Garda who sexually assaulted friend as she slept in hotel room jailed for two years

The pervert cop has since been booted out of the force

A garda drunk on beer and Captain Morgan, sexually assaulted a female friend as she slept in her hotel bedroom, a court heard.

The pervert cop – since booted out of the force – was jailed for two years today following the sick attack during a charity event in the west of Ireland three years ago.

During the assault, the woman’s husband entered the room and put on a light, at which point the cop, with his trousers down, was ordered out.

The following day he apologised to the couple in a Facebook message, writing: “Unfortunately, loads of beer and Captain Morgan’s (rum) do not fit well with me.”

Man jailed for two months after telling garda: ‘I hope you and your family get cancer’
A judge called the attack “an opportunist and repellent sexual assault on a sleeping female”.

At Castlebar Circuit Criminal Court in Mayo, Judge Rory MacCabe described the fact that the defendant will lose his job as a significant penalty but added: “People have to accept the natural consequences of their actions.”

The judge refused a request by defence counsel, Ken Fogarty, for a suspended prison term.

Earlier Mr Fogarty told Judge MacCabe that the defendant, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has already been served with dismissal papers by the Garda Commissioner.

The defendant, who has served in both metropolitan and rural areas, was decorated with a silver medal for bravery after saving a youngster from drowning, Mr Fogarty explained.

Earlier this year, the married man with children went on trial charged with sexually assaulting a woman after getting into her bed in a hotel room in the west of Ireland.

Mum of two charged with murder of husband in Cork
As the trial was about enter its final stages, the accused changed his plea to guilty on a single count of sexual assault.

At the previous hearing, evidence was heard that the accused is known to the complainant and travelled with her, as part of an eight-strong group to a charity event in the west in July 2015.

The victim was the only female present.

The group then stayed overnight in an apartment which forms part of a local hotel complex.

The victim told the court the group had enjoyed drinks and played card games as the evening wore on.

She said that she had put on her pyjamas and went to the double bed she was later to share with her husband.

The female gave evidence that she was awakened from her sleep by a man molesting her.

Her attacker had put fingers in her and she could feel his penis on her bottom.

Gardai investigating alleged assault on paramedic in Mahon, Cork ‘as 16-year-old boy questioned’
The victim then explained that as a bedside locker light was switched on by her husband, her attacker got out of bed with his trousers down.

She gave evidence she was highly distressed afterwards and was comforted and cuddled by her husband.

The court heard that on the following day the victim and her husband got a Facebook message from the accused in which he apologised to both of them.

In the message, the accused claimed not to remember much about what had happened.

He added: “Unfortunately, loads of beer and Captain Morgan’s (rum) do not fit well with me.”

The message continued: “I can only guess that in my drunken stupor I went to the wrong bed.”

In an emotional and lengthy victim impact statement which she read to today’s sentencing hearing, the victim said being betrayed by a person she then regarded as a friend while in that most vulnerable state – sleeping – left her sick to the very core.

She spoke of her initial difficulties in reporting the incident.

“Who would take my word above that of a garda who is supposed to be a pillar of the community and above the law?”

All her emotional torment could have been avoided in 2015 if he had pleaded guilty then, the victim added.

Continuing her impact statement, she said she had embarked on self-harm. “I hated my body for not waking sooner,” she explained.

The victim ended her statement by saying: “I am branded by the actions of another and I will carry this with me forever.

“Not a day goes by that it does not affect me. It set me on a completely different course than the one I had taken.”

Richard Gaughan of the Garda Ombudsman Commission, which investigated the complaint, told the court the victim had left the others, changed into her pyjamas, and gone to bed.

The defendant had got up to go to the toilet and was gone for some time when his absence was noticed.

Mr Gaughan said the woman’s husband ordered the defendant from the room after finding him in his bed.

The victim was ‘dazed’ at the time.

Defence counsel Fogarty said his client had made a drunken decision on the night in the apartment and had asked him to convey to the victims his profound sorrow and remorse for what happened.

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Suspects in Limerick child abuse case released ‘without charge’

Suspects in Limerick child abuse case released without charge Gardai say a file will be prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions.TWELVE people who were arrested as part of a major investigation into the alleged abuse of a large number of children in Limerick have been released without charge.

The arrests were made at a number of locations across the south west on Monday in an operation involving gardai from the Limerick division and other parts of the southern region.

There are strict reporting restrictions in place meaning further details of the allegations and the arrests cannot be disclosed in order to protect the alleged victims.

It’s understood those arrested this week included men and women across a number of age groups. It is not known if any of them were detained at garda stations in Limerick.

A garda spokesperson has confirmed all twelve were released without charge late on Tuesday night and that a file will be prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions.

The case was highlighted in the Dail earlier this year and a separate “serious incident” review into the handling of the allegations has been commissioned by Katherine Zappone, the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs.

The terms of reference for the review have been drawn up and it’s hoped it can get underway before the end of the year.

