Tory council puts up poster telling people not to give money to the homeless | Metro News

More Tory/DUP and Sinn Féin cuts on the way with Universal Credit on its way in Derry city on 17th January 17th 2018

Notice boards advertising universal credit coming into effect in Derry were redesigned with a message that the working class people of this city would support.

In addition, posters highlighting the failures of pro establishment parties were also posted at a number of locations.

With many thanks to: Paddy Ó Gallchóbhair for the origional story.

Prime Minister’s Questions: The key bits and the verdict

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn have gone head-to-head in the first Prime Minister’s Questions of 2018. What happened?

Mr Corbyn started the new year the way he ended the last one, with an attack on the government’s handling of the health service.

Armed with statistics on the number of people waiting in ambulances outside Accident and Emergency units, he seized on Mrs May’s comment to the BBC that “nothing’s perfect” when asked about the pressures facing the NHS.

Did she have any “words of comfort” for those affected, he asked?

Mrs May repeated her apology to those who have had planned operations cancelled to cope with the surge in demand, but said the NHS had been better prepared than ever before for the winter pressures. May: “We will make sure those operations are reinstated as soon as possible.”

She then went on the attack, asking the Labour leader to apologise for saying – in a previous PMQs – that mental health budgets had been cut.

Children’s mental health budgets have been “raided”, Mr Corbyn replied, before moving on to this week’s reshuffle and saying that Mrs May had wanted to sack Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt “but was too weak to do it”.

Mr Hunt stayed in his post and has a beefed-up job title, with social care added to the name of his department.


Jeremy Corbyn: “What words of comfort does the PM have to the 17,000 patients waiting in the back of ambulances.”

Not for the first time, the two leaders continued trading blows on the NHS – Mr Corbyn hammering home his message on the cancelled operations, and Mrs May accusing Labour of “deprioritising” health spending in Wales, where it controls the health service.

After Mr Corbyn said NHS cash was “feathering the nests of shareholders in private health companies”, Mrs May – shouting to overcome barracking from the opposition benches – said private sector involvement had increased under Labour.

The Labour leader was not the only MP to raise the NHS – Conservative MP Andrew Murrison suggested a royal commission should be established to look at the future of the service.

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It was Mrs May’s first Commons appearance since she changed her ministerial line-up, and she was flanked by her new “right hand man” David Lidington, who was given a key role in the place of the sacked Damian Green.

As well as the references to Mr Hunt’s position, the sight of former education secretary Justine Greening on the backbenches was a sign that things hadn’t gone entirely as planned (she refused a move and quit the government).

There was also an early reference to the “housing secretary”, the new job title given to Sajid Javid.

What else came up?
The SNP’s Ian Blackford focused on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill and how the UK government plans to repatriate powers from Brussels.

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Despite having promised a power “bonanza” for the devolved administration, the bill is “nothing more than a power grab from Scotland”, Mr Blackford said.

The UK and Scottish governments are locked in a dispute over what will happen to powers which are currently exercised from Brussels – whether those powers move to Westminster or to the devolved nations after Brexit.

Mrs May said the government was seeking to improve the section of the bill in question, and that the ministers were “intensifying” their discussions with Holyrood.

This week it was confirmed that the proposed changes to the bill had been delayed.

Another SNP MP, Pete Wishart, asked the PM to rank her Brexit efforts on a scale of one to 10 – she replied that the government was “getting on with the job” and he earned a telling-off from John Bercow for holding up a “nul points” sign.

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There was also a call from Conservative MP Maria Caulfield for a ban on selling high energy drinks to children as she told MPs about the death of one of her constituents in Lewes.


Conservative Maria Caulfield calls for a crackdown on high-energy drinks
Mrs May said the government would continue to look at the “scientific evidence”.


Passionate embrace?
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Not the obvious phrase that comes to mind at PMQs, but that was what the new deputy chairman of the Conservatives, James Cleverly, asked the prime minister to give to her domestic agenda (“not me, don’t worry”, he told MPs).

