place on Thursday December 12.

This is no time for complacency among the unionist electorate.

No condemnation has been made by the So-called Independent Loyal Orange Institution of the UDA threats to the UUP in North Belfast concerning standing against the DUP. I honestly don’t find that very Independent do you?

An array of parties labelling themselves as ‘progressive’ have come together in what they are billing as an election of Remain vs Leave.

Unionists need to focus on the real agenda behind this smokescreen. Sinn Fein will use the results of this election, just like every other one, to further their ‘united Ireland’ strategy.

Their claims that the electorate view Westminster as an irrelevance and are looking to Dublin and Brussels post-Brexit referendum clearly back this up.

The SDLP’s hypocrisy knows no bounds as a result of them getting involved in this charade. They have claimed many times that abstentionism is a flawed policy yet in the same breath are now endorsing it by stepping aside to increase the chance of a stay-at-home Sinn Fein MP being elected in North Belfast.

Alliance claim that they are the party for all but they are certainly no party for unionism.

Naomi Long likes to think that she speaks for the silent majority in Northern Ireland, never mind East Belfast, but with her recent jumping from pillar to post come each election it is difficult to keep track of where she actually is speaking from.

Nigel ‘Deputy’ Dodds DUP #Brexitparty #UDA1

Sinn Fein’s reciprocal goodwill gesture is to stand aside in three constituencies that they have no chance of winning.

While Northern Ireland’s political position within the UK is guaranteed by the principle of consent, any gains by nationalist parties will be used to agitate and push for a border poll.

This will only breed further instability at a time when there are many social issues that deserve the priority of focus of our political institutions.

As in previous statements, the Independent Loyal Orange Institution does not intend to endorse any particular unionist party or candidate.

On many occasions we have called for unionist unity so we recommend that in this election that voters in marginal constituencies should carefully consider which Unionist candidate has the best chance of winning the seat.

If there is no danger of vote splitting, votes for any unionist candidates help to maintain the overall unionist vote.

You have until Tuesday 26th November to ensure that you are registered to vote and Thursday 21st November if you wish to apply for a proxy/postal vote.

A strong representation of unionist MPs needs to be returned to Westminster.

A bad election result could be determined by those who stay at home. Make sure that you do not fall into this category.

• James Anderson is Imperial Grand Master Independent Loyal Orange Institution

With many thanks to the: Belfast News Letter for the original story 



THE Orange Order is staying tight lipped about a “sinister” loyalist poster erected on one of its owned halls.

Poster with pitchforks and petrol bombs is slammed as ‘hate crime’ but Order has no reply

The Brexit poster, erected on a fence at Moygashel Orange Hall in Co. Tyrone, includes the words ‘when injustice becomes law resistance becomes duty. It displays images of a mob carrying pitchforks, hatchets and petrol bombs. It’s appearance in the small village has been slammed by Mid Ulster councillor Denise Mullen, whose father was murdered by a loyalist gang in the area. Speaking yesterday the Aontú representative said it must be removed.

Mid Ulster councillor for Aontú: Denise Mullen whose late father Denis was murdered by a loyalist gang

“Quite a number of people have contacted me over this poster which, given the tone and use of images, is extremely sinister,” she told the Sunday World. “It has been used to cause fear and in my opinion should be investigated as a hate crime. “As an elected representative, a nationalist and myself a victim and survivor of the conflict, it is an extremely alarming and frightening and the Orange Order should have it removed immediately.”


The Sunday World contacted the Orange Order and asked whether it had given permission for the poster to be put up. However, a spokesperson for the Orange Order said it would not be commenting on the issue. The Sunday World can reveal poster was brought to the attention of the RUC/PSNI on Friday. Although it is not expected to be investigated as a criminal offence. The image was displayed in the same week that a number of protest meetings where held across the North of Ireland over unionist fears on Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal. The meetings come amid warnings of potential civil disorder by loyalists if Brexit threatens the union between the North of Ireland and the rest of the UK. 

South East Antrim UDA

RUC/PSNI chief constable Simon Byrne told BBC Newsnight last month: “You can anticipate a lot of emotion in loyalist communities and the potential for civil disorder.” The meetings are to discuss “strains and tensions” on loyalist and unionist feeling on the proposed deal which has been labelled by loyalists as the “betrayal act”.

With many thanks to the: Sunday World and Patricia Devlin for the EXCLUSIVE story 

An Orange Order band playing in Belfast City Hall last night, “Whatever happened to be shared space?”

Fuck the Orange Order and the DUP ‘Pedophilla’ Paedophiles

Sickened that this took place last night at Belfast City Hall.
& .

This needs to be explained!
Clearly organised for some time as the band is from Glasgow!

