Chair of the Bloody Sunday Trust makes another call for the North of Ireland Secretary of State Karen Bradley to resign

Tony Doherty, chair of the Bloody Sunday Trust

The Chair of the Bloody Sunday Trust in Derry, has again called on the Secretary of State to resign after releasing a statement on Thursday regarding the Bloody Sunday prosecutions.

The British Secretary of State for the North of Ireland needs to step aside

Tony Doherty said: “It appears that Karen Bradley cannot utter a single word regarding the legacy of conflict without stumbling into the carnage of Britain’s colonial legacy in Ireland.

“To say, on one hand and in literally the same breath, that she is “indebted to those who served with courage and distinction to bring peace to Northern Ireland,” before offering sympathy to the families of those killed on Bloody Sunday, simply beggars belief.”

On Thursday evening, Northern Ireland Secretary Karen Bradley issued a statement commending the “courage and distinction” of soldiers who served in Northern Ireland.

She said: “We are indebted to those who served with courage and distinction to bring peace in Northern Ireland, and I have the deepest sympathy for the suffering of the families of those who were killed on Bloody Sunday and all those who lost loved ones during the Troubles.

“Everyone agrees that the current process for investigating the past in Northern Ireland needs to be reformed.

The letter that was sent to the Bloody Sunday victims families

“That is why we need to get the institutions to investigate the past set up quickly and completed as soon as possible. We Will set out how we intend to move forward shortly.

“As this is now an ongoing legal matter, it would be inappropriate for me to comment further.”

Earlier this month, the Secretary of State faced calls to resign after she told the Commons that killings carried out by the security forces “were not crimes”, but rather actions of those “fulfilling their duties in a dignified and appropriate way”.

She later tried to clarify her comments before making an apology the following day.

Karen Bradley

Tony Doherty continued: “Karen Bradley needs to withdraw that statement and needs to resign before she causes more offence tomorrow. Her crassness is fathomless. The British army did not bring peace. To the people of Derry the Parachute Regiment brought murder, mayhem and injustice on a wholesale basis, the impact of which we are still dealing with to the present day.

“To confer the description of peace-keepers on state killers rubs salt on the wounds of the many hundreds of families who lost loved ones to state violence. Karen Bradley’s inability and unwillingness to tell the difference between peace-keeper and perpetrator means that she is unfit for public office and can have no further role here. She should resign and she should do it today.”

With many thanks to: Derry Now for the original story


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