On May 21st 2012, i went for a jog, I tripped and fell on a defective pavement.

The injuries I sustained from that fall were life changing chronic injuries that are inoperable.

I was treated at Antrim Area Hospital for a sprain and sent home with a bandage and crutches.

I’m left with a walking disability and i walk at half the stride of everyone else. My steps in a day are limited. I’m also stuck up in a 3.5 inch wedge heel for 12 hours a day. I have chronic pain in both ligaments and achilles tendon with scar tissue.

I’ve lost all my dorsiflex in my left foot and the reason for this is because the scar tissue on the back of my achilles is holding my heel up.

I can’t walk on my bare feet or uneven surfaces i.e grass, sand, stone, hills or snow.

I limit my calorie intake in a day as i can’t burn calories and have to eat very little food.

My only means of mobility is 10/15 mins or so in a day. I can’t stand for too long i.e in queues in a shop and mostly sit or kneel in the nearest place i can find if there’s a queue. I use a battery powered bike which i can’t pedal because of the chronic pain in my left ankle and my secondary issues with bursitis of the hip.

Recently I’ve received results of an X-ray confirming arthritis in both knees and hips. This is because I’ve been stuck in in a 3. 5 inch wedge heel for the past 7 years.

I have 2 labrador dogs i can’t walk and i sit in a car twice a day and watch them being walked.

I have very bad anxiety because i can’t run away from danger i.e a fire or an attack.

My life has changed beyond all recognition, i now have a disabled badge and stairlift. I also wear a night splint to bed every night to hold my ankle in an L shape so i don’t wake up with high chronic pain in the morning.

I used to run, go to the gym, climb mountains, dance, cycle, swim and i can no longer do any of these activities inc swimming because of the ankle injury and the damage to the hips as a result of my walking disability.

I was a very active person my whole life and i have been unable to go back to full-time work or do my housework. I also require help to prepare meals at home and i need care and attention i.e on shopping trips, especially in the winter months were there is snow or ice on the ground as it is very dangerous for me to walk unaided in such conditions.

In the last 6 years, i’ve also suffered some disability discriminiation because i have a hidden disability and my appearance looks normal as i have to wear a 3.5 inch wedge heel to walk properly.

Although on closer inspection you would notice muscle wastage to my left leg and an external scar on the back of my achilles tendon.

The first 5 years of my injury, I employed a firm of who turned out to be a nightmare.

On numerous occasions My Solicitor told me that they knew the Insurance Company very well and had numerous dealings with them over the years.

My Solicitors failed me in every way they possibly could. They treated me appallingly, including sending me on a wild goose chase to a chronic pain expert, who took 3 months off on the sick after an appointment with myself. Then he failed to write a report with no explanation.

My Care Expert was cancelled at the last minute because the Chronic Pain Report wasn’t written.

After the pain and care expert were cancelled the Insurance Company wanted a settlement meeting which I declined.

The reason I declined to meet with the Insurance Company was because I asked my Solicitor if they were prepared to pay me for chronic pain and help with housework etc and I was told they weren’t prepared to pay me for any pain or help.

I believe the first Chronic Pain Expert didn’t write the report because he had insinuated to me that this was an Achilles rupture and that the Belfast Health Trust should have managed my injury better. He had stated to me that I was left in a disgraceful state and he was shocked, he asked me if the insurance company intended on just leaving me in that state ??? I believe Mr C is a good man of integrity and didn’t want any part of this corruption. Perhaps the Insurance Company were wanting him to write a fake report and he didn’t want any part of it????

Then my Solicitor sent me to a Mr Zbigniew Kirkor, Birmingham, a so called pain expert who wrote fake pain report.

I gave Mr Kirkor evidence of my disabled badge, stairlift, a report from a hip surgeon Mr Malloy, which stated bursitis of the hip, degenerative hip condition and sacral lilac problems.

I also gave him evidence from a Report from a Mr Billbird who stated many problems inc sacral lilac problems.

He also had a Surgeon Braithwaites report that stated I was functionally disabled with large amounts of pain and secondary issues with my knees and hips.

Mr Braithwaite’s report stated I needed adaptions to my home, plus help with heavy duties and house work. Yet this man decided to write a fake report that more or less there was nothing much wrong with me and he couldn’t find the source of the pain. He said the pain was pyscophsomatic whenever the pain was coming from a ruptured Achilles’ tendon and scar tissue which was causing chronic regionally pain syndrome.

Mr Kirkor lied on a medical legal report and he should be fully investigated. Also who was that fake report to benefit??????

When the fake pain report came back from Mr Kirkor, my Solicitor asked me to meet with my barrister at the high court.

When I met with my barrister he stated to me “this is a case of a twisted ankle and he wanted me to sign up to Psychologically motivated pain. I refused as I had real physical chronic burning pain in both my ligaments and my Achilles. I also had secondary issues with my knees, hips and back.

Shortly after that meeting at the high court I got an email and letter stating my Solicitors could no longer represent me because I wouldn’t sign up to Psychologically motivated pain.

I was in shock and couldn’t quite believe that this firm of Solicitors, had ran up a legal bill for 5 years and just sacked me and left me in a highly functional disabled chronic state with no help whatsoever.

I was left out in the wilderness with no legal representation. No firm of Solicitors would take on my case as it was 5 years old.

I was going to have to think seriously of representing my own case in court. Only for a friend of mine who’s an MLA and who put me on to another disappointing firm of Solicitors.

