An Open Letter to the Lord Chief Justice, the Purpose of which is to highlight flaws in the System and to tell my story which is in the Public Interest.

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Your Lordship,
My name is Kevin Robinson, I am the chap who shoulder barged Judge Tolson to the pavement in High Holborn this Autumn. I understand that you recently stated that assaults upon Judges should carry higher sentences. This may be appropriate, especially when an individual is left with recourse for justice within law. I was, I’m afraid, assuredly not. Judge Robin Tolson is corrupt and it can be proven. Further-more he remains protected and his actions hidden by a system inclined to favour position over truth and justice. My family and I have suffered horribly and continue to do so. I set out the facts of the matter below and stand by every word as my statement of truth.
1. My multi-millionaire ex father in law, Theo Laub, a gentleman whose actions were described as despicable by a German Judge for the falsifying of diamond invoices (Euro-Diam vs Bathhurst), told me four years ago that I would not see my daughter unless I toed his line.
2. Three years ago the child arrangements matter was reserved to Robin Tolson as the Judge in the case. Shortly afterwards the mother, Sara Robinson, switched solicitors despite her previous firm doing a perfectly dastardly job of bullying this father and sneaking advantages into the orders they drafted.
3. After Toby Atkinson of Stewarts Law was instructed by the Mother, Tolson began to do precisely as asked by Atkinson and the mother. Tolson signs off to Atkinson as simply ‘Robin’. My daughter’s time with her paternal family was reduced by Tolson, first severely, then almost completely, followed by completely over three years.
4. Tolson steered the case himself by lying in Judgements, saying that the history of my relationship with my daughter was an ‘unhappy one’. For this he only had the opposite in evidence. He also regularly stated that I cannot provide a positive image of the mother to the child despite clear evidence to the contrary. Tolson instructed the Children and Family Court Advisory Service and a wholly unnecessary contact supervisor to read these lies which had a directly negative effect upon their report writing. These reports then helped to excuse Tolson’s continuing unnecessary supervised contact.
5. The Central Family Court audio CD from a hearing in front of Tolson last April 21st, was doctored before being sent to the transcribers. I was permitted to listen to the CD, but neither have a copy nor listen to the original hard drive recording in Court one. On the CD there are two audible anomalies and at least three cut sections. It also started later than we did in reality. I have a witness to this crime. There is very strong evidence in Tolson’s summation to suggest that he knew that the audio would require tweaking. I strongly suspect this is far from the first time.
6. Following listening to the doctored CD I reported the matter to the Judicial Conduct Investigation Office (JCIO), who repeatedly told me to pursue the matter with the court myself.
7. I reported the crime of perverting the course of justice to the police and was passed around the houses at great length communicating with several officers within the Met and a few in Gloucestershire. I was ultimately told that it was a matter for the JCIO despite my informing them that the JCIO had stated otherwise. The head of Camden CID supported this decision in an unrecorded call to me. I informed him of the JCIO’s decision that the crime of perverting the course of justice was the police’s responsibility to investigate. He refused. There is unlikely to be any cost of significance in the investigating. It could be as simple as listening to the original hard drive recording against the transcript.
8. I pursued at length this issue with the Central Family Court. They refused to allow me to listen to the original, eventually claiming that I must seek permission from the judge. Unsurprisingly Tolson did not allow this.
9. I approached the matter with the Ministry of Justice, and Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Service. Again, a refusal to act. Judges are seemingly free to doctor court audio with no risk of reprisal.
10. Mr Justice Jonathan Baker a long-term friend, neighbour and colleague of Tolson’s refused appeal permission against six of his judgements, despite extremely solid grounds. He has a responsibility to allow matters through to appeal unless they have ‘no chance of success’. Considering the evidence in the case there was every chance of success. That which he could not concoct justification for he simply ignored. As in many of his cases it is not about whether judges are right to do as they have, but that he feels that they have the right to do as they please.
11. Whilst Tolson was on Holiday and the mother was again denying contact this summer the matter was brought in front of an honest judge. They spent over an hour reading the case files and could not find any reason for supervised contact, as there has never been any. Pointedly they said quite out of the blue that ‘there is nothing in these files which you should be ashamed of’. They also stated that as Tolson shouldn’t have an interest in the matter he should have no issue recusing (removing) himself from the case.
12. Tolson refused to recuse himself at least six times. This, after I had been very patient for over two and a half years, and this is not a term I use lightly, I called him a c**t both in an email and in court. Any honest judge would have had me up on a contempt charge and would certainly have passed the matter on. I was furious with him following the audio doctoring, and I understand he asked for security. I cannot see how he can justify retaining the case following that alone.
13. A 91:14 order was ruled to prevent my making applications to anyone other than Tolson following our honest judge having reviewed the files. On at least one occasion my application was dismissed unlawfully without any submission. He changed the wording of the child arrangements order in Autumn, such that a proven alienating mother only ‘may’, and not ‘will’ offer contact. Sara Robinson would not, and did not offer contact, despite being asked.
14. Baker issued a domestic remedies exhaustion letter, thus leaving a two year wait for the European Court of Human Rights before my daughter would again be allowed her father and one half of her family. My daughter had seen her father only three times this year for a total of five hours. She has not seen her sisters (one half, two step), since January. It has been very destructive to our family.
15. Following the shocking injustice of being left with no chance of contact for two years I saw Tolson on the other side of the road in High Holborn. I was there expecting the mother to launch an emergency hearing. I ran across the road to confront Tolson about the doctored audio, yet at the last moment emotion got the better of me and I instead, ran into him. It is testament to my peaceful nature that the assault was not sustained, considering how much he has harmed my family and I with his unscrupulous looking actions.
16. District Judge Ikram at the assault hearing allowed a section 36 upon Tolson’s request. This is questionable in itself. This prevented me cross examining Tolson myself to expose his actions at a public hearing. Judge Ikram could not qualify why this was allowed. He did not allow a standard pre-sentencing report to correctly establish the enormously detrimental effect a custodial sentence would have upon my family. Ikram acted way outside of the sentencing guidelines for a first offence, non-sustained common assault. He also would not allow me explain the mitigating circumstances prior to sentencing. I asked for just thirty seconds and yet the truth was stifled. I strongly suspect both Tolson and Ikram knew exactly how the case was going to go prior to my arrival. Ikram even allowed me to set aside likely incriminating CCTV footage. He seemed to be able to decide he would not need it even though it would only leave one witness. This trial was going ahead on this day in front of this judge. No waiting for a crucial and standard pre-sentencing report, or for the CCTV to be properly reviewed and included.
17. The Judge at the bail hearing against my appeal recently refused bail referring to Tolson as a ‘brother’.
18. I had a sentence appeal at Blackfriars Crown Court on the 22nd December and had my sentence reduced to ‘time served’. My immediate release was ordered. The private security firm Serco did not release me from court due to inexperienced staff members and I was transported back to Pentonville Prison.
19. Pentonville have a policy of not releasing free men on weekends or bank holidays. I have just spent a further five days in Pentonville denying my family and I one another over Christmas. I was essentially kidnapped.

