Lord Ken Maginnis bows out as MP after 18 years as an MP and just after having the Chief Whip withdrawn from him by the UUP

I SEE an oul’ King Scholar is in a bit of soapy bubble. AGAIN. Lord Ken Maginnis went to the old teacher training hub at Stranmillis College, where the rugby team was known as King’s Scholars. Many’s a good man, and good player, like my oul’ mucker Stewart McKinney of Dungannon, Ulster, Ireland and Lions pedigree, graduated from there. Ken Maginnis was a half-decent rugby player for Dungannon, too: but, as I’ve bantered him before, only ‘half’… And he got into and survived many’s a scrape, on the rugby pitch. As he did in life. As a sound principled school principle, a major in the UDR during the nadir of the so-called Troubles, a survivor of 10 attempts on his life by the Provos, and as a politician who took no prisoners.

His history of taking a dig, either verbally or physically, at someone who had a disagreement with him is well documented. Now he’s in trouble again. The British Metropolitan police are investigating because he allegedly called the Scottish nationalist MP Hannah Bardell a ‘queer’. 

The racist opinion that the Unionist/Protestant community have on Gay people and Catholics. They are a sectarian anti-Catholic community party

If that indeed happened, it was out of order, And I’d be the first to say it to Ken. But calling in the cops for an alleged ‘hate crime’ (which it obviously was)? For once, I agree with Jacob Rees-Mogg, the leader of the House of Commons. He said an apology should be forthcoming and suffice. I agree. And maybe the brave UDR Major who the IRA couldn’t shoot should consider stop ‘shooting himself in the foot’. In other words, perhaps it may be time for the veteran politician – he’s now 81 – to consider hanging up his boots.

UDA. UDR. UVF – Spot the difference? – ANSWER: There is no difference…..

He’ll not thank me for that. But he has always been a stright talker. So am I. I await his phone call, probably this afternoon January 12th 2020. I’ll turn down the hearing aid at the start. And I’ll probably have it out of my cauliflower lug by the finish.



UNIONIST peer Lord Maginnis is in trouble after calling a Scottish MP ‘queer’ because she’d called him out for shouting at Westminster security staff. He said he’d no recollection of using the term, and then denied it, before the Huffington Post released the audio of him saying it. If he still hasn’t come to terms with the invention of gay people how is he expected to know about voice recordings?

With many thanks to: The Sunday World and Roisin Gorman for the original posting 

With many thanks to: The Sunday World and Jim McDowell for the original story 

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