It took my first firm of Solicitors, 3 months to hand over my files which is an utter disgrace and this too caused me distress.

Whilst waiting on my files to be handed over, I decided to gather my own evidence too. I gathered evidence of the seriousness of my injury and the chronic state I’d been left from a Mr Jim Patterson, a Chiropodist with 30 years experience. He confirmed a ruptured Achilles and wrote a report stating large amounts of scar tissue and chronic pain. He also stated that I had to wear a 3.5 inch wedge heel to walk properly.

Mr Patterson also referred me to a sports physiotherapist who confirmed thickening of the Achilles’ tendon, pain levels and how I wore a 3 inch wedge heel to walk properly.

I gave both these reports to my legal team. Within a week of giving this evidence to my legal team the Belfast health trust wrote out to me stating I had a dip in my Achilles’ tendon which they failed to tell me about 5 years previously.

The Belfast Health Trust made No comment about how the dip got there or any explanation about scar tissue. Although several physios had worked on my scar tissue from carrickfergus and musgrave. No reports from any surgeon Mr A or the defendants surgeon Mr Y about scar tissue although Mr A had confirmed scar tissue verbally to myself and family members yet failed to write about it in any report.

I had asked my new solicitor F on numerous occasions to have Mr A update my medical report to state scar tissue but to no avail.

There was no mention of any damage to my Achilles in 2 MRI’s and an ultrasound as 2 radiologists for the Belfast Health Trust covered it up.

My injury was played down and covered up so much by the Belfast Health Trust that I never received DLA, an occupational therapist, adaptions to my home or chronic pain management.

In March 2018, a care report was obtained for myself from a Janice Reid, Sherlock Associates. Janice Reid stated the true facts of my past, present care and attention needs.

Janice Reid stated that for my future care needs I would need 50 mins care a day for housework and shopping for the rest of my life.

In Sept 2018, the defendants obtained their care report from a SB , C Care Consultants.

The defendants care expert was recorded for 150 mins of which she lied about 30 different points, examples below:

An automatic car
My stairlift
My pain levels
Making pain noises
My shopping and cooking arrangements
My footwear
My night splint
My medication
My help with walking on snow and ice

She wrote a report which was the complete opposite to everything myself and partner had told her and she stated I needed one spring clean a year which is LIES.

My second legal team promised me they would get me justice for my lifetime injury and they wouldn’t stop until I was happy.

The second legal team did nothing for me for 2 years but focused on sending me for a second appointment with surgeon A who did nothing but cover up an Achilles rupture, scar tissue and chronic regional pain syndrome. He also covered up my care needs.

The second firm of Solicitors also failed me in every way they possible could inc failing to send me to a chronic pain expert. Instead they blackmailed me by upcasting Dr Kirkors fake report when they were fully aware it was fake because of all the other evidence they had.

On 3rd April at the court door of the Belfast High Court I was blackmailed again by my barristers and legal team to take a fraction of what my claim was worth.

They stated to me that both surgeons A and Y who had covered up my whole injury, had signed off my care needs (illegally) with a joint letter signed by both of them. They all stated my care expert Janice Reid was not standing by her report, which is a LIE because she is an honest person with integrity.

I demanded to speak with Janice Reid but my legal team pulled the old card of “you don’t trust us we are going to have to part company” so I then demanded my files to represent myself but was told I’d be waiting a long time to get them.

At that point I was mentally and physically worn out and couldn’t take another minute of this behaviour so I signed for a sum of money on a piece of paper.

I’ve tried to contact Sandra Sherlock Associates on a few occasions since that court day to speak with Janice Reid but they would not make any comment. I have since found out that Janice Reid no longer works as a Care Expert for Sandra Sherlock Associates.

A week after the court date I had an appointment with Irelands best foot and ankle surgeon, Mr Kilmartin, Hillsborough Private Clinic. He performed an ultrasound on my Achilles’ tendon. He confirmed large amounts of scar tissue and that my Achilles’ tendon was ruptured. He also confirmed chronic regional pain syndrome.

He stated that if he operated on my Achilles’ tendon area he could intensify my chronic regional pain syndrome to a point that I wouldn’t be able to walk and would want my limb removed.

He made a suggestion of cutting the calf muscle to try and lower the heel but it only has a 50 percent success rate and he stated he wouldn’t perform the surgery and that failed to give me any confidence of success.

I am now stuck up in a 3. 5 inch wedge heel for life with a walking disability. Every step I make I’m pulling on scar tissue that intensifies my pain. I also have secondary issues with my knees, hips and back. I’m unable to go back to full time work or do my housework.

My care needs have not been met because of 2 dodgy legal teams, 2 surgeons, 2 radiologists and physiotherapists who’ve covered up my whole injury for 7 years.

I’ll be putting my whole scandalous story out shortly and will be asking for a criminal investigation into everyone involved.

With many thanks to: Diane Taylor for the original posting

Follow this LINK to find out more and LIKE their FACEBOOK page: https://www.facebook.com/The-Belfast-Health-Trust-Cover-Up-186254712304201/

Author: seachranaidhe1

About Me I studied for six months training and became certified in Exam 070-271 in May 2010 and shortly after that became certifed in Exam 070-272. I scored highly in both Exams and hope to upgrade my path to M.C.S.A. ( Server Administrator ) in the near future.I also hold Level 2 Qualifications in three subjects Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint and Microsoft Spreedsheets. I have also expereance with Web Design using Microsoft Front-Page.

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