Video: Frances Black blasts Tony Taylor detention and calls for Irish unity

Frances Black has become the latest figure to call for the release of Derry republican, Tony Taylor, who has been in Maghaberry since his licence was revoked by erstwhile Secretary of State for the North, Theresa Villiers, in March 2016.

The Dublin singer-songwriter whose people are from Rathlin Island, said: “In the past number of years some people have been marginalised and imprisoned without charge for years.

“The case of Tony Taylor comes to mind. He is incarcerated in Maghaberry Prison.

“His wife [Lorraine] outlined his awful living conditions when she presented to the Joint [Oireachtas] Committee on the Implementation of the Good Friday Agreement.

“The mistreatment of prisoners has long been a cause of unrest and must not become a threat to the peace process. All politicians should make their voices heard in calling for his release as no evidence has been produced to justify his detention.”

The singer, who famously contributed to the seminal folk record, ‘A Woman’s Heart’, in 1992, made the comments during a debate in the Seanad, where she is a senator on the Industrial and Commercial Panel. During the same debate she called for Irish unity.

“The abandonment of the Six Counties in 1922 has left a deep scar in the Irish psyche. I believe that it has a parallel with the guilt felt by parents who abandon a child. The Minister may not like me saying it but that is how I feel.

“I also believe that the main southern parties have an obligation to organise throughout the Thirty-two Counties and advance their stated objective of the reunification of Ireland.”

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‘Timeframe for Tony Taylor parole hearing must be met’ says MLA after meeting with the Derry man in prison

Derry prisoner Tony Taylor’s parole hearing should be held as soon as possible and within the agreed time frame, says a local MLA.

The Sinn Féin Justice spokesperson Raymond McCartney was speaking after meeting with Mr Taylor in Maghaberry earlier this week.

Raymond McCartney said: “During a visit to Maghaberry Prison I had an opportunity to meet with Derry man Tony Taylor who is currently being wrongfully detained.

“He has now been imprisoned for over two years and to date, the British Government has consistently failed to produce any evidence which could in any way justify his continued detention.

“The Parole Commissioner has previously agreed to grant Tony a parole hearing within twelve months. This timeframe must be met and the hearing held as soon as possible.

“Tony Taylor’s continued detention is wrong and a clear violation of his human rights, he should be released immediately.”

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Lorraine Taylor wife of Tony makes the front page of today’s Derry Journal with her recent statement.

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Tony Taylor was released from prison in 2014 after having served three years in custody, with four further years on Licence. Tony, as a member of the Republican Network for Unity, contributed to local politics in Derry by peacefully raising benefit cuts, prison conditions and policing issues. Tony complied with the terms of his licence, including reporting his activities to the NI Probation Board.

Tony was detained by police in Derry on October 17, 2015 and interviewed over two days at Musgrave Street Station about alleged republican activity based on MI5 “Intelligence”. He was unconditionally released pending a report to the PPS.

On 10th March 2016 Tony, while out shopping with his wife and children, was taken by the PSNI and returned to Prison. The Northern Ireland Office said his licence was revoked by the Parole Commission because of the risk he posed to the public. Tony’s solicitor, Aiden Carlin, has confirmed that this “risk to the public” was based on an MI5 assessment, and the same “Republican Activity” for which Tony was questioned and unconditionally released in October 2015.

Three weeks after Tony was returned to prison the Secretary of State admitted that her original order revoking his licence had been illegal. The recommendation to return Tony to prison had been made without even contacting the Probation Board. Tony remained in prison.

In July the P.P.S. concluded its examination of the file on his arrest and questioning in October 2015, and directed that Tony would not face prosecution.

Tony Taylor remains in prison for the same reasons of a “risk to the public” for which he has been:

Detained and questioned for two days in October 2015

Unconditionally released by the PSNI

Told by the P.P.S there will be no prosecution.


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Statement on behalf of internee Tony Taylor Roe 3 Maghaberry

This statement is in reference to the covering up of the mural on the international wall Belfast on Saturday 9th June.
I am personally calling on RNU to desist with their constant attacks on myself my campaign but most importantly my family, as it is having a detrimental effect on them in particularly.
I am also calling on them to now remove their other mural that they refer to in their statement in Ardoyne as they do not speak for me or my family and they haven’t done so for almost 2 years and they know they shouldn’t be doing so , so there is no reason for them to be campaigning in any shape or form on my behalf.
For all my friends and all who have been supporting my campaign I thank you and ask you all to continue to do so and when I get released I will be making a full statement to give clarity about all that has been going on the last two years reference my campaign and the constant attack’s on my family but I don’t intend to get into a war of words whilst I’m stuck behind a British prison wall.

Tony Taylor

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Republican Network For Unity (RNU) – National page

Republican Network for Unity statement from the Ard Comharlie regarding International Wall issue.

Over the past few months there has been a continued surge in attacks upon not only the gaza strip, but on Palestinians as a whole.

Republican Network for Unity would like to express our upmost sympathy with those who have lost their lives in these attacks and to send our support to our Palestinian comrades opposing these autroicites.

Last weekend RNU erected a board in support of the our international comrades fight and used our prime location of the Internation wall on the Falls Road in Belfast to highlight not only our support for their cause, but also a show of solidarity in their time of need.

RNU, have come under scrutiny from others regarding the placement of the boards. The board is currently covering a long standing mural of ours regarding the internment of fellow comrade Tony Taylor, and while it was never RNU’s intention to take away any support or remove the ability to highlight Tony’s internment as we have a prominent carbon copy mural supporting Tony in North Belfast beside our Na Fianna garden (pictured below).

We have erected boards over the mural rather than removing the mural itself, and while it was recommended that we move it over to the other side of the wall it would then also cover the Justice for the Craigavon 2 banner and we will not be brought to deviate over which case is more important, Tony Taylor’s or that of Brendan and JP, both cases are victims of the british state Internment. As hi lighted RNU took the decision to erect a board in support of innocent civilians being gunned down, bombed, jailed, and their homes destroyed in Palestine.

In the words of one of our Republican leaders Ernie O’Malley “if we consulted the wishes of the people, we would never have fired a shot”

In other words RNU will never be able to please everyone in what we do, but in our opinion all similar struggles of oppression deserve to be hi lighted, particularly in such a prominent location as the Internaional Wall.

Republican Network for Unity while continuing to support Irish Political Prisoners, will also continue to show support for our Palastinan comrades and urge the Irish Government to expel the Israeli ambassador from Ireland.

Statement ends, no further comment will be made on this issue.

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Disgraceful that RNU activists covered over the ‘FREE TONY TAYLOR’ mural on the international wall in Belfast.

Folks before anyone takes me up wrong I am in full support of the people of Palestine I’m even starting a new mural next week in support of thePalestinian people but I think it’s an utter disgrace that the free Tony Taylor mural was covered over today on the international wall Belfast with a picture supporting Palestine . who was the bright spark who decided this instead of putting it over the bird on the right hand side of the wall .

Is Tony Taylor not on RNUs wing getting PDF from them. Do they not believe that Tony’s case is important do they not want to highlight Internment, I am so angry with whoever decided this action and am calling on RNU to undo their decision and move their Palestine picture to the right hand side and reinstate Tony’s mural ASAP

Please come along and show your support for Tony Taylor and his family it will be greatly appreciated. GRMA

With many thanks to: T-art, and Vicky Duffy and Lorraine Taylor