jamesturley.jpg A vicious attempt to murder Catholic teenagers last Friday was covered up by the North’s police for over three days before details finally emerged.

Eighteen-year-old James Turley was left for dead after a mob of loyalists descended on a group of teenagers working as extras on a film set in the Village area of south Belfast.

Turley, a trainee chef from the nationalist Short Strand area, was assaulted, beaten unconscious, dumped in a wheelie bin and left for dead.

Despite running into a house for help he was again beaten by the mob. He played dead to escape after hearing one of his attackers say: “That’s enough. I think he’s dead.”

Four other teenagers were also attacked. The friends, who were extras on the set, had just filmed a scene when a mob gathered and began making sectarian remarks.

“When we were packing up to go, that’s when they started getting closer,” Mr Turley said. “They just surrounded us.”

He said some of his friends attempted to flee in a car but the mob smashed the windows with their fists, forcing him and two other friends to run.

“I ran into a house,” he said. “I said: ‘Please help me. They’re going to kill me’.”

The man went out to the door as if he was going to help me. But as he tried to escape through the house he heard one of the gang shouting: ‘There’s a Taig [Catholic] in there.’

“They all just came in and started beating me,” he said. “They stamped on my head and everywhere. The woman [the householder] said: ‘Get him out of my garden’ and they dragged me out into the alley.

“They just started beating me again. They put me into a bin and were pushing me somewhere. I didn’t know where I was going.

“I think they realised they couldn’t beat me when I was in the bin. They kicked or pushed it over and dragged me out of it.”

Mr Turley said at one stage he was knocked out, but “I started to come around and I heard them saying: ‘That’s enough. I think he’s dead’.”

The teenager stumbled away as soon as the gang fled and was picked up by a passing motorist who drove him to the Royal Victoria Hospital.

Mr Turley said he thought he was going to be killed. “When I got put in the bin I thought that was it,” he said.

A friend of Mr Turley’s who was also working as an extra said he had been standing beside the car when the loyalists attacked it.

“They were kicking it and punching it. They were trying to pull people out of the car windows,” he said. “They were punching me saying ‘There’s another Taig there’ and five or six of them ran at me so I ran and I climbed over a wall.

“I was running about the Village (in south Belfast). I didn’t know my way out of the place, “I didn’t know where I was, I was actually fearing for my life to tell you the truth. It was a scary ordeal.”

The PSNI did not publicly release details of the attack for three days, and only confirmed the incident when Mr Turley’s family came forward.

Mr Turley’s mother Donna told journalists that when she received a phone call about the attack she thought that her son had been killed.

“It’s like deja vu,” she said. “My husband was murdered. That’s what it was like. I can’t remember getting from here to the hospital.

“I was just thinking please, please, just let him hang on for me. I really did think he was dead on me. I’m just glad he’s alive.”

It is not the first time the PSNI has been criticised for not releasing information about sectarian attacks.

In March, the PSNI apologised for not making public details of a loyalist riot at Belfast’s Odyssey entertainment complex. The PSNI were further criticised in July when it emerged that they only released information about a sectarian attack on a Catholic football team. Four players from the north Belfast Crumlin Star team were injured in the attack at the hands of a loyalist mob.

The mayor of Belfast, Sinn Fein councillor Niall O Donnghaile said the victims of the latest attack had been left “deeply traumatised”. He claimed that the sectarian gang was “a minority”.

“We will continue to play our part with everyone in our community to ensure those people are faced down,” he said.

SDLP leader Alasdair McDonnell condemned the “vicious and brutal” attack, while Alliance councillor Maire Hendron described the attack as “horrific”.

Susan Picken, a producer with Manifesto Films which is making ‘The Good Man’, said the firm would continue to liaise with local loyalists to try to prevent further attacks against its Catholic employees.

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Today the family of Pat Finucane take a Legal Challange to Fight for Justice ! Lets all wish them luck !

Mr Gilmore accused London of falling short of a deal struck at the Weston Park peace talks in 2001.

Mr Gilmore said Dublin had already conveyed its dissatisfaction and disappointment and would be preparing a formal response in the coming days.

“There are sometimes occasions when frank disagreements arise between states,” he said.

“This is one on this occasion.”

The Finucane family walked out on a meeting with Mr Cameron at Downing Street last Tuesday when he told them he would ask a senior barrister, Desmond de Silva QC, to review the files into the killing rather than set up a full inquiry.

Mr Gilmore said Taoiseach Enda Kenny was only told about the decision during a telephone call from Mr Cameron shortly before the meeting.

