Ireland’s police force ‘The Gardaí’ send ‘substantial file’ on PIRA informer Denis Donalson’s murder to the Director of Prosecutions (DPP) in the North of Ireland

Denis Donaldson was shot dead on the outskirts of Glenties, Co Donegal in April 2006. Which the Real IRA (RIRA) later claimed responsibility for

Denis Donaldson was shot dead on the outskirts of Glenties, Co Donegal in April 2006

A substantial file on the murder of former Sinn Féin member and British agent Denis Donaldson has now been sent by gardaí to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for her consideration.

Mr Donaldson, 55, was shot dead at a remote cottage on the outskirts of Glenties, Co Donegal in April 2006.

Martin (The Fisherman J118) McGuinness with Denis Donaldson and the beard (G.A.) 3 in a row

He had been living there since being exposed as an MI5 agent the previous year.

An inquest into Mr Donaldson’s death was adjourned for the 19th time today at Letterkenny Coroner’s Court.

The inquest had previously been adjourned on 31 August 2016 after a person was charged with the alleged withholding of information about the death.

On that occasion, Supt Michael Finan applied to have the inquest adjourned under Section 25.1 of the Coroner’s Act.

Coroner Dr Denis McCauley said that because criminal proceedings were due to take place, the inquest was put on hold to allow these proceedings to take place.

However, another judgment in the High Court on 23 November 2017 in favour of a Michael Sweeney, meant that gardaí could not take proceedings against the person involved in the Denis Donaldson case.

This case is being appealed to the Supreme Court and could take up to a year to be heard, the coroner’s court was told.

SAS undercover British soldier Captain Robert Nairac executed for spying on the PIRA and was stupid enough to get caught out and payed the ultimate price forever to be buried in Ireland. And never to have his body  found.
SAS Captain Robert Nairac GO who was stupid enough to think that the Irish community are thick and payed the alternative  price with his life. The British will never learn. An Eye for an Eye its written in the Good Book.

If the High Court decision is overturned then criminal proceedings can be re-entered in the case.

Supt Finan told the court that a “substantial file” on the Donaldson case was finally sent to the DPP on 31 July last for consideration.

He said a decision on this file could take approximately six months.

The court was told that the Donaldson family have been kept informed of developments and are due to meet with gardaí next month to be briefed on the case.

Coroner Dr McCauley said that he did not want to seem to interfere or speed up any process but he thought he should “check in” to view the status of the case.

Maggie ‘The Witch’ Thatcher with the MRS British Unit of the British-Army undercover SAS Unit who were disbanded in 1976 because they were out of control by the British government and needed hemed in ‘very dangoures’ and needed taken out.

He said he understood the garda’s position and said he understood that if the evidence is favourable then the DPP will consider the charges again.

He adjourned the case for mention until 13 March 2019 next for mention.

With many thanks to: RTÉ NEWS for the original story.

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