Lorraine Taylor wife of Tony makes the front page of today’s Derry Journal with her recent statement.

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Tony Taylor was released from prison in 2014 after having served three years in custody, with four further years on Licence. Tony, as a member of the Republican Network for Unity, contributed to local politics in Derry by peacefully raising benefit cuts, prison conditions and policing issues. Tony complied with the terms of his licence, including reporting his activities to the NI Probation Board.

Tony was detained by police in Derry on October 17, 2015 and interviewed over two days at Musgrave Street Station about alleged republican activity based on MI5 “Intelligence”. He was unconditionally released pending a report to the PPS.

On 10th March 2016 Tony, while out shopping with his wife and children, was taken by the PSNI and returned to Prison. The Northern Ireland Office said his licence was revoked by the Parole Commission because of the risk he posed to the public. Tony’s solicitor, Aiden Carlin, has confirmed that this “risk to the public” was based on an MI5 assessment, and the same “Republican Activity” for which Tony was questioned and unconditionally released in October 2015.

Three weeks after Tony was returned to prison the Secretary of State admitted that her original order revoking his licence had been illegal. The recommendation to return Tony to prison had been made without even contacting the Probation Board. Tony remained in prison.

In July the P.P.S. concluded its examination of the file on his arrest and questioning in October 2015, and directed that Tony would not face prosecution.

Tony Taylor remains in prison for the same reasons of a “risk to the public” for which he has been:

Detained and questioned for two days in October 2015

Unconditionally released by the PSNI

Told by the P.P.S there will be no prosecution.


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Free Niall Lehd – End British Internment in Ireland

120 Days held against his will on the word of MI5 spooks!!

Nialls family have been robbed of a loving father and partner at the behest of the unaccountable faceless mi5 by their pup Secretary of state.
Never stop highlighting Internment! Never relent and Never give in.
We demand that our friend and comrade be released immediately.
Stand up and speak out as it could land to any one of our doors.
We will not be silenced!!!
Today its Niall. Tomorrow it could be you.
Free Niall Lehd Now.
End Internment In Occupied Ireland.

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White-Line Picket in Support of Niall Lehd


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The silence is shocking from the Republican community about Niall Lehd. What if this was your brother? Your cousin ? Your son? Your friend? Then would you speak out ? Raise awareness? Who’s next ??? Regardless what political party they come from Internment is wrong. Niall was taken from his home no other reason for being an Unrepentant Republican by the scummy RUC all under the word of MI5 leaving a young family behind with no charge no evidence no trial and no justice. British justice is no justice. Support Niall lehd. End Internment.

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Free NiaLL Lehd – End British Internment – 106 Day’s Interned.


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Co Antrim Republican sentenced over explosives back in jail after licence revoked

Niall Lehd (left) was mentioned during court hearings connected to British soldier Ciaran Maxwell (right) last year.

A Co Antrim man named during the trial of a British soldier convicted of possessing explosives has had his early release licence revoked.

It is understood Niall Lehd (28) was detained on the orders of secretary of state Karen Bradley on March 8.

A spokeswoman for the Northern Ireland Office (NIO) last night said: “It would not be appropriate to comment on individual cases.”

It is believed the father-of-three, who is a member of the little-known anti-agreement Irish Republican National Congress (IRNC), has since been returned to Maghaberry Prison.

He was arrested in 2013 after a bag containing high explosives were found on a doorstep in Larne.

The haul included DDNP (Diazodinitrophenol), a military grade explosive never previously discovered in the north.

In 2014 he was sentenced to six years after pleading guilty to possessing explosives and having a firearm or ammunition in suspicious circumstances.

Half his sentence was to be served on licence.

A judge said he did not consider Lehd to be dangerous and said there was “more of a risk to yourself than to others”.

Several references were also made to Lehd during court hearings connected to British soldier Ciaran Maxwell last year.

Maxwell, who was a member of the Royal Marines, was sentenced to 18 years after he pleaded guilty to storing explosives in the north of England and at hides near Larne in Co Antrim.

The haul included 14 pipe bombs, anti-personnel mines, two explosively formed projectiles (EFPs) and other component parts.

The Irish News understands the former British soldier believed he had supplied the explosives for use by the Continuity IRA.

Lehd was arrested in August 2016, the same month as Maxwell, and later released.

Lehd’s solicitor Aiden Carlin last night said he has been instructed to “challenge the lawfulness, necessity and proportionality of the Secretary of State’s decision to recall Niall Lehd to prison”.

“Our instructions are that since his release from prison two years ago Niall Lehd has positively contributed to his family and community. He has not been charged with any new offence,” he said.

“We intend to challenge the lawfulness, necessity and proportionality of the decision to recall Niall Lehd to prison.”

In a statement posted on a Facebook page set up to highlight his case Lehd said that after his release he set about rebuilding a life for himself, his partner and children.

“I have been given no reason why it has been seen fit to take a father away from his children the youngest being 18-months-old,” he said.

“It’s not just me but my family, friends and comrades who suffer at the hands of British internment.”

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