Quid non mortalia pectora cogis, auri sacra fames. (The execrable lust for gold did indeed lead men’s souls astray. Virgil).

A public, (attendance required prior registration), information meeting on the mineral prospecting licensing process took place yesterday Mon 19th November from 7pm. Chaired by Mr Chris Boomer, Head of Planning for Mid Ulster District Council.

Initially only one hour was timetabled for the many issues involved with a Q&A session to be held afterward. However, the great number of objections to gold-mining in Tyrone ensured that this meeting lasted until 10.30pm approximately.

Many people attended this event including interest groups such as CAMIO, Save our Sperrins etc. Naturally, the Tyrone Hibernians were represented by several divisions who have heavily campaigned against mining from the start. The threat to health and safety caused by mining in Greencastle, Omagh, Glenhordial and throughout the North is immense. To promote awareness of the threat to Tyrone and greater environ CAMIO will be holding a two day public information event in Omagh on the 14th and 15th of December. Staffed in part by Tyrone A.O.H members and members of the local DrMaginn division.

Tyrone A.O.H noted that no Councillors from Omagh and Fermanagh District Council attended. Clearly demonstrating their continued lack of leadership. Perhaps if SF had been in attendance they would have noted the resentment of many people and communities to Gold-Mining and be prepared to represent their electorate.

With many thanks to: Tyrone AOH for the original posting.

Brexit Highlights Denial Of Sovereign Rights

A letter from the President of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement – FRANCIS MACKY.

That appeared in The Irish News Friday October 26th 2018

Francis Mackey – President of 32CSM on the left marching along side the late Marian Price on the right

THE problems highlighted in the Brexit talks emphasise the violation of our sovereign rights as Irish citizens whereby we are forced to accept the will of the English people irrespective of whether we agree or not with their expressed view.

This position of having accept enforced British sovereignty as opposed to having our own sovereign rights upheld epitomises the real difficulty that the Brexit issue presents to our people.

The time is now for the British government to treat their Irish neighbours with respect at this difficult time and to look realistically at the underlying problem.

In public pronouncements there would appear to be consensus on having no hard border in Ireland. If these statements are genuine then the next logistical step to ensure no border is to address the issue of sovereignty.

To fully ensure no border is to address the issue of Irish sovereignty. To fully ensure no border and to fully uphold the rights of Irish citizens, it is time to end the British claim to sovereignty here and to work respectively as neighbours in our common interests.

The future of all the people on this island lies within its people and not in Westminster, therefore it is time to end the violation of our sovereign rights as Irish citizens.

With many thanks to: Francis Mackey – 32 County Sovereignty Movement (32CSM) Omagh, Co Tyrone.

Follow this link to find out more about the: 32 County Sovereignty Movement (32CSM)- https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/32_County_Sovereignty_Movement

The Tyrone AOH, Antrim Hibernians for the great parade in Carnlough. ÉIRE GO BRÁCH.

Carnlough 2018.

Go Raibh Maith Agaibh
The Tyrone A.O.H. wishes to thank our friends among the Antrim Hibernians for the great parade in Carnlough and the warm hospitality on show there.
Éire go Brách!

With many thanks to: Ancient Order of Hiberanians, Co Tyrone- AOH