“I don’t think he’s ever had the kiss that he once asked for,” Mrs May replied, to laughter.

Wondering what was this all about? It’s a long-running joke that dates back to Mr Cleverly’s answer to a “snog, marry, avoid” question on BBC Radio 5 live’s Pienaar’s Politics.

The PM swiftly got PMQs back to the day job by promising the government would “do a lot more than Brexit”.

The Verdict
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What the pundits said
It’s fair to say the watching press gallery was not overly impressed:

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And finally
After Prime Minister’s Questions finished Speaker John Bercow revealed that there had been one person’s question he had really wanted to hear…“>http://

Media captionSpeaker tells MP: I tried to get you to ask a PMQ

With many thanks to: BBC England for the origional story

£12,000 for dinner with David Cameron

Chinese President Xi Jinping on a state vist to the UK in 2015

Fancy dinner and a photo with David Cameron?

That was what was on offer recently for wealthy business figures at an event in China – as long as they stumped up about £12,000.

Mr Cameron featured on social media adverts for the Shanghai International Ball and Leaders’ Forum, which took place earlier this week.

A photograph of the former prime minister was accompanied by a price in Chinese renminbi.

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A spokesman for Mr Cameron said the event in question had actually been the Global Alliance of SMEs’ Women Leaders Forum. He did not comment on the advertised pricetag.

Cameron takes on new UK-China role
Mr Cameron is also due to meet China’s President Xi Jinping during a visit to the country as he prepares to launch a new investment fund aimed at boosting trade links.

As prime minister, he hosted President Xi during a state visit to the UK in 2015, which was described by both sides as the beginning of a new “golden era” in relations.

Mr Cameron was UK prime minister from 2010 to 2016. He resigned after being on the losing side of the referendum which saw the UK voting to leave the European Union.

With many thanks to: BBC England for the origional story

The Tory government and Jeremy Hunt are destroying our NHS

Off-duty staff have been asked to work to deal with severe pressure on hospitals

Part of the health service in Northern Ireland has appealed on social media for its off-duty staff to work to ease pressure on its emergency departments.

The South Eastern Health Trust said its hospitals are under pressure after an extremely busy Christmas period.

It said the number of patients attending its emergency departments this winter has been “unprecedented”.

It made the appeals for extra staff on Facebook and Twitter on both Monday and Tuesday.

‘Incredibly busy’
BBC News NI’s health correspondent Marie-Louise Connolly described the move as “highly unusual”.

Facebook post by South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust: Tuesday………If any of our off- duty staff are available to come in to work this evening and overnight, they should…

South Eastern Health & Social Care TrustSOUTH EASTERN HEALTH & SOCIAL CARE TRUST
The trust runs several hospitals, including the Ulster Hospital in Dundonald, County Down, and the Lagan Valley Hospital in Lisburn, County Antrim.

It said its emergency departments were “incredibly busy, like any others in the North of Ireland at the moment”.

A spokeswoman said the trust contacts staff “internally” to ask them to work at times of need.

But she added that it uses appeals on social media appeal as a “back-up”, and the method is part of the trust’s “winter pressure contingency plan”.

‘Unprecedented pressure’
The South Eastern Health Trust is not the only one to feel strain on its resources over the Christmas and new year holiday.

Last week, Derry’s Altnagelvin Hospital in the Western Health Trust implemented an emergency plan to cope with the number of patients with which it was dealing.

On Boxing Day, doctors in the Southern Health Trust said patients were having to wait for up to 34 hours to speak to an out-of-hours GP.

The trust sent a text message to its off-duty doctors, asking them to help.

In the text, the trust said its out-of-hours service was “under unprecedented pressure”.

With many thanks to: BBC NI for the origional story

The Great Tory Train Robbery

A dastardly tale of delays, crowded carriages and whopping fare hikes. This is the Great Tory Train Robbery. #RailFail
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