Sinn Féin and the DUP now neck to neck in North Belfast according to the Bookies

Seán South
#NorthBelfast From today #JohnFinucane has caught up with Dodds in the betting stakes, now neck in neck -looks like Finucane could pull ahead as momentum
seems to be building for his anti-Brexit/pro-remain message! #SouthBelfast Doesn’t look good for E.Little-Pengelly in 3rd spot


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Seán South
% correct-#SouthBelfast is drifting further by the day from the #Dup grasp as it now seems the #UUP are up for a scrap there after being intimidated out of the #NorthBefast fight by loyalist paramilitaries-a dish serve cold it seems in SB.
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Nigel Dodds: Reasons To Get Him Outed from North Belfast…


Blocked Social Housing for residents 3000 people on waiting list
Voted against pay rise for Public Sector Workers
DUP corroption #RHI
Architect of Brexit and the so-called “Betrayal Act”
Actively backed by the outlawed UDA in North Belfast

Is an active member of the sectarian Orange Order
Meeting here with Billy Hutchinson a leading member of the PUP the political wing of the outlawed UVF
He attracted controversy when he and then DUP leader Ian Paisley attended a wake for Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) leader John Bingham
He does not and never has from day one supported the Good Friday Agreement (GFA)

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Yeah, time to move on NIGE baby




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No UK Devolution Post-Brexit?


Although PM May warned a no-deal Brexit could mean Irish unity, PM Johnson seems determined to hold NI and Scotland  in the UK’s stranglehold – though treating each differently.

If he is re-elected with a Conservative majority his E. U. Withdrawal Bill (WAB) states ” There is no restriction on 8C powers being used to amend or repeal the Scotland Act 1998, the Government of Wales Act 2006 or the Northern Ireland Act 1998″.

Remember: Power devolved is power retained.

Query: Does that mean abolishing Hollyrood?
Possibly. More probably, it will mean gradually whittling down Scotland’s powers

What will Scotland do?
Take giant steps towards independence? The Scots are bound to realise it’s all over for them otherwise. Even if they vote for 59 SNP MPs, they will continue as always as a minority in Westminster. They have no voice on English issues due to EVEL. On anything else…

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