The IRA answer to the DUP and Brexit – NO HARD BORDER IN IRELAND

Explosion outside Co Derry courthouse

The British loyalist DUP have never been loyal to the people of the North of Ireland the majority of the population of the North of Ireland voted to reamin! What don’t they get???

THE FACTS speak for themselves ‘black is Black’ and ‘White is White’ the British “loyalist DUP” have always looked after no1″That’s a fact, you can check there record, if you wish you can ‘goggle it’ it’s a fact.

THE DUP look after the interests of the DUP not the North of Ireland. The DUP believe the North of Ireland is British, when it is not. The North of Ireland belongs to both communities both religions. None more than the other. And the Prods do not rule over the Fenian’s as it is believed in some limited quarters. We are equal on the Island of Ireland and the Good Friday Agreement which the DUP signed up too. Guarantee our Irish rights as Irish citizens and those rights can never be re-written in any context.

We have the right to claim our Irish or British citizenship that is up to us as Irish and European citizens the British choose to be British the Irish did not “we choose to be Irish and European” so the British can swim in the English channel but keep the fuck out of Irish water’s and that includes our “fishing waters” Ireland North and South belongs to the Irish. You’s have the English channel.

Ireland is Irish and if the DUP want to destroy their Irishness then let them do so in their very British country “England” but the British DUP should never be allowed to destroy Ireland North and South.

A very personal opinion written by myself: Seachranaidhe1

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Belfast homeless community ‘very distressed’ after death of homeless man from Dublin in Belfast city centre but who was origionally from Poland

The man was found by staff from homeless charity The Welcome Organisation at around 8.30am on Friday.

It is understood he was from the Dublin area and that he had been offered accommodation on Thursday evening.

The Northern Ireland Ambulance Service was called to the scene at 8.28am to reports a man was unconscious and not breathing.

An ambulance and two rapid response vehicles were sent.

Detective Inspector Kerry Brennan said: “Police attended a report of a sudden death of a man at the High Street area of Belfast this morning (Friday 18th January).

“A post mortem is due to be carried out to establish the cause of death.

“Police enquiries are at an early stage and there are no further details at this time.”

“The person has not been formally named or cause of death ascertained but it was sudden and unexpected.

“Our thoughts are with the man’s family and friends some of whom are members of the homeless community and are very distressed and being supported by Welcome Organisation staff.

“It is tragic that people continue to die on our streets despite the wide range of support being offered. The sad reality is that the individuals involved in rough sleeping are amongst the most vulnerable in society: all too often suffering mental ill health, drug or alcohol addiction or all three.

“The reality is that if services like those provided by Welcome were not available, the number of street deaths would potentially be much greater”

“Working in this field is challenging at the best of times, but when you have to deal with a situation like this, it’s so tragic,” she said.

“The workers are shaken. The last thing they expected when they tried to rouse this young man was that he passed over.

“They had known this person, which makes it that bit more traumatic and personal.”

Ms Moore said about 80 individuals were known to be rough sleepers in Belfast, with about 25 on the streets at any one time. She said the majority were single young men.

“There is still something not right, this is one of the best cities in terms of homeless services, and being a small city, services work well together, but we obviously still haven’t got it right,” she said.

Staff from neighbouring businesses have told the Belfast Telegraph they saw CPR being performed by paramedics on an individual when they came into work on Friday morning. The cordon around the shops has now been lifted by police.

Belfast councillor Jim Rodgers said: “I am really sad that this has happened. We have got a number of people sleeping rough, especially in the city centre of Belfast. My thoughts and prayers and heart felt sympathy go out to his relatives and friends.

“It is just dreadful. I think we all need to do more to bring an end to homelessness in Northern Ireland.”

Sinn Fein MLA Carál Ní Chuilín said:  “It’s a serious concern that a homeless man was found dead in Belfast city centre this morning.

“No one should ever have to sleep on the street, particularly in the cold weather.

“But sadly over recent years we have seen rising levels of homelessness around the city centre and across the north.

“Homeless charities have been doing great work but it is important that the Housing Executive and statutory bodies continue providing support to people sleeping on the street.

“My thoughts are with this man’s family and friend at this difficult time.”

With many thanks to the: Belfast Telegraph for the original story.

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Tory austerity undermined trust in Government says damning leaked official study

The document was accidentally revealed by an unnamed person who revealed it in front of Westminster photographers

It was the Tories flagship programmeb(Image: AFP/Getty Images)

Tory austerity undermined the public’s trust that the Government acted “fairly” and “with integrity”, according to the government’s own analysis.

The document was accidentally revealed by an unnamed person, who revealed the damning assessment of the Tories’ flagship policy in front of Westminster photographers.

The dossier, apparently a joint study by the Cabinet Office and Department for Work and Pensions, states: “Austerity and its fall-out undermined perceptions of competence and the belief that [the government is] acting fairly, openly and with integrity.”

The Document was accidentally revealed on the streets of Westminster (Image: PoliticalPics/Twitter)


Labour MP Wes Streeting’s barnstorming speech as he slams ‘out of touch’ Tories

Labour Party Chair Ian Lavery said: “Austerity has done more than just destroy public trust, it has destroyed lives.

“The Tory party continues to treat being in government as some sort of cynical PR exercise.

“If they recognise that austerity has been a disaster, they should be focussing on bringing it to an end rather than how to spin it.”

Labour’s powerful party political broadcast is out – and there’s one thing it doesn’t mention

It’s part of a study into the public’s trust in politics, government and the party in power, in a bid to build trust and improve government communications.

The authors named on the document are Laura de Moliere, the DWP’s lead behavioural scientist, and Catherine Hunt, Head of Insight and Evaluation at the Cabinet Office.

A Government spokesperson said: “This document is a review of the latest academic literature, ensuring civil servants continue to communicate effectively with the public.”

Here’s the visible text of the document in full
Emphasis as in original text

The role of communication in rebuilding political trust

November 2018

Catherine Hunt, Cabinet Office & Laura De Moliere, DWP

1. What does this paper deliver?

This paper provides a definition of trust, based on a review of academic, public sector and media industry publications as well as our own research. It identifies the factors that underpin trust, looks at why trust in the institutions of government is falling and sets out how this affects us as communicators. It builds on the conclusions from our previous paper on trust from April 2018 and recommends a strategy for building trust and improving the effectiveness of our communication activity in the future.

2. Summary and recommendations

The main conclusions that can be drawn from this paper are:

An individual citizen’s trust in government (political trust) is based on his or her perceptions of its competence and whether or not is acting in the public (and the individual’s personal) interest, judged by the values that it governs by.

Competence is judged by the presence of five specific behavious: setting out a shared vision for the future; authenticity; taking perspectives; valuing others’ opinions; and transparency.
The core trust values that Government should demonstrate are fairness, openness and integrity
Citizens’ political trust and views of whether it is acting competently and int he public interest is influenced by:

Specific support for the political administration in power at any given point in time.
Diffuse support for the overall system of government and its institutions
Trust in politicians has always been low. However, the global recession in 2008 and subsequent period of austerity triggered a decline in diffuse trust for the system of government in many Western economies, including the UK.

Austerity and its fall-out undermined perceptions of competence and belief that it […] acting fairly, openly and with integrity
Rapid social, demographic and technological changes are […]

As diffuse trust in the institutions of government […]

parties is rising. People who support […]

parliament. This is also true for […]

The decline in political trust […]

which will in turn reduc[…]

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Belfast homeless community ‘very distressed’ after death of rough sleeper in city centre –