Modern-day UVF thugs would fail 1913 rule book for volunteers


MODERN-DAY gangsters are making a mockery of the founding principles of the UVF.


The Sunday World on Saturady took possession of a copy of the original ‘Constitution and Regulations, Governing the Ulster Volunteer Force’ set up by Sir Edward Carson just over a century ago. It is still brandished as the ‘bible’ by which the current UVF run the likes of John ‘Bunter’ Graham and their ‘high command’ on Belfast’s Shankill Road should live. But under its strict rules, the likes of him and Joe ‘No Neck’ McGaw up in West Belfast and Stephen ‘Ugly Doris’ Matthews, the boss of the UVF in the East of the city, would be drummed out, court-martialled, or summarily shot. 1509157_253306864844579_511643353_nAnd the likes of Mark ‘Hannibal’ Haddock and his 3rd. Battalion once based in the North of the city in Mount Vernon would never have existed in the first place. Because that ‘team’ once recruited a Catholic to join their (still illegal) organisation. He is self-confessed security force informer (Tout) Terry Fairfield.


Mark Haddock tried to slit Terry Fairfield’s throught in England recently. He’s now serving 12 years in an English jail for the crazed and bloody attack. But the UVF’s original ‘Constitution and Regulations’, Terry Fairfield, who confessed to being the only Catholic ever to join the UVF, shouldn’t have been allowed into its ranks in the first place. For paragraph 33 (pictured on the left) of the UVF manual bluntly states: ‘No person who is a Roman Catholic or Communist shall be eligible to enlist with the (UVF) Ulster Volunteer Force or its Associate Units.2014-12-23 06.33.05‘ And those ‘associate units’ are listed as the Ulster Special Service Force, Young Citizens’ Volunteers, Red Hand Commando and the Ulster Volunteer Nursing Corps. For the last 40 years, the UVF, the YCV and the Red Hand Commando have been synoymonus with death and destruction. And, more recently, drugs-dealing, money-laundering, extortion and protection rackets. And thats runs directly contrary to one of the prime principles of the founding fathers of the UVF who enshrined this as one of the opening principles of in their Consitution: that ‘the UVF….shall not admit to its ranks persons who may seek to use its resourses for the purpose of personal, material or political gain.’ Paragraph 51 also reads: ‘No Officer or Other Rank shall use UVF personnel or equipment for the procurement of finance for political gain, or for the procurement of goods which will be sold for political gain.’ That is an anti-crime charter which has been broken, and continues to be breached, on a daily basis by UVF bosses and their pocket-filling acolytes. And as for no ‘political gain’, the modern-day (PUP) Progressive Unionist Party drives a coach and horses through that original rule. Also, paragraph 65 of the Regulations read: ‘The Ulster Volunteer Force shall not become involved in party politics, nor shall its resources be used in party politicial purposes.’ Again, the PUP is known as the ‘political wing’ of the UVF.


Also, a growing litany of punishment shootings and beatings – and those down the years, like that meted out to ex-Mount Vernon UVF ‘heavy’ now turned potential supergrass Darren Moore which left him laying in a hospital bed – blow a hole in another of the UVF’s primary principles. Article 17 states: ‘No officer below the rank of Battalion Commander shall have power to order physical punishment of any kind.’ Article 18 states: ‘Every accused person of an offence must be given a detailed account of charges pending against him at least seven days prior to the date of the court.’ 10441926_295982950578831_3116301160801281417_nAs many victims of the UVF’s internal punishment shootings or beatings can testify, they were never even given the benefit of such kangaroo courts. Finally, Paragraph 25 may yet come back to haunt the current leadership of the UVF when it states: ‘The only policy making body for the entire (UVF) Ulster Volunteer Force its Associate units shall be the Brigade General Staff which shall meet….for the purpose of reviewing policy and the transaction of Brigade business in general.’ Two prospective supergrasses Gary Haggarty and Darren are currently living under a police witness protection scheme. And Haggarty, in particular, is believed to have attended many of those meetings of the Brigade General Staff at the organisation’s ‘Eagle’ headquarters on the Shankill Road. He’s also believed to have named others – like Graham, McGaw and ‘Harmless Harry’ Stockman – who attened those meetings. And if his supergrass trial goes ahead – using Darren Moore as corroboration and back-up for Haggarty’s evidence – that has the capacity to put all of the current UVF General Brigade Staff behind bars for a very long time.

With many thanks to: Jim McDowell, The Sunday World, for the orgional story.

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