Introducing “Westminister” (The Sinn Féin PuP)

Why am I such a critic on Sinn Fein, well are they not meant to be the voice of Republicans isn’t that why they were voted into power all those years ago.? After all if you dare speak out against SF, you get a barrage of abuse from their supporters, well I am entitled to my own options just like they are. The only difference is I never sported rose tainted glasses and have the backbone to be upfront and very vocal, even if I’m hated for doing so. So all I ask is what is their definition on Equality, Integrity and respect for all because as I see it they talk the talk but defiantly don’t walk the walk.

Sinn Féin assured us they will fight for the most vulnerable in Society….it is a contradiction. Meanwhile Sinn Féin criticise SDLP (the “Stoop Down Low Party”) for attending the House of Commons. But maybe SF is the “Stoop Further” Party.

It is all a bit of a farce. SF was accepting “welfare” cuts before doing a U-turn, they eventually caved in. Not that their allies in DUP are much more principled. They are content on doing the “hokey cokey” in Stormount.

Yet it would be only half the story to say that Sinn Féin sold out on “welfare” and Legacy matters and casually decided to overlook the Legacy issues and the victims of the Troubles.

Thats the real shame here.

In 1998 nationalists overwhelmingly and unionists narrowly voted for the Good Friday Agreement. We voted on the basis that the victims would not be forgotten. They received vague assurances and the word “Justice” was used a lot.

The promises got more vague. And the number of people who have actual first hand memories of the years 1969 to 1998 decreases with each passing year.

It is now crystal clear that their issues will not be dealt with. They have been quietly told to “get over it” and “its time to move on”

Will Sinn Féin and DUP lose votes? In any normal world, they would deserve to lose votes. They have let people down.

Next step? Well….Sinn Féin bought this pup. Now they have to feed it and take wee “Westminster” walkies in West Belfast, Derry, Newry and Ardoyne.

“Westminster” looks a cute wee puppy now. But he has some Rottweiler in him. Maybe he will be biting Sinn Féin on the arse before he is much older.

Do you know whether the passing of the buck to Westminster of Welfare, If the power was handed back permanently – that makes it significantly worse than just a one off.

For the purposes of this discussion and clarity I would make a distinction between political issues and constitutional issues on the following basis. A constitutional issue being one that relates to the relationship between ‘Britain’ and the North Of Ireland’ and a political issue being one that relates to the ‘Government’ (Stormount) within the North of Ireland.

The first question is have (constitutional) powers been handed back to Westminster permanently- unless we know this we can judge the extent to which SF as a republican party has given up control, Irish people need their own affairs to be transparent concerning very important issues, legacy being one.

In order to judge what SF have done – we need to confirm that they have actually signed over to the British.

Has to be within a framework and I am using the term “constitutional” very loosely. There is no strategy here….its just the latest in a long line of quick fix solutions a sell out.

You are clutching at straws.DUP will share power with anyone. So will SF …they are mirror images in deception. Simply put SF cant be a protest party AND a party of Government. And thats a lesson for all. Faced with a decision, they handed power back to Wrstminster rather than make the decision themselves. They protested about a European involvement in Irish economy but here we have the precedent. If decisions are awkward they would have Westminster and Brussels make them. Worse republicans than Fianna Fáil.

Perhaps you might like to clarify the terms (permanent or temporary) that Welfare powers have been agreed to be passed from Ireland to Britain by SF. Until that is clear any judgement on SF’s performance should be reserved.

We are not talking about ONE UTurn …we are talking about TWO UTurns.
You will also note that the Fresh Start (sic) ignores the Victims ….an arrangement that suits both Sinn Féin and their British allies. The victims are the subject of ongoing negotiations. It seems wrong to hold up the fresh start deal until all the victim issues are dealt with as many of the victim issues are deep seated.

The collective focus of all protest at austerity measures should properly be directed at the Tory government, not Sinn Fein; I think that message will resonate with sf voters. The fact is SF have a say too in the austerity measures and backed down but they have also worked alongside the Conservative Government for eight years. Sf supporters can point fingers but it still doesn’t take away the fact the party they backed went along with the Conservatives decision making why moan about the Conservatives now.

Whatever way it is dressed up SF passed powers back from Ireland to Britain – anyone who doesn’t think that is a BAD move shouldn’t think of themselves as a Republican. There are mitigating factors – which take some of the blame of SF – but SF correctly have to take a percentage of that blame – and that percentage may be argued over,

But the “nothing to do with us it was all the Tories fault” – will not wash except with those who have surrendered their political judgement to party loyalty.

A central tenet of SF position is that British rule in Ireland is the cause of the problems so the position that says that Tory austerity is the main problem is consonant, resonant, and consistent with that and will resonate with SF voters.

I wouldnt be too sure about that.
It wont resonate with non-SF voters in the North and it will certainly have an adverse effect on their core vote in north.
The whole strategy of SF in south….is to attract people who are prepared to give SF a chance.
FF can justifiably saying that SF complain when the Europeans took over…and SF hand power to Westminster.
Labour can say that they were prepared to take difficult decisions and SF crucify them for it. And SF are unfit for Government as they dont do difficult decisions.
And the various lefty independents can claim to be more consistent opponents of Austerity than SF.

The bottom line is that this is a very bad commitment promise for Sinn Féin and they thoroughly know it.
Sinn Féin have made a massive mistake….and that mistake is compounded by the fact that they actually backed down…broke commitments…sold out the most vulnerable and victims so that they could stay in power.
If you think SF wont lose votes for treachery….you could well be right.
If you think they will gain any votes North or South, you are certainly wrong.
If you think they DESERVE credit…you are just kidding yourself.

With many thanks to: Marianne Collins – Friends of Relatives of Justice in Ireland.

Author: seachranaidhe1

About Me I studied for six months training and became certified in Exam 070-271 in May 2010 and shortly after that became certifed in Exam 070-272. I scored highly in both Exams and hope to upgrade my path to M.C.S.A. ( Server Administrator ) in the near future.I also hold Level 2 Qualifications in three subjects Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint and Microsoft Spreedsheets. I have also expereance with Web Design using Microsoft Front-Page.

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