Both Mr Kenny and Mr Gilmore have expressed their dissatisfaction personally with Mr Cameron and Northern Ireland Secretary of State Owen Paterson.

The Finucane family’s legal team will work with Government officials in the coming days on their contacts with the British government in recent months ahead of a formal response from Dublin. Top level meetings are expected to follow.

Mr Gilmore said Ireland had an agreement with Britain over the investigation of certain murders involving alleged State collusion during the Troubles with which Mr Cameron’s government had to comply.

“It is our view that what has been proposed by the British government falls short of that,” he said.

Speaking after a meeting with Mr Gilmore in Dublin, Pat Finucane’s widow Geraldine said he had described last Tuesday’s decision as a dark day for her family, the country and the rule of law.

“I do believe the Government are as upset about what happened on Tuesday as the family are,” she said.

English: "Pat Finucane Inquiry" (Pat...

Mrs Finucane said she was disappointed Taoiseach Enda Kenny could not make the meeting but said it was clear anything Mr Gilmore was pledging had the full backing of the Taoiseach.

Michael Finucane, son of Pat Finucane, described the fallout as a significant diplomatic incident.

Mr Finucane said the British government had reneged on a bi-lateral political agreement and he understood the Irish government was seeking the legal advice of the Attorney General.

On the possibility of taking their case to an international court, he said: “Such a step would require detailed consideration and legal advice, but I would imagine it is one option.”

Mr Finucane said the British government had misled his family, the media and the Irish government.

“At the very least their actions are disingenuous in the extreme,” he added.

A masked gang from the loyalist Ulster Defence Association (UDA) shot Pat Finucane in front of his wife and three children as they ate dinner in their north Belfast home in 1989.

The British government has admitted there was state collusion in the murder.

Irish government critical of British stance on Pat Finucane murder review


Murderer Northern Ireland civil rights lawyer Pat Finucane

Murderer Northern Ireland civil rights lawyer Pat Finucane

A rift is growing between the Irish and British governments over the refusal to mount a public inquiry into the 1989 murder of Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane by loyalist paramilitaries.

Irish Deputy Prime Minister Eamon Gilmore has met with the Finucane family and offered them the full support of his government and their legal team in their battle for justice.

Labor Party leader Gilmore also admitted to the media after his meeting with the family that the Irish government is none too please with British PM David Caeron’s refusal to hold a public inquiry into the murder.

Gilmore revealed there have been ‘frank disagreements’ on the subject between the two governments. He also acknowledged that the Dublin cabinet is ‘disappointed’ with Cameron’s decision to hold a review of the case.



Finucane family refused inquiry by Prime Minister David Cameron

Michael D Higgins launches surprise attack on Martin McGuinness

Sensation as newcomer Sean Gallagher leads race for Irish presidency


A meeting between the Finucane family and British PM Cameroon ended abruptly last week when he announced the review rather than the public inquiry the family is demanding. Speaking after the Dublin talks with the family, Gilmore said: “What I asked the family to do was to have their legal representatives meet with officials of my department to put together the detail of the contacts that have taken place over the past number of months which led to last Tuesday’s meeting.

“That will form the basis of the formal response which the Irish Government will give to the British government.

“There are sometimes occasions when frank disagreements arise between states. This is one, on this occasion.

“The Government is disappointed at what happened last Tuesday, we have already communicated that to our counterparts in the British government, and we will do so now on a more formal basis.”

Pat Finucane’s widow Geraldine welcomed the meeting with the Irish deputy Prime Minister. She said: “We had a very positive meeting with the Tánaiste (deputy PM) and, in fact, he started off by saying it was a dark day for the family, a dark day for the country and a dark day for the rule of law.

“He has pledged continuing support from the Irish Government and I do believe that the Government are as upset about what happened on Tuesday as the family are.”

Her son Michael Finucane, himself a solicitor, said: “It was made clear that the Tánaiste and the Taoiseach (Prime Minister) made immediate contact with their counterparts in the British government after our meeting with David Cameron and both were unequivocal in their concern and expressing it to the British government.

“They are deeply unhappy about what has happened, not only because of what it has done to the family but also because of the significant diplomatic incident that it creates between the Irish and British governments.”

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IrishCentral Staff Writer

Pat Finucane’s family ‘to set record straight’

Pat Finucane
Pat Finucane was shot dead by loyalists in front of his family in 1989

The family of murdered solicitor Pat Finucane have said they want to “set the record straight”.

They plan to speak out on Friday about the government’s decision not to hold a public inquiry into the murder.

Instead, Prime Minister David Cameron said a review of the papers relating to the killing would be carried out by a leading QC.

