Garda who sexually assaulted friend as she slept in hotel room jailed for two years

The pervert cop has since been booted out of the force

A garda drunk on beer and Captain Morgan, sexually assaulted a female friend as she slept in her hotel bedroom, a court heard.

The pervert cop – since booted out of the force – was jailed for two years today following the sick attack during a charity event in the west of Ireland three years ago.

During the assault, the woman’s husband entered the room and put on a light, at which point the cop, with his trousers down, was ordered out.

The following day he apologised to the couple in a Facebook message, writing: “Unfortunately, loads of beer and Captain Morgan’s (rum) do not fit well with me.”

Man jailed for two months after telling garda: ‘I hope you and your family get cancer’
A judge called the attack “an opportunist and repellent sexual assault on a sleeping female”.

At Castlebar Circuit Criminal Court in Mayo, Judge Rory MacCabe described the fact that the defendant will lose his job as a significant penalty but added: “People have to accept the natural consequences of their actions.”

The judge refused a request by defence counsel, Ken Fogarty, for a suspended prison term.

Earlier Mr Fogarty told Judge MacCabe that the defendant, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has already been served with dismissal papers by the Garda Commissioner.

The defendant, who has served in both metropolitan and rural areas, was decorated with a silver medal for bravery after saving a youngster from drowning, Mr Fogarty explained.

Earlier this year, the married man with children went on trial charged with sexually assaulting a woman after getting into her bed in a hotel room in the west of Ireland.

Mum of two charged with murder of husband in Cork
As the trial was about enter its final stages, the accused changed his plea to guilty on a single count of sexual assault.

At the previous hearing, evidence was heard that the accused is known to the complainant and travelled with her, as part of an eight-strong group to a charity event in the west in July 2015.

The victim was the only female present.

The group then stayed overnight in an apartment which forms part of a local hotel complex.

The victim told the court the group had enjoyed drinks and played card games as the evening wore on.

She said that she had put on her pyjamas and went to the double bed she was later to share with her husband.

The female gave evidence that she was awakened from her sleep by a man molesting her.

Her attacker had put fingers in her and she could feel his penis on her bottom.

Gardai investigating alleged assault on paramedic in Mahon, Cork ‘as 16-year-old boy questioned’
The victim then explained that as a bedside locker light was switched on by her husband, her attacker got out of bed with his trousers down.

She gave evidence she was highly distressed afterwards and was comforted and cuddled by her husband.

The court heard that on the following day the victim and her husband got a Facebook message from the accused in which he apologised to both of them.

In the message, the accused claimed not to remember much about what had happened.

He added: “Unfortunately, loads of beer and Captain Morgan’s (rum) do not fit well with me.”

The message continued: “I can only guess that in my drunken stupor I went to the wrong bed.”

In an emotional and lengthy victim impact statement which she read to today’s sentencing hearing, the victim said being betrayed by a person she then regarded as a friend while in that most vulnerable state – sleeping – left her sick to the very core.

She spoke of her initial difficulties in reporting the incident.

“Who would take my word above that of a garda who is supposed to be a pillar of the community and above the law?”

All her emotional torment could have been avoided in 2015 if he had pleaded guilty then, the victim added.

Continuing her impact statement, she said she had embarked on self-harm. “I hated my body for not waking sooner,” she explained.

The victim ended her statement by saying: “I am branded by the actions of another and I will carry this with me forever.

“Not a day goes by that it does not affect me. It set me on a completely different course than the one I had taken.”

Richard Gaughan of the Garda Ombudsman Commission, which investigated the complaint, told the court the victim had left the others, changed into her pyjamas, and gone to bed.

The defendant had got up to go to the toilet and was gone for some time when his absence was noticed.

Mr Gaughan said the woman’s husband ordered the defendant from the room after finding him in his bed.

The victim was ‘dazed’ at the time.

Defence counsel Fogarty said his client had made a drunken decision on the night in the apartment and had asked him to convey to the victims his profound sorrow and remorse for what happened.

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Top gardaí hatched plan to plant false sex abuse claimes on whistlebower

A TRIBUNAL investigating allegations senior gardaí orchestrated a smear campaign against gardaí whistleblower Maurice McCabe has found top officers had a plan to spread false sex claims about him.

Former Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan (right), along with former Sgt Maurice McCabe the whistleblower.

The Disclosure Tribunal found former Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan was part of a “campaign of calumny” against Sergeant McCabe. It said he was actively aided by his former press officer Superintendent David Taylor. Sgt McCabe (pictured below) had accused the Irish police force of malpractice, including the quashing of penalty points and later made a complaint against Mr Callinan.