Eleven adults were arrested by gardai from the Limerick division in March as part of the same criminal investigation.

A number of children have also been placed in State care.

To date, nobody has been charged in connection with the investigation which is said to be one of the most complex ever undertaken by gardai.

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Two-week-old baby is left fighting for her life in intensive care after ‘rape’

A 25-year-old man has been charged with rape and grievous bodily harm at Armagh Magistrates’ Court in Northern Ireland

The infant is in intensive care in Belfast

A two-week-old baby is in a serious condition after allegedly being raped.

A 25-year-old man has been charged with rape and grievous bodily harm, as the baby is in intensive care at the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children.

The alleged attack is believed to have taken place in the Annalong area of County Down, where the infant is from.

Police say the baby suffered a number of injuries in the alleged attack, which happened on Saturday, September 29.

The suspect, who appeared at Armagh Magistrates’ Court, cannot be named for legal reasons.

He is due to appear at Newry Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday next week.

Details of the incident have emerged on Friday, following a court appearance at Armagh Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

The 25-year-old accused, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, has been charged with sexual assault of a child under 13 and grievous bodily harm of that same child.

The defendant made a brief appearance in the dock in order to hear the charges read out to him following the alleged incident on Saturday, September 29.

A detective sergeant, also present before the court, believes he was able to connect the 25-year-old with the charges. No bail application was made by the defendant’s counsel at this stage.

He was remanded into custody at Maghaberry prison and is due to appear before Newry Magistrates’ Court next Wednesday morning, Octobober 17th.

The accused man’s address has been given in court as Annalong.

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Two-week-old baby ‘raped’ by man in Northern Ireland
Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children

A two-week-old baby is in intensive care after allegedly being raped.

According to the BBC, the infant is being treated in the paediatric unit of the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children.

The child is from Annalong, a coastal village in the south-west of County Down.

A 25-year-old man has been charged with rape and grievous bodily harm with intent over the alleged incident, which took place on Saturday, 29 September.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, appeared at Armagh Magistrates Court on Tuesday, 2 October and is due to appear before Newry Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, 10 October.

Annalong is in County Down

The PSNI told Yahoo News UK: ‘Detectives from PSNI Serious Crime Branch are investigating an incident in which an infant from the Annalong area sustained a number of serious injuries and charged a 25-year-old man with rape and grievous bodily harm with intent.

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Jon Venables Reportedly Attacked With Boiling Water By Fellow Inmate

Jon Venables attacked with boiling water by a fellow inmate.

Jon Venables, one of the schoolboys who murdered James Bulger in 1993 has been attacked in prison after an image was released on social media.

Venables who is now aged 35 was attacked with boiling water and sugar after a fellow inmate managed to work out his identity.

Venables was banned from travelling back to Liverpool but he had been attending music events and going to Everton Football matches.

He was later found to be in possession of cocaine and was also having a relationship with an underage girl.

Prison Officers were forced to place Venables on lockdown after his identity was revealed and he was attacked with boiling water and sugar.

it is alleged that Venables complained that guards did nothing at first to stop the attack from happening and offered him little help once he had been assaulted.

The Ministry of Justice confirmed to Police Hour that “incidents of this nature happen within prisons and we cannot discuss the nature of individual cases”

Now that the true identity of Venables is known within side the prison after images have been circulated among inmates it will be inevitable that another attack will happen.

Venables is currently serving a three-year sentence for child pornography offences and possession of 1,170 images of children which included babies.

It is believed inmates have been circulating images of Venables from prison to prison in the hope that one prisoner can identity him.

Facebook and Twitter this month removed images from their social media websites of various men who people claimed was Venables.

It is a criminal offence to name or identity Venables on social media due to an anonymity order granted in 2001 that prevents him from ever being named or identified.

Due to the nature of his repeat offending there is mounting pressure to scrap that order in order to prevent further children being targeted.

However due to the nature of Venables sick attack these orders are likely never to be removed.

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Boy’s gun threat led to school lockdown

A pupil who posted a video of himself on Facebook apparently holding a gun and saying he was going to “shoot up” his school caused a police lockdown at the building, a court was told yesterday.

A pupil who posted a video of himself on Facebook apparently holding a gun and saying he was going to “shoot up” his school caused a police lockdown at the building, a court was told yesterday

A pupil who posted a video of himself on Facebook apparently holding a gun and saying he was going to “shoot up” his school caused a police lockdown at the building, a court was told yesterday.

Earlier this year at Coleraine Youth Court, the boy, who is now 17 but was 15 at the time of the threat, admitted a string of charges in relation to the incident.

The defendant, who cannot be named, pleaded guilty to three charges of sending menacing messages via electronic communications.

He admitted that some time between September 9 and 13, 2016, he sent a message of himself holding an imitation firearm together with the comment “getting ready for school”.

The second charge he admitted was sending a message which said: “Tryna figure out what to listen to before I go on my school shooting spree. Gotta make sure I pick the right song.”

