#OTD in 1918 – Constance Markievicz while detained in Holloway prison, became the first woman to be elected MP to the British House of Commons. – Stair na hÉireann/History of Ireland


Fundraiser for Maura Meehan & Dorothy Maguire and discussion group for a memorial garden plaque to be erected in September. 

Crip McWilliams sister Annemarie(nee Crawford)spoke at this event,lost in translation and copied,would’ve been corrected as Dorothy was Maguire and maura was misspelled, this wouldn’t go unnoticed as friends and family were in attendance, it’s somewhat bittersweet as its Mother’s Day in the states which falls on a different day in Ireland.

and another reminder of the biggest loss of my life, an Honour nonetheless to hear them live on in memory to the ultimate sacrifice they gave opposing occupation of our nation

Ive copied the words below from Annemarie (nee Quinn’s) page and I’m sure she won’t mind. This was another fund raiser for our memorial garden plaque to be erected in September of this year. Many thanks to all who made the night.

Such a night in O’Ds last night, Fri, with a panel of three ex Armagh POWs addressing the crowd.  They talked of being arrested, interned, sentenced and the situation of change due to the ’76 criminalisation policy.  

Between them they witnessed the Ballymurphy massacre, the Springhill massacre, the bombing of Kelly’s bar and suffered the loss of their great friends and family Ann Marie Pettigrew, Anne Parker, Dorothy and Marie Meehan.  And many more.  It was the Ballymurphy Republican women’s story and they brought back so many memories for every one there.  Loretta Moore give a historical context on the equality of the men and women in struggle.  The POWs before and after the criminalisation policy appreciated and devoured their  educational achievements because this did not exist for the blanket men/ women.  Their comradeship, friendship and sneaky parcels at Mass did always exist and that bond will always remain.  Very proud of the Ballymurphy ex POWs Maire Cush, Annmarie Mccarthy, Marie Gavaghan, Susie Vallely, Margaret Shannon, Anne Vallelly,  Katrina Pettigrew, Rosie Nolan, Mo Delaney, Kate O’Rawe, Chris Clarke, Brenda Murphy and especially Kate Conlon.  They also spoke of the role of all our mothers, which brought a tear to my eye.  The terrorism we lived under from the British govt.  And the sectarian elitists that brought about our conditions and the murder of our hunger strikers will never be forgotten.  The dignity and self respect of these women will carry us to a brighter day in a free Ireland.

With many thanks to: Friends of Maura & Dorothy group page – Ballymurphy Republican Ex-prisoners Association.

Submission to the Council of Europe’s Commissioner for Human Rights, Nils Muižniks, concerning the shooting dead of sisters Dorothy Maguire & Maura Meehan by British Soldiers, October 23rd 1971, West Belfast.

A follow-up to a previous story concerning the murder of Maura Meehan and her sister who were murdered by the British Army: 

With many thanks to: Geard Meehan, Meehan and Maguire family’s, https://www.facebook.com/groups/174928556038780/.

Daughter of woman murdered (Cumann na mBan) the female wing of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) shot dead with her sister to sue Ministry of Defence (MoD).

Maura Meehan (31) and her sister Dorothy Maguire murdered by the British Army in 1971 to sue MoD.

Daughter of shot IRA woman to sue British Army
Margaret Kennedy (Maura’s daughter) holds photographs of her mother Maura Meehan and aunt Dorothy Maguire who were shot dead at a British soldiers in west Belfast in 1971. Picture by Mal McCann
 THE daughter of an IRA woman killed along with her sister more than 45 years ago by the British Army is set to sue the Ministry of Defence. Mother-of-four Maura Meehan (31) was killed along with her sister Dorothy Maguire when soldiers open fire on a car ( pictured below) in which they were passengers in West Belfast in 1971. Both women were members of Cumann na mBan, the female wing of the IRA.
Picture’s of the car Maura and Dorothy were traveling in showing the extent of damage done in the double murder committed by the British Army.

Original examinations also found that swabs taken from Ms Maguire showed the presence of lead on one hand. However a recent ballistic forensic report commissioned by solicitors acting for the family has cast doubt on the origional findings saying they did not “provide any salient evidence to conclude that Mrs Meehan had fired a gun”.

The review added that the origional report failed to consider other sources of lead “an explanation for the presence of lead on the swabs taken from her hands”. Mr Meehan’s daughter, Margaret Kennedy (pictured above), last night welcomed the new findings.”It’s what we have said all along basically,” she said. Mrs Kennedy, who was aged nine when her mother was mudered by British Army, accused authorities of “stalling” on the case but said they would continue with their campaign until they get answers.

“All we are looking for is the truth to be told,” she said. The Ministy of Defence (MoD) did not respond to requests for a comment.

With many thanks to: The Irish News, Mal McCann (for the picture) and for the origional story.