Fundraiser for Maura Meehan & Dorothy Maguire and discussion group for a memorial garden plaque to be erected in September. 

Crip McWilliams sister Annemarie(nee Crawford)spoke at this event,lost in translation and copied,would’ve been corrected as Dorothy was Maguire and maura was misspelled, this wouldn’t go unnoticed as friends and family were in attendance, it’s somewhat bittersweet as its Mother’s Day in the states which falls on a different day in Ireland.

and another reminder of the biggest loss of my life, an Honour nonetheless to hear them live on in memory to the ultimate sacrifice they gave opposing occupation of our nation

Ive copied the words below from Annemarie (nee Quinn’s) page and I’m sure she won’t mind. This was another fund raiser for our memorial garden plaque to be erected in September of this year. Many thanks to all who made the night.

Such a night in O’Ds last night, Fri, with a panel of three ex Armagh POWs addressing the crowd.  They talked of being arrested, interned, sentenced and the situation of change due to the ’76 criminalisation policy.  

Between them they witnessed the Ballymurphy massacre, the Springhill massacre, the bombing of Kelly’s bar and suffered the loss of their great friends and family Ann Marie Pettigrew, Anne Parker, Dorothy and Marie Meehan.  And many more.  It was the Ballymurphy Republican women’s story and they brought back so many memories for every one there.  Loretta Moore give a historical context on the equality of the men and women in struggle.  The POWs before and after the criminalisation policy appreciated and devoured their  educational achievements because this did not exist for the blanket men/ women.  Their comradeship, friendship and sneaky parcels at Mass did always exist and that bond will always remain.  Very proud of the Ballymurphy ex POWs Maire Cush, Annmarie Mccarthy, Marie Gavaghan, Susie Vallely, Margaret Shannon, Anne Vallelly,  Katrina Pettigrew, Rosie Nolan, Mo Delaney, Kate O’Rawe, Chris Clarke, Brenda Murphy and especially Kate Conlon.  They also spoke of the role of all our mothers, which brought a tear to my eye.  The terrorism we lived under from the British govt.  And the sectarian elitists that brought about our conditions and the murder of our hunger strikers will never be forgotten.  The dignity and self respect of these women will carry us to a brighter day in a free Ireland.

With many thanks to: Friends of Maura & Dorothy group page – Ballymurphy Republican Ex-prisoners Association.

Submission to the Council of Europe’s Commissioner for Human Rights, Nils Muižniks, concerning the shooting dead of sisters Dorothy Maguire & Maura Meehan by British Soldiers, October 23rd 1971, West Belfast.

A follow-up to a previous story concerning the murder of Maura Meehan and her sister who were murdered by the British Army: 

With many thanks to: Geard Meehan, Meehan and Maguire family’s,

Daughter of woman murdered (Cumann na mBan) the female wing of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) shot dead with her sister to sue Ministry of Defence (MoD).

Maura Meehan (31) and her sister Dorothy Maguire murdered by the British Army in 1971 to sue MoD.

Daughter of shot IRA woman to sue British Army
Margaret Kennedy (Maura’s daughter) holds photographs of her mother Maura Meehan and aunt Dorothy Maguire who were shot dead at a British soldiers in west Belfast in 1971. Picture by Mal McCann
 THE daughter of an IRA woman killed along with her sister more than 45 years ago by the British Army is set to sue the Ministry of Defence. Mother-of-four Maura Meehan (31) was killed along with her sister Dorothy Maguire when soldiers open fire on a car ( pictured below) in which they were passengers in West Belfast in 1971. Both women were members of Cumann na mBan, the female wing of the IRA.
Picture’s of the car Maura and Dorothy were traveling in showing the extent of damage done in the double murder committed by the British Army.

Original examinations also found that swabs taken from Ms Maguire showed the presence of lead on one hand. However a recent ballistic forensic report commissioned by solicitors acting for the family has cast doubt on the origional findings saying they did not “provide any salient evidence to conclude that Mrs Meehan had fired a gun”.

The review added that the origional report failed to consider other sources of lead “an explanation for the presence of lead on the swabs taken from her hands”. Mr Meehan’s daughter, Margaret Kennedy (pictured above), last night welcomed the new findings.”It’s what we have said all along basically,” she said. Mrs Kennedy, who was aged nine when her mother was mudered by British Army, accused authorities of “stalling” on the case but said they would continue with their campaign until they get answers.

“All we are looking for is the truth to be told,” she said. The Ministy of Defence (MoD) did not respond to requests for a comment.