Mr Finucane was shot in 1989 by loyalist paramilitaries at his north Belfast home.

The Finucanes travelled to Downing Street on Tuesday to be told that an independent public inquiry would not be held.

The family cut short the meeting.

Speaking afterwards outside Downing Street, Mr Finucane’s widow, Geraldine, said she felt so angry she could hardly speak. The Finucanes said they felt insulted, upset and disappointed at being offered a review of the case.

They said they would continue their campaign for an independent public inquiry and would not participate in the review.

When he was prime minister, Tony Blair agreed to set up an inquiry, but a fresh investigation was never established.

Before the meeting on Tuesday, the government said they hoped the Finucane family would be satisfied with their response.

The family will set out their position in more detail in Belfast on Friday.


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British Patten Report?”- Óglach Brendan

Brendan Hughes
Brendan Hughes ( The Dark )

All Sinn Fein have done, all the IRA have done is just to become another SDLP

And you have poor fools that run around with the badge of IRA across their chests and the British government sitting back and laughing. They eventually got the IRA into the position they always wanted…They’ve now succeeded in turning a revolutionary movement into a conservative organisation, one that they can deal with and are quite happy to deal with. I am not advocating dumb militarism or a return to war. Never in the history of republicanism was so much sacrificed and so little gained; too many left dead and too few achievements. Let us think most strongly before going down that road again. I am simply questioning the wisdom of administering British rule in this part of Ireland. I am asking what happened to the struggle in all Ireland—what happened to the idea of a thirty-two county socialist republic.

English: "Stop Strip Searches" (Sinn...

That, after all, is what it was all about. Not about participating in a northern administration that closes hospitals and attacks the teachers’ unions. I am asking why we are not fighting for and defending the rights of ordinary working people, for better wages and working conditions. Does thirty years of struggle boil down to a big room at Stormont, ministerial cars, dark suits and the implementation of the British Patten Report?”- Óglach Brendan Hughes

Do you really beleive that the UVF/RHC are really on Ceasefire ???

IMC report on Bobby Moffett’s murder

The Belfast Telegraph is reporting that the Independent Monitoring Commission’s investigation into the murder of Bobby Moffett has concluded that his murder was sanctioned by the UVFleadership.

Ulster Volunteer Force

From The Belfast Telegraph:

The IMC has found that the UVF leadership decided Moffett should be shot to eliminate the threat he posed to individual members of the organisation and to send a wider message to the loyalist community that the UVF would not tolerate its authority being flouted.

If anyone hoped that this hardly startling revelation would result in the IMC deciding that the UVF ceasefire was no longer valid, they may be disappointed. The Telegraph further reports:

Although the IMC has concluded that the murder of Moffett was extremely serious, it has decided not to recommend that the Northern SecretaryOwen Patterson should “recategorise” the UVF

English: mural lojalist belfast

as an organisation not on ceasefire.

The distinct impression is left that the IMC are happy to pretend the UVF are on ceasefire provided they restrict their criminality to murdering working class unionists, drug dealing, racketeering, prostitution and the like. It looks suspiciously as though the problems faced by working class unionist communities do not matter to the IMC. This should hardly be surprising: there have been multiple previous murders by the “on ceasefire” loyalist terrorists.

Mick pointed out below that the McClean enquiry redefined collusion as sins of commission. It seems however, that the IMC define the commission of murder sanctioned by the UVF leadership as not a corporate sin at all. The IMC should maybe reflect on the implications of its finding: the logic could have profound consequences for the concept of Common Purposein law. It implies that a criminal ordering a murder is not remotely the same thing as committing it.


Clearly the law is not going to be changed but the hypocrisy of Lord Alderdice and his cohorts in the IMC is utterly nauseating. The report states:

We are aware of the view that the murder was the result of particular
circumstances and will not be repeated.

Since there have been almost two dozen murders since the loyalist “ceasefire” that can only be described as utterly dishonest nonsense except of course that the UVF cannot murder Mr. Moffett again: just whomever else they may chose to instead.

The IMC further states (20):

We still believe that the leadership of the organisation wants to pursue the 2007 strategy

The UVF 2007 strategy (helpfully stated in part 14 of the report) was:

English: Photo of Lord John Thomas Alderdice (...

Paramilitary activity such as recruitment, training and targeting
would stop;
– So-called active service units would be stood down and the
organisation would be down-sized;
– The involvement of members in crime would be in contravention of
the “command” of the leadership.

Exactly how the UVF leadership’s belief in the above can be squared with Moffett’s murder is difficult to establish though one expects criminals to tell lies. The fact that Lord Alderdice claims the UVF leadership supports its strategy places him in as dishonest a position as the UVF leaders.

