The real reason why Catholics will never support the North of Ireland Football team

IFA condemn video of Northern Ireland fans singing ‘we hate Catholics’

A still image from the video



The Irish Football Association has condemned a video containing Northern Ireland fans singing “we hate Catholics”.
It comes after the video circulated on social media on Monday evening.

The bigotry and sectarian chanting of NI fans is nothing new and the IFA has been very well aware of it since the establishment of the North of Ireland Football team

The video shows a number of people dressed in Northern Ireland replica shirts singing “we hate Catholics, we hate Roman Catholics” to the tune of Tiffany’s ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’.

It is unclear when exactly the footage is from.

Pure and outer sectarian bigotry ‘nothing more nothing less

The official Northern Ireland teams account responded to a posting of the video on Twitter saying “this is utterly wrong and we condemn sectarianism in any form”.

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Unionist councillor must pay James McClean damages over ‘super Provo’ comment

James McClean

Republic of Ireland footballer James McClean is to receive damages from a Belfast councillor who falsely referred to him as a “super Provo”, the High Court heard today.

Ulster Unionist Party representative Chris McGimpsey has also issued an unreserved apology for unfounded comments made “in the heat of the moment” on a radio programme.

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James McClean takes legal action against UUP councillor over BBC’s Nolan Show comments
A further hearing may now be required to determine the level of compensation to be paid to the Stoke City winger.

Mr McClean, 29, issued defamation proceedings following the UUP councillor’s appearance on BBC Radio Ulster’s Nolan Show in November last year.

The Londonderry-born footballer’s lawyers told the court the remarks were then repeated and the focus of commentary on social media.

As part of steps to resolve the legal action a barrister for Mr McGimpsey read out a statement in open court.

Christopher McGimpsey made a statement in the course of a debate on the Stephen Nolan Show in which he referred to James McClean as being a ‘super Provo’.

“Mr McGimpsey did not intend to communicate that there was any affiliation between Mr McClean and the Provisional Irish Republican Army.”

The barrister went on: “Mr McGimpsey made this statement in the heat of the moment and did so without taking adequate care to consider the implications of those words.

“He accepts that the statement was false and completely inaccurate.

Councillor Chris McGimpsey the true face of bigotism in the Occupied Six Counties of Ireland. Where sectarianism is very much alive and well

“Mr McGimpsey had no basis whatsoever for suggesting any connection between Mr McClean and the Provisional Irish Republican Army.”

Counsel confirmed: “In the circumstances, Mr McGimpsey has agreed to pay damages and legal costs to Mr McClean and unreservedly apologises for any distress and embarrassment his statement on the Nolan Show caused to Mr McClean.”

He told Mr Justice Maguire the level of damages his client should pay Mr McClean remains to be established.

The judge agreed to list the case for a further review in May.

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Racist messages appear near school telling Poles to ‘go home’


Following Brexit: The shocking cards were placed near a school and on doorsteps (Picture: SWNS/Goggle maps)

‘Sick’ messages describing Polish people as ‘vermin’ have been distributed in a Cambridgeshire town after Britain voted to Leave the EU.

Laminated cards reading ‘Leave the EU, No More Polish Vermin’ were placed on doorsteps and near a school in Huntingdon.

The person responsible even went to the trouble of printing cards in Polish, which translate as ‘go home Polish scum’.

I went to pick my mum up around 9am and was disgusted to see what somebody had left on her door step. My mum has a few Polish neighbours who are very nice and she was very upset to see these kinds of messages.

It is sick to think somebody would go to the trouble of printing, lamenting and distributing them.’ Regardless of what you think about the EU this kind of thing is unacceptable.

A number of cards were found near St Peter’s School by a teenage pupil. Some had been pinned under rocks so they would not blow away. Man behind 2nd EU referendum petition was actually a leave supporter In the area, 54.2% of voters backed Brexit while 45.8% voted Remain.

A spokesperson for Cambridgeshire Police said: ‘If there’s anybody who has got any information about the source of it, they can get in touch.’ If you have any information about where the cards came from, call Cambridgeshire Police on 101.

Meanwhile, suspected racist graffiti has appeared on a Polish community building in London. Police are investigating the criminal damage, thought to be racially-motivated, at the Polish Social and Cultural Association in Hammersmith.

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Scottish Protestants against discrimination “Equality Rights For All”

Scott (@SMRanger1872) Tweeted:
Scottish Protestants Against discrimination speech outside Glasgow City Chambers this morning


Newtownards’ Sharon Mellor with one of her friends

Out on the tiles with partner and new NF boss Tony Martin, Sharon ‘Shaz’ Mellor hugs a hoodie.

It’s not a good look is it?

Here we see long-term far right activist Sharon Mellor enjoying a night out in her native Newtownards

Mellor was out on the tiles with her partner and newly anointed leader of the National Front, Croydon’s Tony Martin.

Mellor later bumped into a group dressed as Ku Klux Klan members – a “few friends” she says.

She had her picture taken with one, presumably to ensure the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) can easily seek her out.

Who knows ,she may have information which could help with their enquiries into what Belfast Live reports is now being investigated as a hate crime.

Shaz and a “few friends”
To be honest though, Mellor should already be well known to them.

After all in September she did confess to twice attacking the local mosque.

Presumably one of those admissions relates to her 2015 claim that she tried to burn down this place of worship.

This is the mosque that her hooded friends also decided to visit on Saturday night.

Mind you, the PSNI appear not to have shown any interest in Mellor’s claimed arson antics at the time. Now, though, with M15 taking control of far right anti-terror investigations, her history might prove of interest?

Mosque-threatening aside, that history includes membership of the English Volunteer Force, an English Defence League (EDL) splinter group supposedly styled on the loyalist paramilitary gang, the Ulster Volunteer Force.

She also dabbled with Britain First whose leaders and small band of followers continue to exorcise the PSNI Public Prosecution Service.

Sharon’s friends are being investigated by the PSNI.

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I totally condemn the latest sectarin attack in Leckagh.

It is my understanding that this house had been offered to a you Catholic woman. It’s sad in this day and age that these thugs are still at this carry on. Why don’t they get off the backs of the decent people who are in the majority in Leckagh and move into the 21st century. Disgusting behaviour.

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A Belfast councillor has hit out at ‘anti – Protestant’ poster

A Belfast councillor has hit out at an ‘anti-Protestant’ poster erected in the centre of Belfast.

The DUP’s Graham Craig condemned the circulation of the poster, and said he had been contacted about the “offensive and derogatory” poster by several of his constituents.

“I have asked the Council to remove it and contacted the police to report it as a hate crime,” he said.

Mr Craig said it was his understanding similar posters had been put up in the Linenhall Street area on Tuesday.

The offending poster shows a diagram of a brain, coloured in red, white and blue.

There are arrows pointing to different parts of the brain with offensive labels, including ‘The Sash My Father Wore’, ‘Save Ulster from Sodomy’, and ‘F*** the Pope’.

“The poster stereotypes Protestants, is simplistic in outlook and above all sectarian,” he said.

“Belfast is a shared City and there is no place for this sort of thing in 2018.

“I call on anyone with information as to the origins of this poster to bring it forward to the police.”

The PSNI has been contacted for comment.

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