Old Moore’s Almanac Irish predictions magazine (253 yers old) I found some of the predictions for 2017.

One of the predictions is Ireland will have an Isis lone wolfe attack and I personally have said that myself past two years and people say nooooo.

With a print run of 47,000 copies, it has enjoyed a revival in recent years due to its accurate predictions and its love of futurism. So what will be happening in our world in 2017?
 -2017 is the year of the global economic downturn. This is the year to hang on to your wallet.
-It will be another year of average weather, nothing to blistering and nothing too freezing. A white Christmas for December of 2017.
-Winners: Gaelic Football: Dublin….Hurling: Tipperary
-The geopolitical future of Europe will become right wing.
-A robotic android interactive sex partner will hit the news. Yes, people will be able to order an iLover.
-Australia and New Zealand will have property crashes.
-Several plane incidents in 2017, two major, one minor. Risk of two planes crashing. Plane being shot down or a near miss is likely. Turbulence due to global warming is in the news, especially in Asia.
-There is more talk of Northern Ireland and the Republic becoming united within the EU.
-Virtual currencies become very attractive.
-A coffee shortage makes news. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
-The Middle East is losing its religion, following the West. Upheaval from this will cause conflict.
-Declarations of not being aligned to any house of worship will rise, especially from politicians.
-Scientists will crack some reverse aging techniques.
-The idea of collaborative government rises, meaning no politicians, just “boards” of citizens ruling cities.
-World-wide population control gets discussed.
-A hotel attack makes international news.
-Big quakes for Asia and the USA in 2017.
-In celebrity news, Amy Huberman uncharacteristically loses her cool, but she’s right to do so. Will Smith’s family is headed for controversy. crisis. Pippa Middleton’s wedding might be held up, or not go off as planned.
-Things calm down in Syria and migrants talk of returning to rebuild.
-Ireland is in danger of an Isis lone-wolf style attack.
-The coalition government has trouble holding together as a team, with a risk of a new election.
-Irish economic growth stalls in 2017, with accusations of the government “cooking the books.”
-Eurovision sees us in with a chance.
-Everything computing will be done on the cloud. Soon there will be no need for hard drives.
-Mobile workforces are a new trend, meaning working in offices is dying.
-Turkey will see very troubled times.
-Inland flooding is a big topic worldwide in 2017.
-Cars with virtual dashboards.
-Marriage falls out of favour, out with “spouse” and in with “partner.”
-Kim Jong-un loses his marbles. His assassination risk is high. Possible reunification of Koreas.
-There will be cyber hacking on an unprecedented scale in 2017. This includes financial institutions/supermarket chains or other big business.

With many thanks to: All that is Irish past and present.

Mrs Elgin Barry O’Rahilly, sister of Kevin Barry (who was hanged in Mountjoy Jail) and her grandaughter, Deirdre Sweetman.

Photo taken on Friday 6/10/1989 Mrs Elgin Barry O’Rahilly, sister of Kevin Barry (who was hanged in Mountjoy Jail)and her granddaughter, Deirdre Sweetman, at the launch of “Kevin Barry and His Time” by Donal O’Donovan in the Kevin Barry Room, UCD, Earlsfort Terrace.Elgin was also related through marriage to the famous O Rahilly who was shot and left to die after the last stand Moore Street 1916.Elgin has since passed away in the early 1990s aged 92 years.

Kevin Barry executed by hanging 1920 age 18

Kevin Barry executed by hanging 1920 aged 18-years-old.

With many thanks to: Irish History 1916 through to 1923 – All that is Irish past and present.

Oldest colour photo of an Irish witch or wise woman from 1913 named Nan (Anne) O’Toole of the Claddagh, Galway city.

Born in 1877 known to have cures for many ailments. For infants suffering with bowel problems Nan prescribed sacred well water mixed with burnt turf dust, which was then fed to the child. Babies born prematurely were hung in a fishing net over a basin of hot warm water, as this was said to replicate the womb, providing the greatest comfort to the child. Nan died in 1952. (info via the Galway City Museum, photo: The Albert Kahn Collection )

With many thanks to: Thomas Sheridan – All that is Irish past and present.


I joined the Flying Column* in 1916

In Cork with Sean Moylan, in Tipperary with Dan Breen

Arrested by Free Staters and sentenced for to die

‘Farewell to Tipperary’, said the Galtee Mountain boy
We tracked the Wicklow Mountains, we were rebels on the run

Though hunted night and morning, we were outlaws but free men

We tracked the Dublin Mountains as the sun was shining high

‘Farewell to Tipperary’, said the Galtee Mountain boy
We went across the valleys and over the hilltops green

Where we met with Dinny Lacey, Sean Hogan and Dan Breen

Sean Moylan and his gallant men they kept the flag flying high

‘Farewell to Tipperary’ said the Galtee Mountain boy
I’ll bid farewell to old Clonmel, I never more shall see

And to the Galtee Mountains that oft times sheltered me

Those who fought for freedom, died without a sigh

‘May their fight not be forgotten’, said the Galtee Mountain boy
~  Written by Patsy O’ Halloran
* The Flying Columns were groups of men who roamed the countryside carrying out ambushes on British soldiers during the Black and Tan war 1919-1921, and then during the Irish civil war.  The Galtee Mountain Boy was Paddy Davern who survived both the war of independence and the Irish civil war.  He passed away in the 1990s.
(M) ❤
Pic.  Galty Sunset, looking down the Glen of Aherlow from the foot of the Knockgraffon Motte,

from http://www.visitcahir.ie/ThingsToDo/ThingsToDoPhoto.html 

With many thanks to: Ireland and Peg’s Cottage.