Little Pengelly raps UUP over South Belfast seat bid

CANDIDATE: Councillor Michael Henderson

A DUP election candidate has said she is disappointed that the UUP is running a candidate in her constituency, potentially splitting the unionist vote.

Emma Little Pengelly is defending a 1,996-vote majority in South Belfast.

At the weekend Michael Henderson was selected as the Ulster Unionist election candidate for the area.

Mr Henderson represents Castlereagh South on Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council.

The move could improve the chances of the SDLP’s Claire Hanna or Alliance’s Paula Bradshaw taking the seat.

Sinn Fein opted against putting a candidate forward in South Belfast after the SDLP declined to stand in North Belfast.

Green Party leader Clare Bailey also decided against standing candidates in Belfast to boost the chances of pro-Remain politicians being elected.

Ms Pengelly said it was “very disappointing to hear UUP are running a candidate in South Belfast”. She continued: “So many unionists, across all party views, have contacted me to express strong feelings on this.

“Can I appeal to all to remain stoic and calm despite this decision – no matter how strongly the views, please do nothing that could damage the cause or our campaign to hold this seat for the Union.

“We need all and every vote.

“Let us focus on uniting unionists behind the unionist cause that can win this seat, and let’s do so with the positivity, love and strength that unites us.”

The UUP was contacted about its decision to run in the South Belfast constituency.

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UDA chiefs have pledged to do “all that’s needed to ensure a DUP election victory in North Belfast.

The paramilitary group has thrust itself into the heart of the battle in the north of the city – the most contentious seat in the country. They have followed up threats issued to the Ulster Unionist Party members by removing Sinn Féin election posters across the constituency. Masked UDA men armed with ladders took down John Finucane posters during the week and it is understood they intend targeting posters wherever they can.


Sitting MP “Deputy” Dog (Nigel) has condemned threats against UUP staff but this week Sinn Féin called on the party to make clear its opposition to loyalist paramilitary groups. North Belfast is a straight shoot-out between Dodds and Finucane with the DUP deputy leader defending a narrow 2,000 vote majority. The party has long had the support of the UDA. In the past paramilitary leaders have ordered their members to vote DUP and in some instances members have distributed election literature. There are now fears election canvassers campaigning for Finucane may come under pressure, with concerns being raised about personal security.

A photograph of one of the posters targeting John Finucane and Shankill bomber Sean Kelly

Masked UDA men remove SF candidate’s posters 

The revelation that Shankill bomber Sean Kelly is on the ground campaigning for Belfast Lord Mayor Finucane has further fuelled tensions. There is fury the mass killer has been given a high-profile role in the campaign a stone’s throw from the scene of the 1993 Shankill bomb which cost nine innocent lives and that of Kelly’s fellow bomber Thomas Begley.

Óglach Thomas Begley died on Active Service on the Shankill Road in North Belfast

Loyalist sources in the north of the city say the UDA leadership sees victory in North Belfast as essential. Hundreds of people attended a public meeting in the area last week (organised by Jamie Bryson and his cohorts in the UVF) to express opposition to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal.

No mention of the UDA threats against UUP staff in North Belfast

The previous week a number of high-profile paramilitary figures attended a similar meeting in the east of the city. According to sources there is genuine anger and unease at the Johnson proposals, but they were quick to dismiss fears of a return to violence. “Anger is one thing but we know resorting to violence will be like shooting ourselves in the foot,” said one source.

If as they state loyalism is not threatening people or communities with violence then why produce sinister posters like this one?

“But we will not stand back and let Sinn Féin have a free run and we will do whatever we can to impede their campaign.” Former Stormont minister Carál Ní Chuilín said Sinn Féin had complained to police after the banners were taken down on Belfast’s Oldpark Road. “Only last week, the UDA threatened members of the Ulster Unionist Party simply because the party had indicated it might field a candidate in the election in North Belfast.

A copy of one of the New posters “ULSTER SAYS NO TO AN ECONOMIC UNITED IRELAND

“Those threats were made only days before the UUP said it would not enter the contest, giving a clear run to the DUP.” The incident came after Sinn Féin contacted the police on Monday about “vile posters erected by loyalists” in the Shankill Road area attacking John Finucane, his family “and the memory of his father Pat, who was murdered by a UDA death squad colluding with the state”. Ms Ní Chuilín said that in the latest incident, men with their faces covered mounted a ladder to remove Sinn Féin election posters from the Oldpark Road”. “Our party has made a complaint to the police about this criminal act of theft,” she added. “There is a responsibility for these threats and attempts to demonize John Finucane to be condemned across the board and a duty on the police to take these actions seriously. “It’s time for the DUP to make it clear it supports without any equivocation the democratic process and to put distance between itself and active loyalist paramilitary groups engaged in intimidation and threats to kill.”

