LOYALIST UNIONISTS have again voiced their anger over the Secretary of State’s decision to bin plans for a North Belfast parading panel. 


DUP leader Peter Robinson accused Theresa Villers of “breaking her word” on the loyalist-Unionist-backed proposal to address the to address the bigoted Twaddell deadlock, while UUP leader Mike Nesbitt said it was “disgraceful” that he learned of the news over the airwaves from Shame Fein’s Martin (J118) McGuinness. Mrs Villiers confirmed before Christmas that she was ditching plans for the parading plans for the parading panel due to “insufficent support” on both  sides of the North Belfast dispute. The British government had suggested a panel to explore ways of resolving the stand-off over the bigoted July 12th North Belfast marches btewteen Ardoyne along the Crumlin Road in October. Unionists leaders called for an Initative months earlier after the Parades Commission againg banned a (bigotted) and contentious Orange Order march from returning past (Catholic) nationalist Ardoyne.15076_211541725688207_191400152_n The DUP and Ulster Uionists were joined by the TUV, UKIP, UPRG (the political wing of the UVF) and the Orange Order in threating a “graduated response” unless their demands was met. But last month, as it became apparent that no progress was being made on the panel, the smaller parties withdrew from the coalition. British Prime Mininster David Cameron described the group’s establishment as an attempt to “defuse” a difficult situation. However, as The Irish News reported, recruiting personnel proved problematic. The Northern Ireland Office (NIO) issued a statement announcing it was ditching the parading panel hours after a deal was brokered at Stormont House on December 23. The DUP leader (mouthpeice) Peter Robinson claimed he was not consulted before Ms Villiers went public with her decision, which was welcomed by nationalists. “I had no idea that it was being brought to an end, the secretary of state was not going ahead with it,” Mr Robinson said in an interveiw with BBC radio. “I would have thought that, as someone who had spoken to her on a number of occasions in relation to the parades panel, she would have come back to us to tell us what her decision was before she would have gone public.10441926_295982950578831_3116301160801281417_n“The Ulster Unionst leader said the secretary of state’s decision was an “unwelcome bolt from the blue”. “It was disgraceful that I wasn’t told that the panel wasn’t going to happen and neither was Peter Robinson,” Mr Nesbitt said. “More importantly it still leaves this impasse in North Belfast.” Mr Nesbitt also said he wanted to know why smaller unionist parties withdrew support for the so-called graduated response and whether they still advocated the establishment of a panel. Both the UUP leader and DUP conterpart said they were keen to speak to the (bigoted) Orange Order about the matter. UKIP spokesman David McNarry accused the two largest unionist parties of “muck spreading”, after it was suggested that a lack of support from the smaller parties promoted the secretarty of state’s decisions. “It seems that both the UUP and DUP are intent on putting about a spurious spin over UKIP’s role somehow being relevent to the secretary of state’s treacherous action scrapping of the parades panel,” he said.

With many thanks to: John Manely, The Irish News, for the origional story.

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