DUP’s Nigel Dodds says the North of Ireland Secretary Karen Bradley should be sacked

The British Secretary of State for the North of Ireland needs to step aside

Mr Dodds said Ms Bradley has led a “dysfunctional department” and that she – among others on the Tory front bench – should be sacked

Karen Bradley should go according to the Mr Dodds
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The Westminster leader of the DUP has said Theresa May should sack Northern Ireland Secretary Karen Bradley.

Mr Dodd’s intervention breaks as his party is in the middle of tense negotiations with the Conservative government to back Mrs May’s twice defeated withdrawal arrangement.

The DUP agreed to prop up Mrs May’s Government in a confidence and supply agreement in 2017, the party secured an extra £1 billion in funding for Northern Ireland.

Ahead of a third vote on the PM’s deal the DUP and Conservatives were locked in tense negotiations on Friday.

The party entered into an agreement with the Conservatives after the 2017 general election

Brexit: Theresa May’s team holding ‘ongoing and significant’ talks with DUP

But in an interview with House Magazine the Mr Dodds said Ms Bradley has led a “dysfunctional department” and that she – among others on the front bench – should be sacked from the government’s front bench.

Karen Bradley has been at the heart of a number of controversial statements – including saying she did not understand why people in Northern Ireland voted on Unionist or Nationalist lines.

Last week she provoked fury from the Nationalist community when she suggested that British soldiers in Northern Ireland had not commited criminal offences during the Troubles.

Mr Dodds said “I think that Karen has, perhaps, not been as out there in terms of getting across the people in Northern Ireland, talking to them, meeting with groups, and all the rest of it as some of her predecessors.

“Brexit and the votes here has meant that maybe she hasn’t had as much time.

“But her basic policy approach has been flawed in the sense that she has decided that Northern Ireland could just stand still, leave it to the civil servants.

“That’s a glaring failure on her part. She has not taken a grip and shown the leadership that she should have.”

When asked if he would like to see a change of leadership in the Northern Ireland office, he replied:

“I think the Government needs to have a change of leadership in a number of departments, yes, across the board.”

Nigel Dodds has proven to be just as controversial as Karen Bradley. As can be seen by the letter on the right. Where he is lobbying for no more Catholic homes to be built in North Belfast

Speaking after leaving talks yesterday Mr Dodds said that the government talks were “constructive”.

He added: “We have had a long series of discussions with a series of Cabinet ministers today.

“We have had a constructive dialogue. Those discussions will continue over the coming period of time.”

Asked if extra cash for Northern Ireland had been discussed with Chancellor Philip Hammond, Mr Dodds said: “The Chancellor of the Exchequer is obviously a key member of the Government, but he is also responsible for HMRC and the whole issue of their involvement in customs and other regulatory issues is a key concern for us.”

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