While everyone is entitled to their own view on the past, the shouting of IRA slogans shows why we need independent historians to write a single narrative

Letter to the Editor

As I watched a news report on the ABC network here in Australia, which showed jubilant supporters of Sinn Fein celebrating their electoral successes by singing a pro IRA ballad from the republican repertoire of anti-Britishness, I had that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach when I once lost control of my car descending an icy Glenshane Pass.

David Cullinane TD of Sinn Féin, who shouted ‘Up the Republic, Up the Ra and Tiocfaidh are La,’ pictured with McDonald at an election count in Dubin on Monday. Elsewhere, party supporters sang an IRA ballad.



They were not singing about Dublin rents, medical care or homelessness.

The were exulting in their narrative of ‘armed struggle’ and their ‘fight for freedom’.

There are many people in Northern Ireland who do not wish to deny any group a historical perspective but the time is overdue when a body of independent historians could produce a single narrative, which would become part of the curriculum of all schools in both of the jurisdictions in Ireland.

George McNally, Port Melbourne, Australia

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Follow this link to find out more: https://www.irishtimes.com/opinion/come-out-ye-drunken-dads-frank-mcnally-on-the-curious-reinvention-of-a-spoof-rebel-song-1.4171718


No code needed – We don’t need spads

Spads are hand-picked individuals who advise ministers on how to stay in power, by making popular decisions 

Code of Practice for Special Advisers (spads)

JIM Allister was half right. He correctly identified the need for legislation, to regulate the behaviour of Stormont’s special advisers (spads).

Jim Allister (TUV)

But he was wrong about his proposed new law. It needed just one sentence: “If ministers require advice on the political consequences of their policies and decisions, their party, and not the public, should pay for it.” (He might have called it the Abolition of Spade Act.) But our beloved Stormont agreed a new Code of Conduct for Spads, those lubricants of the wheels of government who apparently keep this wonderful semi-colony at its efficient best. So why do we need spads? (Answer: we don’t) What difference will the new Code of Conduct make? (Answer: none). How could Stormont work without them? (Answer: just as badly as now.)


Sam McBride


In this interview with

, Mary Lou McDonald suggests that what is recorded in Burned about the SF Finance Minister’s behaviour was equivalent to the Irish Finance Minister taking advice from his special adviser. I think that’s misleading. (1/3)


Sam McBride
The central issue is that Máirtín Ó Muilleoir had a special adviser. But here he was asking unseen republicans who were neither his spad nor experts on the complexities of energy policy if they were “content” for him to take an urgent decision. Here are 3 pages from Burned: (2/3)



Sam McBride
This episode was possible because of the ultra secrecy employed by the DUP & SF in Stormontkeeping things off-grid, using private email accounts & phones, & leaving these unseen figures wholly unaccountable because there was no official record of their role. What else went on?
Spads are hand-picked individuals who advice ministers on how to stay in power, by making popular decisions, or by disguising unpopular decisions as either not having happened or being someone’s else’s fault. They require no qualifications, which tends to render the debate on academic selection somewhat redundant. Politicians say spads have three functions. They act as a link between the minister and the party. In that case the party should pay. Secondly, spads are a link between ministers and civil servants. I have worked with enough ministers and senior civil servants to know that they can communicate perfectly well, without help from an intermediary. Thirdly, spads are ment to liaise with other spads. I have no idea why. (Maybe they have an addiction group called Spads Anonymous: “My name is Joe Bloggs and I am a spad. It all began when I started reading what I thought was harmless election literature, but before I knew it, I was hooked on party policy and look at me now – effectively in charge of a government department.)
Meet the spads
Ah but, say the five main parties, this new code of conduct is different. It is indeed and it would be hard to find a more cynical public relations ploy, even by Stormont’s standards. Spads’ top salaries are to be reduced to a mere £85,000 (hurrah for equality) and they will be expected to keep minutes of meetings (how very considerate). More puzzling is that they “should avoid anything” which might suggest that “people paid from public funds are being used for party political purposes” – even though it also says they are expected to provide “politically committed”. (That’s the great thing about this code: it raises Stormont to new levels of inconsistency.)
And try understanding this: Spads can take part in “all forms of local political activity, but not local activities in support of national politics.” No, I am not making it up and since all five parties claim there are two nations here, which nation’s national politics do they mean? Oh, and what about regional or international politics? And how local is local: townland, parish, electoral ward, electoral district, travel to work area, county, local government area, Six Counties? (Maybe this code should have been looked at by a spad before being published?) As an alternative to spads, who cost £2 million annually, if any party requires advice on the likely electoral consequences of any executive decision, this column will gladly provide it free of charge. And if they do not wish to avail of that offer, all they to do is ask anyone in the street, because we can all easily predict the likely electoral impact of ministerial decisions in our sectarian society. So it is time for a Spadless Stormont. When it was announced on Tuesday that MLAs would get an extra £1,000 annually, no one from the five main parties would come out of Stormont for a BBC interview. The next day, they depicted themselves as victims of someone forcing them to take money (even though they took money for three years for not working). If they can manage those decisions without spads, they can manage every other decision in the same way.

