Meehan is booted out of ‘rebels’

REPUBLICAN Martin Og Meehan has been expelled from a number of dissident-linked groups in Ardoyne amid allegations he “colluded” with loyalists.

The extraordinary allegations – which threaten his republican ‘career’ – emerged on Facebook after one of the groups released a statement about how the leading North Belfast republican was caught. The Sunday World understands convicted Provo Meehan was caught slagging off fellow republian rabble rousing Ardoyne community worker Dee Fennell to a North Belfast loyalist. Meehan was a founding member of (GARC) the Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective, a community group which primarly opposes Orange Order parades going past Ardoyne shop fronts. Dee Fennell is now the leader of that group and semmingly not on the best of terms with Meehan. The situaton exploded last week when it emerged Meehan had been sending private messages via social media to a well-known loyalist about Fennell. And last Saturaday when Fennell found out he went stright round to Meehan’s house and demanded answers.



The result has seen Meehan expelled from (RNU) Republican Network for Unity, for whom he has been a spokesperson for eight years. A statment from GARC released on Friday night accuses Meehan of being found “guilty of collaborting and colluding with loyalists”. We have a copy of the statement although shortly after it was posted the GARC Facebook page appeared to have been taken down completely. The Sunday World tried to contact Martin Og Meehan last night but were unable to, however it’s understood that he is furious at what has happened and has strongly denied the allegations against him. 1391459_10204408690833156_6780887297070771622_nGARC claim Meehan Og came to their attention last Saturday when a republican in Tyrone got into an online ‘debate’ with an Orangeman and loyalist from Ballysillan. During the heated discussion on Twitter the loyalist claimed that GARC was in disarray and was split. When this was challenged by the republican the loyalist produced privite messages sent to him by Martin Og Meehan claiming that GARC was in disarray and was split. When this was challenged by the republican the loyalist produced private messages sent to him by Martin Og Meehan claiming that GARC was split and that Dee Fennell was “hated in Ardoyne and needs to be taken down a peg or two”. Martin Og Meehan has been a leading republican voice in the North Belfast area for decades and was previosly in the the PIRA along with his father Martin Meehan who was the first man to be convicted of being a member of the PIRA.

With many thanks to: Steven Moore, The sunday World, for the origional story.



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3 thoughts on “Meehan is booted out of ‘rebels’”

  1. The dynamics of the details are in need of a thorough looksie. Personally I’m getting whiffs of a set up… There’s to many untidy ends for such a tidy conclusion.

  2. Something about the whole business is off because what I’m smelling is a “Mobbing operation” and i may not be the only one that thinks this.

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