The third charge the boy admitted was sending a message showing a person making a gun gesture followed by the words ‘tick tock’.

The teen also admitted six counts of possessing indecent photographs of children.

The boy, who is from Co Antrim, was back at youth court yesterday for sentencing, where he was made the subject of a Youth Conference Order.

Prosecutor James Brady told the court that on September 12, 2016, pupils from Our Lady of Lourdes School in Ballymoney alerted teachers that the youth had shared on social media an image of himself with a gun saying he was listening to his favourite music “before I go and shoot up the school”.

Police were alerted and the school put on lockdown, with pupils not allowed in or out.

Officers rushed to his home, arrested the boy and seized a “silver cowboy-style pistol”.

The defendant told police he recorded the message on Facebook “as a joke” and he had no intention of shooting up the school. He also claimed the gun was a toy he had found.

Police examined laptops and found the boy was a fan of Marilyn Manson’s music. There were also references to firearms and mass school shootings.

Officers also discovered indecent images of children, including two deemed to be in the most serious category.

The teenager told police a video of him with guns was “part of an art project”.

Defence barrister Stephen Mooney accepted it was a “uniquely troubling” case.

He told the court: “Thank heavens we have good gun control legislation in this jurisdiction.

“Whatever alarming traits or symptoms (shown by the defendant), they have not manifested themselves whatsoever in the two years since.”

He said that since 2016 the boy had been on stringent bail conditions, including a prohibition on using the internet.

The court was told a Youth Conference Plan included an internet prohibition and the boy writing a letter of apology.

Mr Mooney said the video was as “intensive” a document he had ever seen.

The court heard that because of the boy’s age, he will not be put on the sex offenders’ register in relation to the indecent images he was found with.

Sentencing the defendant, District Judge Peter King told him he did not need to re-iterate “how incredibly dangerous the posting of the video was – you could have had yourself on the end of a police Taser, or worse”.

He said such incidents were always treated extremely seriously and that the amount of resources needed by the school and police to deal with the episode “far outweighs a sick joke”.

The judge said there had been references to “firearms and mass shootings” and stressed the indecent images were so concerning that if the youth had been an adult he would have been jailed.

The judge also referred to the “music you listen to”.

The court heard the youth uses cannabis, and the judge said the “only hope” for him was to get into some form of education.

Under the terms of the Youth Conference Order, the boy has to write a letter of apology to the school principal and be supervised by the Youth Justice Agency for a year.

That will involve therapeutic intervention for harmful sexual behaviour, discussions about relationships, decision-making and peer pressure and a drugs assessment.

The youth also has to complete an education session with the PSNI armed response unit and submit to a restriction barring him for the internet.

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At least 231 children abused at Catholic boys’ choir run by Pope Benedict’s brother

George Ratzinger, Benedict’s older brother, ran the famous Regensburg choir from 1964 to 1994.

Germany Pope Georg Ratzinger, brother of Pope Benedict

AT LEAST 231 children at a famous Catholic boys’ choir in Germany were victims of physical abuse, a lawyer commissioned to investigate the scandal said today.

The Domspatzen, a 1,000-year-old choir in Regensburg, Bavaria, was dragged into the massive sexual abuse scandal plaguing the Catholic Church in 2010, when allegations of assaults that took place several decades ago went public.

The choir was run by Pope Benedict’s elder brother, Georg Ratzinger, from 1964 to 1994 when most of the claimed abuses took place.

Ratzinger has said that the alleged sexual abuse was “never discussed” in the time that he ran the choir attached to the boarding school.

Lawyer Ulrich Weber, who had been commissioned by the diocese to look into the cases, said at a press conference today that his research, which included 70 interviews with victims, uncovered abuse that took place from 1945 to the early 1990s.

“I have here 231 reports of physical abuse,” he said, announcing a figure far higher than had previously been assumed.

These ranged from sexual assault to rape, severe beatings and food deprivation, said Weber.

The reported cases of sexual abuse in Regensburg were mostly concentrated in the period of the mid to end 1970s.
Weber added that “50 victims spoke of ten perpetrators”.

GERMANY POPE VISIT Pope Benedict is applauded by members of the Regensburger Domspatzen choir, now the subject of a wide – ranging abuse scandal, in 2oo6.

The director and composer Franz Wittenbrink, a former pupil of the boarding school, had told Der Spiegel magazine in 2010 that there was a “system of sadistic punishments connected to sexual pleasure”.

Several other German institutions have also been engulfed by the ongoing clerical abuse scandal, including an elite Jesuit school in Berlin which had admitted to systematic sexual abuse of pupils by two priests in the 1970s and 1980s.

Most of the priests concerned are not expected to face criminal charges however, because the alleged crimes took place too long ago.

However, there had been calls for a change in the law and for the church to pay compensation to victims.

In February last year, the Regensburg diocese had said there were 72 victims of abuse, and had offered compensation of €2,500 each.

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