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Patrick Murphy (Irish News) columnist

Patrick Murphy for the original story.

Council’s erection of Irish language street signs ‘an attempt to divide harmonious communities’ says UUP representative

Ulster Unionist Slieve Croon Councillor Alan Lewis said two dual language signs placed on the Nutgrove Rd at Annadorn were ‘utterly ridiculous’.

A UUP councillor has described the erection of bi-lingual street signs near Downpatrick have annoyed residents and is “an attempt to divide communities who otherwise live in harmony”.

Slieve Croob Councillor Alan Lewis branded two dual language signs on the Nutgrove Road at Annadorn, east of Downpatrick, as “utterly ridiculous”.

UUP representative Alan Lewis seems to be backing the UDA who are intent on attacking our Irish heritage/culture and language

He added: “I understand why people wish to speak Irish, I’ve nothing against any person or group who wish to further their understanding of Irish Language through cultural activities but there is absolutely no need for road signs randomly doted across the countryside effectively marking out territory”.

Ulster Defence Association (UDA)

“It’s unnecessary territory marking tribalism. Most right-thinking residents are rightly annoyed. This is an attempt to divide communities who otherwise live in harmony, I do not understand why one side is determined to force Irish down the throat of their unionist neighbours”.

UDA orchestrated campaign against anything Irish including road signs our language and our culture

He also queried why Irish had been placed at the top of the sign with the English “downgraded” below.

“RESPECT THE IRISH LANGUAGE” – Linda Ervine: Image copyright Slugger O’Toole

This would lead one to ask the point of the design, he said.

“A car going at normal speed would read the Irish before they read the actual road name.”


He added: “The impression given by some supporters of the Irish Language lobby is of a language that has been forced underground, denied rights, oppressed and starved of funding. Figures contained within the Flags, Identity, Culture & Tradition (FICT) commission demonstrate that the facts simply do not bear out the repeated claims of discrimination, many people will be amazed to learn that £190m has been spent on the Irish Language in Northern Ireland in just over 7 years, Nobody is prevented from learning and speaking Irish, it is well provided for in terms of public funding. I do not believe there is the need for an Irish language act but that does not mean we do not support the language community.”

Part of the jointly orchestrated Loyalist campaign by the UDA/UVF against the Irish Language Act

“Given the regular painting out of Irish language signs in mainly unionist areas where the language is not spoken or understood, and where it is seen as political, it is very clear that adverse equality and good relations implications should have been anticipated.”


“I reiterate that I’ve Nothing against Irish or those who wish to speak it however it his continued obsession with dual language signs is furthering and reinforcing a negative image of the Language across our district.”

Mr Lewis said that most people living on the road would be nationalist but that the wider area would be mainly unionist.

“This is just marking out territory,” he added.

He also queried the level of ratepayer expenditure by the council on such signs.

But Sinn Fein MLA Sinéad Ennis described his concerns as “utter nonsense”.

She added: “The Irish language is for everyone in society and it doesn’t belong to any one section of the community.

