William Nash the victim’s sister: Rug pulled from under us

•’DISGUSTED’: Kate Nash, pictured below, sister of William Nash who was shot dead by the British Army’s Parachute Regiment on Bloody Sunday. Ms Nash has said she is disgusted after being told that many of the officers investigating the murders are to be laid off.


THE family of a young man shot dead and murdered on Bloody Sunday in 1972 is to take legal action against the RUC/PSNI amid concerns about a new unit replacing the HET (the Historical Enquires Team). 

The move comes after the RUC/PSNI Chief Constable George Hamilton revealed that a Legacy Investigations Branch will take over the work of the cold-case unit at the end of this month. The HET was set up in 2005 to review Troubles-related disputed murders by Crown forces. News of the new unit has been greeted with concern by relatives of people murdered in circumstances where collusion between the RUC/PSNI and loyalists is suspected or where members of the security forces are directly involved. On Friday night a sister of William Nash (19), who was one of the 14 innocent men shot dead when the British army’s Parachute Regiment (the Para’s) opened fire on an innocent civil rights parade through Derry in January 1972, said her family has lost confidence after police revealed that the majority of officers investigating the murders are to laid off. 1959634_1435836603327232_393438256_nKate Nash, whose father Alex was also shot and wounded on Bloody Sunday, said: “We were two years into a live investigation and suddenly they pull the rug from under our feet. “I have absolutely no faith in the justice system.” Ms Nash said she feels she has no option but to take legal action. “What other recourse do I have?” she said. “We are just treated with contempt. I am disguested by the whole mess.” The RUC/PSNI on Friday night refused to answer questions about whether the proposed Legacy Investigation Branch will include former members of the corroupt RUC and Special Branch. In recent weeks concerns have been also raised about police delays in handling documents to legal teams and families at inquests, as well as the purpose of PSNI information seminars for ex-RUC officers who may be involved in legacy cases. Solicitor Peter Corrigan, of KRW Law, said he has “grave concerns that the legacy unit has been put in place”.  “It defeats the purpose and will not be able to deal with the police’s legal obligations,” he said. “The state has failed the Nash family for 45 years. “Basic investigation requirements have not been carried out in this case. There seems to be a hierarchy of investigations in relation to the past.”

With many thanks to: Connla Young, The Irish News, for the origional story.

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