A UVF mural in Carrickfergus

Maybe one day there will be a serious attempt to stop the general criminality of loyalist terrorists by robust police action. However, whilst the IMC, which was set up to adjudicate on the ceasefires, continues to participate in and even coordinate the utterly dishonest game of see no evil, hear no evil; there is little chance of that happening.

 With many thanks to : Slugger O’Toole

Moffett nephew beaten in attack


The nephew of Bobby Moffett, who was gunned down on the Shankill Road in 2010, has been brutally beaten during a weekend attack.

James Kelly was attacked in a house in Belfast‘s Daisyfield Street shortly after 8pm on Saturday.

The 23-year-old’s mother explained what happened when four men pushed their way into the house that her son was in.

Lily Kelly said: “They held his arms down, searched him and then they asked what would they do with him, would they take him away?

“One of them shouted: ‘We’ll beat him’. That’s when they held him out and beat him with hammers and bats.”

After the gang left, James phoned his mum and left the house, walking out onto the Shankill Road.

There, the men who had beaten him attacked him for a second time.

Ms Kelly met him outside the bar where the gang told her she “would be next”.

She said “the blood that met my eyes was unbelievable.”

Belfast murals Whiterock - This mural is dedic...

The young man’s mother believes the gang wanted to kill her son.

“I can’t go on anymore,” she added.

James Kelly’s injuries are not life-threatening. Police say they do not believe the attack was paramilitary related.

Mr Moffett, a former loyalist prisoner, was shot in broad daylight in May 2010 in what police branded a “public execution”.

I would like to stress this point out once again that the RUC/PSNI released this statement to the press. Police say they do not believe the attack was paramilitary related !!!  Lies Lies & more Lies i say the Police Ombudsman should be asked to look into the RUC/PSNI claims !!!



This is also a disgrace and should not be allowed to be happening why do people want to go around defacing the graves of anyone i can never understand. This Man thought it was funny please if you know him inbox me his name & details and i will pass it on to those who are supposed to be upholding the law.Defaced on the Falls Road.

I also do not know why Sinn Fein are not condeming these attacks on the graves & the wall murels on the Falls road. You can only conclude that they are afraid of upsetting their DUP colleages & they don’t want to rock the boat. People must open their eyes and see what is going on around them. IF YOU KNOW HIM SHOP HIM !

This has to stop someone knows the people who are behind it and the the so called power sharing Goverment have to speak out clearly and with one voice condeming these dispicible acts of pure & evil hatered.



Statement from Gerry McGeough, January 5, 2012:

There is increasing evidence that the Sinn Fein leadership is crushing down on the membership of the party, especially on those who have been trying to highlight my case.

This serves to underscore the wide spread informed belief that as part of a secret deal between the Sinn Fein leadership, the Unionists and the British government, that I was to be politically sacrificed.

The Sinn Fein leadership desperately wants me to rot in silence in jail and they are extremely irritated by the support I am receiving and the fact that this support is not going away and won’t be quiet.

A document issued by the British government to Sinn Fein regarding me has now emerged and the seriousness of the information contained in this document will be revealed in a few days.

I am asking everyone to continue to apply pressure on the Sinn Fein leadership and British government to do the right thing and to release me immediately.

Posted on behalf Of : Helen McClafferty

McCreesh family deny British claim

THE FAMILY of IRA hunger-striker

Raymond McCartney Mural, Bogside, Derry, North...

 have strongly rejected claims in a British government document that they prevented him from breaking his fast after he allegedly requested nourishment from the prison authorities.

The 24-year-old from Camlough, Co Armagh, was serving a 14-year term at the Maze Prison, Long Kesh, for the attempted murder of British soldierswhen he died on May 21st, 1981, after 61 days on hunger strike.

Prison Cell

British state papers released under the 30-year rule allege that, five days before he died, McCreesh indicated a willingness to accept nourishment, but that his family advised against such intervention.

A view along the corridor of one of the wings ...

A statement issued yesterday said the document was “untrue” and “inaccurate” in its account of statements attributed to family members.

A statement issued yesterday said the document was “untrue” and “inaccurate” in its account of statements attributed to family members.

“The family have always been convinced that the situation was deliberately engineered by authorities in government and the prison service to break the hunger strike.

“Agents of the state abused the extremely vulnerable condition of a dying man for political and propaganda purposes. When their efforts failed they attempted to vilify the family. This episode stands as a testament to the depravity of the state at the time, and as a measure of the shameless depths to which government was prepared to go to achieve their goals.”

Belfast murals Ardoyne - Ardoyne's claim that ...

