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Saturday 29th July @ 14.00 – 16.00

Daunt Square, Cork.

JUST A LITTLE REMINDER FOLKS: *Reminder folks, Christine Connor Birthday on Friday so If you wish to send a Birthday card and let Christine know that we all support her in her struggle with sectarian screws and the system. 

Christine was dealt a hard blow and should never had received the sentence that she got so please support her by sending a card and a letter to let her know how much support she has and her fight is our fight. GRMA   

Drop Christine a wee line, she would love to hear from you and appericiate your time. You can contact her at the following address: Christine Connor 

Hydebank Wood Gaol 

Hospital Road 



Follow this link to find out more:

WITH MANY THANKS TO: Kevin Kinsella, Irish POW’s truth and Justice Conquers All.

With many thanks to: Anti – Internment Munster –



11am Sunday 6th August Assemble: Ardoyne Avenue, proceeding to Dunville Park. Organised by: Anti-Internment League.

The Anti Internment League are pleased to announce that the 2017 National March Against Internment will take place this year on Sunday 6th August. We shall assemble at Ardoyne Avenue at 11am and March through North Belfast, the City Centre and to the heart of the Falls Road at Dunville Park.
The AIL hereby publicly invite all political, human rights, trade union, community, youth, sporting, cultural and prisoner welfare organisations to attend and demonstrate their opposition to the continuing use of internment by remand, via revocation of licence and through miscarriage of justice – both by Britain and the 26 County Administration.
Any flute or pipe bands interested in attending can private message this page and an invite will be forthcoming.
With many thanks to: Anti-Internment League.