“Sinn Féin would like to point out to Councillor Lewis that a car cannot read road signs at normal or any other speed.”

Conchúr Ó Muadaigh, Advocacy Manager, Conradh na Gaeilge said it was important to “unlock” the Irish language across the country.

“The Irish language is all around us, it is to be found in our places names and indeed in our surnames,” he said. “95% of placenames here come directly from Irish. That shared history needs to be unlocked and promoted.

“Visibility of that common heritage is hugely important for minoritised indigenous languages. That is a concept supported worldwide, and indeed by the council of Europe who oversee the European Charter for Regional and Minority Languages.

“The British Government ratified that Charter in 2001 and local councils have duties according to that treaty. If we are sincere about a truly shared society then the Irish language has to be recognised as a central part of our past, present and future. The days of Irish being unheard and unseen must end. That exclusion has gone on for far too long. From Sliabh Crúibe (Slieve Croob), to Áth na nDorn (Annadorn), the language is all around us, and belongs to us all.”

Daniel Holder, Deputy Director of the Committee on the Administration of Justice, contacted the News Letter to say that Conradh na Gaeilge had suggested it also forward comment on the matter.

Mr Holder said that no human rights are breached by having to look at Irish language signs.

“The suggestion that community ‘harmony’ can only be maintained by an ‘English-only’ policy of blanket exclusion of the Irish language from public space is alarming,” he told the News Letter. “Nobody’s human rights are being breached by having to look at Irish (or English) on a street sign. Both the Belfast Agreement and the human rights treaties the UK signed at the same time commit to ‘respect, understanding and tolerance’ for the Irish language, we are still clearly some distance from that.”

SDLP Slieve Croob councillor Hugh Gallagher described Mr Lewis’ comments as “disappointing rhetoric” and called for legal protection for the Irish language.

He added: “Nobody has anything to fear from the Irish language. It belongs to everyone. This outdated narrative, and indeed the increase in vandalism of Irish language signs, are another reason why we must ensure legal protection for the Irish language in legislation. Residents were contacted and asked to voice any objections before the signs were put up and there was broad support from the local community for the Irish signs.”

Newry Mourne and Down District Council and the SDLP have been approached for comment.

With many thanks to the: Belfast News Letter and Philip Bradfield for the original story 

Black And Tans Names Could Go On Glasnevin Remembrance Wall


Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar – HUMILIATED –
British Army Murderers

Follow these links to find out more: https://www.facebook.com/376585519650720/posts/509926746316596/?sfnsn=scwspmo&extid=ijT09dCSnGofVE4Q

(2)-: https://seachranaidhe1.blog/2020/01/08/irish-taoiseach-leo-varadkar-and-justice-minister-charlie-flanagan-backtrack-on-controversial-ric-ruc-and-black-and-tans-police-commemoration/?fbclid=IwAR3Snsq07LqmfPoN744aiAfnWvx-xOOh9KFd1C2W02UDK1hTPgkqkoZEJEM

(3)-: https://www.theirishstory.com/2020/01/11/commemorating-1920-in-2020-the-perils-of-reconciliation/?fbclid=IwAR2-exRKVU9eZlbWY59_xbJ33Jyk7pW67Zn7qc3z4wUBFRBI7GvPjZhlT0M#.Xhsh5finw0N

Five anti-Irish language protesters outside Stormont as talks to restore devolution are back underway


ANTI-Irish language protestors made their opinions known as the small group stood outside Stormont today.

It comes as talks to restore devolution were back underway, aimed at breaking almost three years of political deadlock in the North of Ireland.

Seven anti-Irish protesters outside Stormont
A sign placed by the protesters Credit: Pacemaker Press
 Sinn Fein insists agreement to restore power-sharing in Northern Ireland can be reached in the short term.

Newry and Armagh MLA Conor Murphy made the comment following the first roundtable discussion of the new year after the talks were paused for the festive period.

He sees “no need” to draw the talks out until the January 13 deadline.

The latest process, which was initiated in the wake of the general election, was paused over the festive period after a pre-Christmas deal failed to materialise.