In a separate development, former Sinn Féin director of publicity Danny Morrison said other British documents confirmed his version of events leading up to the death of the fifth hunger striker, Joe McDonnell, on July 8th, 1981.

Fence & Tower

Mr Morrison said official notes on a phone call from intermediary Brendan Duddy on July 5th, three days before McDonnell’s death, show that no document on resolving the impasse had been prepared by the British at that stage. He said this refuted a claim by former Maze prisoner Richard O’Rawe in his 2005 memoir, Blanketmen, that Mr Morrison had brought details of a British offer into the prison that day.

Mr Morrison said he was “either in the jail or waiting to get in when this phone call was made. It shows that the British had at this time not even formulated their offer to us, so how could I be carrying in an offer/deal?”

O’Rawe says the British had made an offer which was acceptable to the leadership of the prisoners but the IRA army councilrejected the proposed deal.

The entrance to Compound 19, which during inte...

Miami massacre report indicates RUC collusion in Tyrone murders, claims Dungannon Councillor

Barry Monteith

James Mitchell, RUC reserve officer and owner ...

Barry Monteith

Published on Friday 30 December 2011 11:02

A HUMAN rights group has revealed evidence linking the RUC Special Branch agent involved in the Miami Showband massacre with a string of murders in Tyrone including the Hillcrest Bar bomb in 1976.

The Pat Finucane Centre (PFC) has carried out extensive research into a loyalist death squad, infiltrated by the RUC and the UDR, which is alleged to have murdered Daniel Hughes in 1974 at Boyle’s Bar , Cappagh, Owen Boyle at his home in Aughnacloy in 1975, Francis and Bernadette Mullan in 1973 at Broughadoey, Tyrone, as well as the Hillcrest Bar bomb in 1976 which killed Andrew Small, James McCaughey, Joseph Kelly and Patrick Barnard.

DungannonIndependent Republican Councillor Barry Monteith said he hoped fresh evidence relating to the Miami Showband massacre would spark new interest in the atrocities which took place in the so-called ‘murder triangle’.

English: Soldiers from 11 UDR taking a break d...

“The further evidence revealed recently about the attack on the Miami Showband shows clearly the high level of collusion between the British Forces and the UVF. At least 5 of those directly involved were serving British Soldiers and another worked for one of the British intelligence services.

“The attack has been linked to the ‘Glenanne gang’ which was responsible for over 100 murders and countless attacks against the nationalist community in East Tyrone, Armagh and surrounding areas in the mid-1970s. How many of these attacks had serving British Soldiers and British intelligence agents involved in them? Where did the orders come from? Who gave the orders?

“Attacking people socialising and places where people socialised was not a one-off. It was part of a campaign of terror against the nationalist population who were guilty only of being Irish in British Occupied Ireland. People were also killed in attacks on the Hillcrest Bar in Dungannon, Hayden’s Bar in Rock, Falls’ Bar in Derrytresk, Boyle’s Bar in Cappagh to name a few.

The Miami Showband lineup in early 1975 L-R: T...

“In any other country if state forces were found to have been involved in a murder campaign then there would be outrage. Yet Britain still successfully hides its dirty war in Ireland.”

Last week, the PSNI’s Historical Enquiries Team (HET) revealed evidence which pointed to the involvement of notorious loyalist leader Robin ‘The Jackal’ Jackson — believed to have been an RUC Special Branch agent — as well as a number of UDR soldiers in the killing of the three showband members in July 1975.

Jackson’s fingerprints were found on a silencer attached to a Luger pistolthat was used in the murders.

German 4" Navy Luger, caliber 9 mm Luger....

The Pat Finucane centre is co-operating with families in the Dungannon area whose relatives were murdered by loyalist paramilitaries operating out of Portadown, Dungannon and Armagh.

They have connected a number of killings and attempted murders in the Dungannon and Moy areas to two weapons, a .455 Revolver and a 9mm SMG.

Alan Bracknell, who is leading the research, said that the Historical Enquiries Team were in the process of investigating the activities of the death squad.

He expects the official investigation will find evidence that collusion did occur and that there was a cover-up by security forces.

Sterling Mk4 submachine gun, Canada

“The team will have access to the official documents and be able to corroborate or disprove our findings.

“I would expect them to uncover more evidence of collusion and perhaps prove that some of the connections we have made are unfounded.

“The families of the victims, who have always suspected collusion, will want to have the truth and some of them will want to have charges brought.

“Realistically, however, the chances of successful prosecutions after all this time are slight.

“The purpose of this research is to finally reveal the truth and allow our community to learn lessons from the past.”