Motorcycle rally planned in support of Soldier F who faces Bloody Sunday murder charges – The Irish News

Jail for youth football coach who grommed girl (13) and infected her with STD

Former youth soccer coach John Workman following an earlier court appearance



A youth football coach who admitted grooming a 13-year-old girl he later had sex with, infecting her with an STD, has been jailed for two years. Ordering 34-year-old John Workman to spend a further





Jail for youth football coach who groomed girl (13) and infected her with STD



Revoke Article 50 petition to cancel Brexit to be debated by MPs next week, Parliament announces | The Independent

AAV: Grand Wizards and Nazi conspiracy theories: what the hell has the Tory party turned into?

Dawn Foster


Genuinely surprised an MP would double down after being directly confronted with the fact it’s a term used by Breivik, purely because it’s bound to attract press attention

Dawn Foster


I also pointed out “cultural marxism” was a cornerstone of Anders Breivik’s manifesto in my question and she didn’t address that. 


In the matter of an application by Geraldine Finucane for Judicial Revewi (NI) [2019] UKSC 7 Part Two – UKSCBlog