With many thanks to: The Irish News, Mal McCann (for the picture) and for the origional story.

Sheila O’Hanlon was linked to several of the previously ‘Lost’ Volunteers who traveled from Manchester to take part in the Rising.

Sheila took part in the Rising as a member of Cumann na mBan, being stationed in the Marrowbone Lane Distillery until she was arrested after the surrender.

Sheila O'Hanlon!/groups/250140148442168?view=permalink&id=796571927132318

Link to the new book being released in November:

With many thanks to: Gillean Robertson Miller – 1916 Easter Rising Historical Society….



Angela Nelson

I did not write about this visit on Thursday due to the fact that Christine Connor from North Belfast was in court yesterday (Friday) for another bail application and I was hopeful she may have got it due to the fact that she is a totally innocent young woman held on allegations which are ludicrous and gives the distinct sense of a careful set up by the spooks that are operating within our communities. Sadly she was refused on the grounds that she may have access to pipe bombs and other things.

Christine was arrested at the beginning of June and held and questioned for seven days about an alleged attack when a pipe bomb was thrown at Police who were responding to an 999 call, she was also charged with possession of pipe bombs and preparing acts of terrorism.

At the same time a young man from Shrewsbury in England was also arrested and has since been charged with terrorist offences, whilst he does not appear at the court at the same time as Christine he is being associated with her. Christine does not know this young man at all?

The fact is Christine was arrested with nothing in her possession and after lengthy searches of her home and other family members homes nothing was found and there is no forensic evidence linking her to any of these charges.

The police say they can connect her to these charges, and we as Republicans have been down this road before, when allegations are made with nothing to substantiate them yet the person can spend a long time in “Administrative Detention” until the case comes to trial.

I went to see her on Thursday with a friend of hers and we were able to spend two hours with her where she talked me through the prison regime. Christine shares a wing with one other Republican female prisoner (Sharon Rafferty who has been held in “Isolation” for 13 months) until Christine joined her. The two women have become firm friends and are very supportive of each other. They conduct themselves within the prison as strong Republicans who will not be treated as criminals, but that does not mean that the prison system is not constantly trying to harass them and their visitors by giving them prison numbers, (rather than a name) or referring to them as “Dissident terrorists “in the mixed visiting areas within earshot of other visitors.

There is no education facilities available because the two women can already read and write and there are only courses for illiterate prisoners.

There is access to the gym but it is used by ODC’s and no time slot is made available for the two women to use it without mixing with criminals.

The food is inedible so they have to purchase it form the prison shop which is expensive.

During the week they are allowed out of their cells to associate with each other but at weekends they are locked up for 16 hours a day.

These two Republican women are supported by family and close friends but we as Republicans collectively need to be more supportive and that can be done in a very simple way, send them both a letter or a card, let them know we have not forgot about them. If you live close to their families call and offer support or even inquire about their welfare.

Today we had wonderful weather, the sun was shining and as I was driving up the road young women were sitting in “Beer Gardens” having a cold drink basking in the sunshine….




Seosamh O Bradaigh

Within the last few hours Christine Connor was having a visit for her birthday when it was abruptly cut short by screws claiming the needed the room for other use, upon leaving the Gaol the 2 visitors were met at the entrance by the RUC/PSNI and arrested one of the visitors, he has since been taken to Antrim RUC/PSNI station. The person who they arrested is not a citizen of the country and is in fact an American citizen, the behaviour of the screws and the RUC/PSNI once again has been brought into question when in relation to Republicans more updates will follow


Another original uniform, this time we can see the skirt.

Another original uniform, this time we can see the skirt.

Original uniform with some newspapers.

Original uniform with some newspapers.

An original uniform.

An original uniform

Rose McGuiness 1916

Rose McGuiness 1916

Rose McNamara a Cumann na mBan leader.

Rose McNamara a Cumann na mBan leader.

Cumman Na mBAN circa 1916.

Cumman Na mBAN circa 1916.

Also noted standing on a British flag.

A tribute.

A tribute



Cumman na mBann, at Brookfield, near Omagh, in Tyrone

Cumman na mBann, at Brookfield, near Omagh, in Tyrone

Countess Markievicz with a group of Cumman Na mBAN.

Countess Markievicz with a group of Cumman Na mBAN.

Memorial Plaque, 1916 (Easter Rising) - 1921, ...

Memorial Plaque, 1916 (Easter Rising) –

July 23, 1921

1921, (IRAEast Clare Brigade, and Cumann na mBan).


Plaque (Photo credit: Edwinek)

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