Sargeant Maurice McCabe exposed the Gardaí at the highest levels of courroption and back handers within the Irish police force

The tribunal said it was convinced Supt Taylor “pursued a scheme that somehow evolved out of his cheeck-by-jowl” working relationship with Mr Callinan. The report found Sgt McCabe was a “genuine person” who at all times has “had the interests of the people of Ireland uppermost in his mind”. It found he regarded those interests as ” superior to any loyalty” which he had to the Garda.

The Disclosures Tribunal investigated allegations that Garda chiefs orchestrated a smear campaign including false historic sex abuse claimes against Sgt McCabe. Superintendent David Taylor, (pictured below), who worked for the press office between 2012 and 2014, had claimed he was ordered by Mr Callinan to negatively brief journalists about Sgt McCabe. The report said it did not accept Supt Taylor’s evidence that he was given specific instructions by Mr Callinan to spread the false sex allegations.

Superintendent David Taylor who was press officer between 2012 and 2014

It was also said Supt Taylor’s “credibility was completely undermined by his own bitterness”. Garda Commissioner Drew Harris, a former senior PSNI and RUC officer, said the report made for ” difficult reading”.

Top gardaí hatched plan to plant false sex abuse claimes on whistlebower

“Given the significance and scale of the report, I will be establishing a group to examine Mr Justice Charleston’s findings from policy process, discipline and cultural perspectives to identity the lessons to be learnt and changes to be made,” he said.

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Suspects in Limerick child abuse case released ‘without charge’

Suspects in Limerick child abuse case released without charge Gardai say a file will be prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions.TWELVE people who were arrested as part of a major investigation into the alleged abuse of a large number of children in Limerick have been released without charge.

The arrests were made at a number of locations across the south west on Monday in an operation involving gardai from the Limerick division and other parts of the southern region.

There are strict reporting restrictions in place meaning further details of the allegations and the arrests cannot be disclosed in order to protect the alleged victims.

It’s understood those arrested this week included men and women across a number of age groups. It is not known if any of them were detained at garda stations in Limerick.

A garda spokesperson has confirmed all twelve were released without charge late on Tuesday night and that a file will be prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions.

The case was highlighted in the Dail earlier this year and a separate “serious incident” review into the handling of the allegations has been commissioned by Katherine Zappone, the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs.

The terms of reference for the review have been drawn up and it’s hoped it can get underway before the end of the year.

Eleven adults were arrested by gardai from the Limerick division in March as part of the same criminal investigation.

A number of children have also been placed in State care.

To date, nobody has been charged in connection with the investigation which is said to be one of the most complex ever undertaken by gardai.

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Garda (Police) station searched as part of insurance certificate fraud probe

A GARDA station has been searched and a serving officer suspended as part of an investigation into the use of bogus insurance certificates.

Drew Harris of the RUC/PSNI and Garda Siochana

Sixteen homes and a garda station in Limerick were searched on Thursday night and Friday, according to RTÉ news. Documents, phones, personal computers and two  cars were reported to have been seized in the investigation led by officers from the National Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

It is understood no-one was arrested and the inquiries are continuing. The investigation is reported to have been triggered over suspicions about a number of insurance declarations made at the station. Officers discovered that people driving without insurance had been presenting forged, invalid or out of date documents at the garda station and these had been accepted and registered as legitimate. The suspended garda is expected to be interviewed under caution in the coming weeks.

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Still a bit uptight about protesters filming Gardaí ‘ doing their duty’ ? Still think the word ‘scum’ is derogatory?

Which I’ve noticed some are a little delicate about it’s use but won’t call ‘our brave police force’ out on battering protesters and murdering young lads? Here’s a little extract of Charlie Flanagans fathers views. Charlie said his father had a big influence on his life and was a mentor.

‘How is it that we do not see any of these Acts directed against the Jews, who crucified Our Saviournineteen hundred years ago, and who are crucifying us every day in the week? How is it that we do not see them directed against the Masonic Order?

How is it that the I.R.A. is considered an illegal organisation while the Masonic Order is not considered an illegal organisation? […] There is one thing that Germany did, and that was to rout the Jews out of their country.

Until we rout the Jews out of this country it does not matter a hair’s breadth what orders you make. Where the bees are there is the honey, and where the Jews are there is the money.’

— Oliver Flanagan, Leinster House 9 July 1943.

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Charlie Flanagan would be in favour of legislation that would ensure the gardai can`t be photographed in the course of their duties.

Charlie and every other politician out there are making a story where one doesn`t exist.
The disgraceful comments directed at a Thug in a Balaclava, or the need to identify this thug wouldn`t have existed only for the Tyrant chose to act like a coward and cover himself up so he could intimidate and terrorise all who came upon him that day when he was allegedly carrying out his duties by baby sitting Housing Terrorists acting on behalf of the court service.