I trust these points have helped to highlight failings in the system and some gross injustices in the two cases I am involved in. The JCIO appear to be there to protect judges as opposed to the public and their success rate of less than two percent is evidence of this. I have only touched on Tolson’s actions in my daughter’s matter. His behaviour has been truly shocking even without the audio doctoring, but then he could afford that as Baker was never going to do anything to stop him. Tolson even retained a contact supervisor six times even after I proved that she was lying in reports. The untruthful supervisor, Nicole Louis of ‘All About Families’ was engaged exclusively by the mother throughout. Such a service is supposed to be agreed by both parties.
I must Please ask the following;
1. If a judge should happen to be assaulted please put guidelines in place to ensure that events leading to the assault are looked into. Had Tolson recused at any point during the six months previously as he should have within the rules this assault would not have happened.
2. Family court judges are thoroughly psychiatrically tested for insidious covert personality disorders or that cases are not retained beyond twelve months to help to prevent corruption and grudges.
3. Introduce much stricter controls and security to ensure court audio cannot so easily be doctored.
4. Tolson, Baker and Atkinson are properly investigated against all historical complaints, particularly when any two are involved in the same case.
5. The court audio is properly investigated in my daughter’s matter.
6. For Baker’s appeal permission approval refusals in my daughter’s case to be set aside and the matter reconsidered by an honest judge.
I feel it is important to tell this story as action is very much required. I sincerely hope that the injustice of this appalling buck passing in relation to the court audio is stamped out. Family court must be for children and families and regulation needs to be better. It is children and families who need protecting from harm, not judges from scrutiny.

Sincerely and in Truth

With many thanks to: Kevin Robinson –Kevin Robinson 27.12.2017

(please share family, we must do what the press won’t. Thank you)

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