Republican Sinn Féin (RSF) will be holding a protest in Monaghan Street Newry on Saturday 3rd February at 1pm.

The purpose of the protest is to highlight the blatant intermnent of Gabriel Mackle in Maghaberry jail.

Gabriel Mackle is is one of three currently interned by the British State, the other two are Tony Taylor and Neil Hegarty. These three men are Not the first and have joined The long list of Irish Men and Women who have suffered under The British Injustice system. The Irish people do not stand a chance of fair treatment under British occupation.

We call on all Republicans to join us on the streets of Newry to show your support for Gabriel and the other political internees.

With many thanks to: Chris Hamll, Republican Sinn Féin




With many thanks to: Free Tony Taylor

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Members of the Thomas Harte cuman Republican Sinn Féin erected more boards in North Armagh today

The boards highlight the current use of internment in Ireland. Gabriel Mackle, Neil Hegarty and Tony Taylor are currently interned without charge, without trial and without any justification.

Also the attempted extradition of Liam Campbell is highlighted. The free state government are currently trying to have him extradited to Lithuania where he will face inhumane prison conditions and breaches of his human rights.

With many thanks to: Chris Hamll – Republican Sinn Féin



Saoradh have been made aware of, and condemn, the actions of the British Government in revoking the licence of recently released Republican Prisoner Neil Hegarty.

Neil was only released yesterday (5th December) after five years in gaol, and had been at home with family and friends celebrating his release when armed Crown Forces arrived to return him to captivity.

Neil was removed from the house and is to be returned to Maghaberry Gaol.

This vindictive action has been quite clearly premeditated and yet another example of continuing attacks on the Republican Community by British State Agencies.

Neil Hegarty is an unashamed Irish Republican, who has been returned to captivity by a foreign government with no right to be in Ireland. He is yet another victim of Internment via revocation of licence and should be released back to his family immediately.

Saoradh will be to the fore in campaigning for Neil’s release, and should he remain unjustly incarcerated protest action will be forthcoming.


With many thanks to: Saoradh PRO Department

Release Gabriel Mackle – End British Internment

Release Gabriel Mackle a political internee being held at the hands of the British government for no other reason than being a Republican.

Nearly 20 years on from the so called good friday agreement Irish citizens are still denied the right to engage in legitimate political activities without the threat of intimidation, arrest and internment.

“The British Government has no right in Ireland, never had any right in Ireland, and never can have any right in Ireland”


With many thanks to: Chris Hamll

End Internment – Release Gabriel Mackle

On November 9th our friend and comrade Gabriel Mackle was arrested in his home by the RUC/PSNI, he was given no reason and had no chance to say goodbye to his wife and children who were left distraught and shocked. This is the reality of British rule in Ireland, question it and you will quickly realise its faults and unjustified presence, speak against it and you face arrest or internment.

This is not isolated, currently a Derryman Tony Taylor is facing day 620 in Gaol (prison), again interned, no reason given. We where involved in the campaigns against the interment of Martin Corey in 2010 and Marian Price who had licences revoked on the word of a British secretary of state. There are other recent cases too. How long must this go on for? That the life’s and liberty of Irishmen & women can be ‘revoked’ on the word of, what is, a foreign aggressor.
Behind all this are suffering families and for what? For far off Westminster and its political spin doctors to skim the cream of profits that comes with occupying Ireland.
With Brexit, Westminster have shown they can barely run their own country and yet we allow them ruin ours!
Support those who struggle for Irish freedom and call for an end to internment, whether direct or by remand.
People out there think these men and women have nothing to do with issues currently at play on the national agenda, weather it be Brexit, political corruption, housing/homelessness, health, education, water related or industry related such as the billions of euros worth of fish, oil & gas, gold, zinc etc etc, yeah we have all that in Ireland, and more, its all given away!!! Tax free.
On the contrary you will find men such as Gabriel the most tuned in and attentive to the issues afflicting the nation.
People such as Gabriel are driven by love of their country, love of their people, love of liberty, they are driven for real change.
Remember this, those who are prepared to make the greatest change often suffer the greatest consequence.
For whose end, for yours!
(#ReleaseGabrielMackle #IrishUnityNow

With many thanks to: End Internment – Release Gabriel Mackle.

End British Internment in the occupied six counties of Ireland – Free Tony Taylor

Tony was out on a shopping trip with his wife doing normal family stuff when British forces swooped in and took him into custody, Tony was not only with his wife but his children were also present and this was obviously quite frightening for his wife, his children and not to mention Tony himself.

Since that time Tony has been held in Maghaberry Gaol, he has faced no charge or no specific allegation in the full year of his incarceration. Internment is something that must be opposed by all right thinking people. This is a human rights abuse, everyone has the right to their liberty and if that liberty is taken from them they have the right to know why this happened.

Locking a person up under the guise of a licence revocation and not giving any explanation other than a generic “security risk” is absolutely not acceptable, it is internment pure and simple.