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“Remain stoic and calm despite this decision”

Chris Donnelly
“Remain stoic and calm despite this decision.”

A copy of the Twitter posting on social media from Emma Little-Pengelly

Extraordinary that an MP would issue such a statement. Who could she possibly speaking to……?

3:06 PM · Nov 10, 2019·Twitter for iPhone

Replying to
Chris, I think we both know who she is appealing to! “Remain stoic and calm despite this decision” A decision that the UUP are perfectly entitled to make. Who the hell does she think she is? As a constituent I hope she goes this election. Fascism of the highest order!

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The #DUP voted against protecting the NHS please don’t forget when you are casting your vote in the Westminster Elections


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DUP man in foul-mouthed attack on UUP MLA

(L-r) Bobby Rice, Sammy Wilson and Stephen Ross at the DUP conference

The DUP has declined to say whether it will discipline a member who stood for election this year after he was behind a public foul-mouthed attach on a unionist MLA.

In a Facebook post, former UDA prisoner Bobby Rice, who ran for election as Robert Harrison-Rice, attacked East Antrim Ulster Unionist MLA John Stewart as “one hateful b*****d” and described him as “s**t for brains Stewart”.

Responding to the comments, Newtownabbey DUP councillor Stephen Ross joked about the post, saying: “lol [laugh out loud] say what you think lol”. Mr Rice replied: “Feckin hate the man with a passion bro”.

The comments come amid DUP calls for unionist unity.

When asked if Mr Rice would be disciplined for the comments, a DUP spokesman said: “The party does not condone any abusive or insulting language. Political debate should be carried out in a respectful manner.”

Incoming UUP leader Steve Aiken said: “The comments from Bobby Rice – who describes himself on social media as a DUP community representative and was a DUP council candidate last May – are sadly not untypical of the contemptuous attitude displayed by too many in the DUP towards other unionists.”

Referring to the exchanges between Mr Rice and Mr Ross, he said: “Those people who call for unionist unity should take note of this before they repeat such calls in the future.

“Last Friday Arlene Foster stated that she wanted to build a collaborative vision for unionism [and] she recognised that unionists can and do come from all communities…if she is serious, Arlene Foster really needs to start by having a word with some of her own DUP councillors, workers and candidates, and her first calls should be to Cllr Stephen Ross and Bobby Rice.”

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Alliances’ Sorcha Eastwood seeks damages over DUP man’s ‘IRA mouthpiece’ tweet

Sorcha Eastwood of the Alliance Party

An Alliance Party councillor is seeking libel damages from a former DUP representative for falsely accusing her of being a “mouthpiece for the Provisional IRA”.

The High Court was told on Friday that Graham Craig has made an “unqualified offer of amends” in the lawsuit brought against him by Sorcha Eastwood.

A further hearing listed for early next year will determine the level of any compensation and costs to be paid out.

Ms Eastwood, who serves on Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council, is standing for Alliance in the Lagan Valley constituency at next month’s General Election.

She sued over a remark Mr Craig made on social media in August last year.

The tweet was published shortly after Ms Eastwood spoke at a rally supporting families of those killed by British soldiers in the 1971 Ballymurphy massacre.

DUP councillor Graham Craig

Mr Craig, a DUP councillor in Belfast at the time, later deleted the post and issued an apology in which he accepted his statement was untrue.

Proceedings now centre on the level of any damages to be paid out.

In court on Friday, Ms Eastwood’s barrister, Peter Girvan, confirmed: “An unqualified offer of amends was provided (and) accepted by my client.”

As the case was adjourned to next February, counsel told Mr Justice Maguire: “It requires a hearing if the parties can’t agree compensation and costs.”

Neither Ms Eastwood nor Mr Craig were present in court.

But a solicitor for the Alliance representative set out her reasons for taking legal action.

In a statement, Laura Cunningham of Johnsons law firm said: “On August 13 2018, former DUP councillor Graham Craig published a false and highly defamatory tweet regarding our client.

“Our client is a well-respected public representative. She is currently a serving Alliance Party councillor for Castlereagh South and a candidate for the constituency of Lagan Valley in he forthcoming Westminster election.

“Whilst it is unfortunate that our client has been compelled to bring these proceedings against Mr Craig in order to vindicate her reputation, she is nevertheless confident that her good name will be restored.”

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