I am a water protester, i am a water meter protester. I was involved in the water proetests from the day it started. I was there on a daily basis fighting for my rights and the rights of every other citizen in this country.
Charlie Flanagan didn`t enact legislation to protect me when i and many others were labelled as the SINISTER FRINGE or members of ISIS.
No charlie and the scumbags in Leinster house found it amusing that we would be insulted at these slurs.
Charlie and co give out about the in your face video recording. Charlie seems to forget we live in a time where technology is advancing and the way protests happen has changed. If camera phones existed in 1916, we`d have the same outcomes.
The only difference the camera makes is it ensures the gardai who answer to no one answer to social media because when they step out of line there has to be a mechanism in place to deal with them. At this moment in time corrupt gardai are invincible and work with impunity and charlie wants to ensure that system of silence prevails because corrupt gardai protect corrupt politicians.

We as a society have a right to ask questions and expect answers, we have the right to question wrong doings by elected representatives and a police force who we expect to be impartial in the way they administer law enforcement.

It doesn`t work out just like that when these individuals are answerable to no one. We seen that with Maurice McCabe , who is a Guard and who recorded the Gardai in the course of his duty. Imagine a Guard felt the need to record the guards because even he didn`t think they were to be trusted ?
So if the gardai don`t trust the gardai , what hope is there that we will or should trust them ?
Charlie Flanagan would be best served trying to take the reputation of the gardai out of the gutter and ensuring they operate in a way where the citizens of Ireland can express satisfaction in the way they do their job and apply the laws that are supposed to govern us.

When i seen the images of Gardai wearing Balaclavas. I didn`t see Gardai there to protect and serve, i seen masked thugs waiting to impede the rights of citizens protesting against the state.
The same situations happened at the Shell to sea protests, the student protests on Kildare street, water meter protests and many more and we know this because of video evidence and even though we had the evidence the state cleared these pigs of wrong doing

Video 1 Gardai attacking Students because they valued their education

Video 2 Gardai attacking Activist during Reclaim the streets protest

Video 3 Gardai attacking Communities trying to protect their homes from Big corporations

Video 4 Gardai attacking communities trying to prevent water meter installation

Video 5 Gardai attacking Communities protesting against the Taoiseach

We have seen many instances where the gardai have over stepped the mark whilst carrying out their duties. If video evidence wasn`t available then they would once more be committing state violence with impunity.
When Maurice McCabe recorded Gardai it opened the doors to the level of criminality operating within the force, Drug dealing , Racketeering, murder and much more. It is more surveillance we need on our gardai and not less. Those trying to curb press freedom are as corrupt as the gardai they claim to represent.
Oh and if a Guard is worried about jibes made on social media , he is in the wrong job. i`m sure he has been called worse in the course of his duties.
He should have a thick skin because we all receive abuse online , only difference is we don`t all cry to the government.

Fuck the Irish Government and Fuck the police who protect them !

With many thanks to: Derek James Byrne for the original posting.

The new Garda Commissioner, Drew Harris, issued a statement last week on the events involving his Public Order Unit – those are the lads with the big batons and masks.

Excellent piece by Gene Kerrigan …….

It was a transparently silly statement, but he had to say something in hurry.

.I imagine that sometime on Wednesday two things dawned on him.
One, that he and his force are being left to deal with some of the consequences of the 2008 crash.

.Two, he needs to sort out that comically named outfit, the ‘Public Order Unit’.
The ‘fighting Irish’ have been remarkably docile since the collective greed of the bankers and developers crashed the economy in 2008. And we remained docile through all the years of austerity that followed. I suspect a lot of people bought into the propaganda that claimed “we all partied”.

.And recently we’re being told that our submissiveness worked. The economy is allegedly flying. Last week the Central Bank said that Irish household wealth is today higher than it was during the Celtic Bubble.
Trouble is, they reach that conclusion by adding up our collective assets (including the notional price of our houses) and then subtracting our liabilities.

.Which means we’re “wealthy” on paper, because of the current inflated price of property.
Which is what happened in 2008.
While paper “wealth” is pointless for the individual homeowner, inflated property prices help speculators reap millions.

.Never in our history have we had less control over the direction of our lives. Fine Gael and Fianna Fail are providing political cover while another crowd of gamblers plays another version of the old game of greed.
With spectacularly damaging consequences.
.Barnardos has recently dealt with more children in crisis than it’s ever seen (who’d have guessed that perpetual economic adventurism, and a State policy of raising kids in emergency accommodation, would damage children?).
St Vincent de Paul and the Capuchins continue to be run off their feet as they try to keep people from going hungry.