Follow these links to find out more: https://twitter.com/i/status/1183475497180770305

Impartial Reporter’s Edwards: How paper revealed Fermanagh Orange abuse secrets

Numerous victims have told their story to journalist Rodney Edwards

In March, a man walked into the offices of the Impartial Reporter in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh’s biggest town.

He wanted to speak about how he was sexually abused years ago as a child by paedophiles in the public toilets just up the street.

When the paper printed the story, it opened a flood-gate on a deluge of emails, texts, letters and phone calls to the newspaper from readers with allegations of child sex abuse dating back decades.

Rodney Edwards, the paper’s deputy editor, took on the story.

Through headline after headline, week after week, each report with its own harrowing story, Mr Edwards and the Impartial Reporter, have given victims a voice .

Alleged victims have told their disturbing stories of abuse that spanned all areas of this rural community; Protestant and Catholic backgrounds, rich and poor, men and women.

So far 60 people have come forward, naming more than 60 alleged perpetrators.

Breaking their silence
How did this small Fermanagh paper, with a staff of just five reporters, crack open one of Northern Ireland’s biggest child sex-abuse scandals?

The Impartial Reporter has been publishing Fermanagh’s news for over 180 years

The weekly paper invited survivors to trust Edwards to tell their stories

The Impartial Reporter has been covering local news from its Enniskillen offices for 180 years.

Mr Edwards has just marked 10 years at the paper, but said: “It’s only really now I get a sense of achievement; this is probably the most important thing I’ll get to do.

The paper invited survivors to trust Mr Edwards to tell their stories.

“The response has been unprecedented with people getting in touch with sexual abuse claims right across the county,” he said.

In his office looking the town’s main street, Mr Edwards pulled open a desk drawer to reveal dozens of handwritten letters, all from people writing about their abuse.

Some had never spoken out before about what had happened to them.

Raw memories
“John” is one of those. After seeing the stories in the paper, he emailed Mr Edwards one Saturday night.

He wrote about how he was abused by a local bus driver, David Sullivan, from the age of 12 to 16.

Bus driver David Sullivan had ready access to young people

David Sullivan was found murdered in 2001; no-one has ever been charged in connection with his murder.

John is a strapping big man, successful in his career, married with children.

He fiddles with his mobile phone as he speaks.

“I never told anybody about it. I spent 30 years probably running from this,” he said.

He wanted to tell his story as a way to force himself to tell his wife, who has been his partner since he was 16.

Mr Edwards was the first person he had spoken to about it. The memories were still raw.

John offered to take us to places where the abuse took place.

The staff at the Impartial Reporter

The Impartial Reporter has just five reporters working from its Enniskillen offices

We drove to to Dolan’s Ring, and parked in a secluded lay-by surrounded by trees overlooking a fishing jetty nestled beside Lough Erne.

John began to speak. He said it was the first time he has been back to the site since the day he was first abused by David Sullivan.

He was 12.

“I can remember I kept saying: ‘No, no, I want to go home’,” he said.

“It was horrific. About 10 minutes later it was over and I got dropped home and that was it.”

John says he knows at least 20 other victims of David Sullivan, who he said had ready access to young people.

“It was constant and you would see it all the time,” he said.

‘Pulling the scab off’
“Sara” spoke to Rodney Edwards about the sexual abuse she says she suffered as a child while at Orange Order band practice.

The Grand Lodge of Ireland said at the time the allegations she made were serious, and that it would co-operate with any police investigation.

Impartial Reporter’s front page articles about the abuse scandal Image copyrightIMPARTIAL REPORTER
The story has dominated the front pages of the Impartial Reporter this year

The PSNI has set up a special task force to examine the alleged crimes reported to the Impartial Reporter.

Over the years, Sara has had a difficult time dealing with what she says happened to her.

Irish Premier Leo Varadkar parades wearing a Sash on a recent visit to the North of Ireland

A recovering alcoholic, she had a breakdown and even tried to take her own life.

From her kitchen, adorned with inspirational slogans on fridge magnets and dream catchers by the open window, she said she felt like she was in a dream, now that she was finally able to tell her story.

Fermanagh is going through an awakening, she said – finally facing up to the sexual abuse that was prolific, but hidden and not spoken about for so long.

“We are taking the scab off a wound, a wound that is full of all the rotten, dirty germs and scum and the filth that has been buried in there for years and years,” she said.

“We are gently now pulling the scab off and we are revealing this poison, this toxin that has been running through our society here for all of my lifetime.”

Silent No More: Fermanagh’s Abused Children is on BBC Radio Ulster’s Stories in Sound at 1230 on Sunday 6 October.

Presentational grey line
Information and advice
If you or someone you know has been affected by child sexual abuse, sexual abuse or violence, help is available. Find support through BBC Action Line .

With many thanks to: BBC NewsNI and Elaine Dunseath for the original story