The Democratic Unionist Party and Sinn Fein held separate meetings with Mr Smith, before a roundtable with the other Stormont parties and the Irish Government.

He added: “We think agreement can be reached in short order, we don’t see any need to run this down to the wire to January 13 in some kind of dramatic way.”

He added that some of the issues where agreement remains to be reached, with the language provision – a major stumbling block previously – being one of them.

Sinn Féin’s Conor Murphy
A handful of protesters outside Stormont protesting against the Irish Language Act
Ten years from now Ireland will be United and strong weither Unionists or Loyalists like it or not

Judge let’s another Pedophile off with a complete suspended sentence

Yet again so called ‘judge’ Martin Nolan let’s another Pedophile off with a complete suspended sentence.

Martin Guerin was found with 901 images and 146 videos with children as young as 2 years old sexually assaulted/abused Nolan said Martin Guerin being publicly shamed is enough of a punishment for this crime.

This ‘Judge’ is not fit for his job with sentences like this. He also previously handed a full suspended sentence to a civil servant found with 60000 images and videos of child pornography. He said civil servant Brendan Phelan had been punished enough with the shame he brought on his family.

Again ‘judge’ Martin Nolan gave music teacher Peter Jennings a fully suspended sentence after he was charged with having 1300 ‘unique’ poronographic image files and 11 ‘unique’ video files of children being sexually abused/assaulted/ but ‘Judge’ Martin Nolan said that while it was a serious offence there was no evidence that Brendan Phelan was going to distribute the material. Is owning it not enough?

Time and time again ‘Judge’ Martin Nolan allows pedophiles and rapists and murders free to walk our streets while handed down a 6yr sentence over importing garlic!

With many thanks to: Cork Matters E Magazine and Eugene.M.Quinn 

Sígn The Petition: https://www.change.org/p/minister-for-justice-judge-martin-nolan-resignation?recruiter=238693186&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=psf_combo_share_initial&utm_term=petition_show&recruited_by_id=a59fa2b0-bb39-11e4-a178-757e6e6434ab&share_bandit_exp=initial-18576327-en-GB&share_bandit_var=v0&utm_content=fht-18576327-en-gb%3Av10


Irish Language Act is unacceptable — it is just another ‘compromise’ to satisfy Sinn Féin

The bitterness that has been shown on the Belfast News Letter letter’s page concerning the Irish Language Act has been unbelievable. Here are only a few examples but you can judge for yourself!!!

Letter to the editor

An Irish/Gaelic language act, in any shape or form, is unacceptable.

The so called ‘peace process’ has sprinkled concessions upon the insatiable pan-nationalist front like confetti — but this is where the appeasement ends — there must be no more!

The word ‘compromise’ basically translates into how many of Provisional Sinn Fein IRA’s many demands you are prepared to satisfy, in order to persuade them back into a Stormont executive.

Over the past 20 years, the relentless tide of appeasement has washed away multiple unionist ‘lines in the sand’.

We have no alternative but to draw yet another line — but there can be no more.

With many thanks to the: Belfast News Letter and Brian Maxwell, West Tyrone for the original story 

Follow these links to find out more: http://unionistvoice.com/opinions/opinion-there-is-a-clear-anti-unionist-loyalist-bias-within-the-academic-community-argues-dr-edward-cooke/

(2)-: https://seachranaidhe1.blog/2019/12/22/an-irish-language-commissioner-will-further-marginalise-unionists-whose-politicians-must-resist-it-at-all-costs/?fbclid=IwAR2A7YWk7TI_bbdelwIC2MZFBt9E0ToHhjCbcq_K-ZRcsfPuxdmqVoWg2as

(3)-: https://seachranaidhe1.blog/2019/12/17/every-word-spoken-in-gaeilge-is-like-a-bullet-being-fired-in-the-struggle-for-irish-freedom/

(4)-: https://seachranaidhe1.blog/2019/12/17/republicans-use-the-irish-language-as-a-weapon-in-their-long-war-strategy/

(5)-: https://www.newsletter.co.uk/news/opinion/academic-an-irish-language-act-would-be-a-long-term-threat-to-the-union-1-8920250