.Official hospital waiting lists are at a conservative 718,000 and the Taoiseach – I kid you not – says the figures are “going in the right direction”.
Meanwhile, his ministers have come up with another cynical plan to pump countless millions into the private sector in the hope it’ll take the bare look off their housing policy.
The plan seems to be to release State land in the hope that speculators will build a notional amount of “affordable” homes, while the majority of their products will be officially “unaffordable” to most hardworking people.

.An unsustainable portion of our collective wealth is being siphoned off into the purses of the owners of property.
It’s a great time to be a predatory financial adventurer. We have a new generation of politicians who are fervent believers that the fundamental basis of society is not the republic but the market.
They’re children playing with matches.
They cannot house their people.
They cannot medically treat their people.
They cannot ensure their people have enough to eat.
But they sure know how to grovel to the aforesaid predatory financial adventurers.
It must be galling to Varadkar and his hapless ministers when a significant number of mostly young people engage in peaceful civil disobedience, questioning official policy.

.They’re refusing to accept the insane logic of making the few wealthy at the expense of the many, with a vague hope that the excess wealth of the few will somehow trickle down to the rest of us.
They occupied an empty building. A symbolic protest against the pro-property, anti-people policies of the governing cartel, which have wreaked havoc with our people.
When the law got involved, the protesters withdrew. And occupied another empty building.

.And the owners sent in paramilitary-style heavies to eject the protesters.
Wearing black outfits, with balaclavas, they stood at ease in front of the building, legs apart, arms clasped behind their backs. This is a military position – “parade rest”. The last time I saw that dress style combined with that stance, I was covering an IRA funeral.

.Are these masked people ex-soldiers? Which army? Are they ex-IRA? Ex-UDA? They are not hired for their sensitivity.

.And, to complete the picture, the ‘Public Order Unit’ accompanied them, with armoured vests and with batons drawn.
One visually echoing the other – it was difficult to see where the paramilitary-style lads ended and the State forces began.

.Drew Harris had to say something. Being the new boy, he had to back his staff. He said gardai were entitled to wear “fire retardant hoods”, but it was not correct to do so without helmets.
It was as though the police had committed a fashion faux pas.

.Off the record, gardai assured reporters their commissioner was talking nonsense – the POU wore the masks, they claimed, so they wouldn’t be abused on “social media”.
Ah dear, the poor snowflakes. This is a justification for every garda everywhere wearing a mask, on all occasions.

.Police wear masks when there’s a genuine belief they may be targeted by violent criminals. To wear them when policing dissent is a tactic designed to demonise that dissent.
Harris knows that serious police officers don’t greet dissent with batons. And he’ll know when paramilitary-style gentlemen confront dissenters the role of the police is to protect the dissenters, not to literally stand with the paramilitary-style heavies.
That’s if you believe in that stuff about democracy, and the consent of the governed.
Mr Harris may have been too busy to note the record of An Garda Siochana in dealing with dissent. It is not good.
The critical event, since the crash, was in November 2010, when thousands of students protested about college fees. A small number sat-in at a side-entrance lobby in the Department of Finance. Such sit-ins are not novel, they are a standard element in dissent. Usually, the police “monitor” them and they end when the point is made, no blood spilt.
The Garda has done this with farmers and taxi drivers, for instance.
On this occasion, gardai assaulted the students. The Irish Times put it delicately: “Some of the protesters exited with evidence of a beating on their faces.”
Students sat on the street, in protest. Gardai wore helmets, visors, armour, and they carried long batons – potentially lethal weapons – as the POU did last week. Some arrived on horseback. They lined the horses up in front of the department entrance, with a line of Robocops in front of them.
As students sat on the road, gardai leaned over and beat them about the head with batons and kicked them. Armoured police on horseback later mounted a cavalry charge, galloping along St Stephen’s Green.
This was accepted as normal behaviour. It was a statement of intent, by a State prepared to violently suppress dissent. It set the standard.
Assuming a position of comradeship with bulky men dressed in paramilitary-style uniforms, that’s new, though.
The law is made by the Dail, where a quarter of TDs are landlords. To peacefully challenge the law when it seriously damages our children is not a right, it’s a duty. The young dissenters are standing by the basic human right to shelter.
Last week, the Garda – literally – showed where it stands. With the paramilitary-style lads representing property speculation.

With many thanks to: Gene Kerriigan for the original story.

One is deemed a terrorist the other a “working man”..

The “working man” is evicting people forcibly from their homes along with people from empty building protesting against evictions and highlighting the homeless crisis..

The “Terrorist” is reading a speech paying homage to his falling comrades who was murdered on our island throughout an 800 year “war” on Irish people and if caught in his uniform and wearing a balaclava will be arrested by the very people protecting the “working man” who has a similar uniform and is putting women and children on the street to live. Did the Black & Tans ever really leave

This is Ireland 2018 now ask yourself this who is the real terrorist…

Double standards or what.