ONH says it threw bomb at RUC/PSNI

A DISSIDENT Republican group (ONH) Oglaigh na hEireann has claimed that a bomb thrown at the RUC/PSNI in North Belfast this week contained over 3lb of explosive and a “key” detonation method not used before in the North of Ireland.


The device was thrown at police officers shortly at around 12.45am on Tuesday. It is thought to have struck an RUC/PSNI vehicle but failed to explode. A follow up operation sparked a massive security operation that lasted several hours as British army bomb officers (whom Shame Fein claim no longer remains in Ireland) defused the two-foot long bomb contained inside a cylinder casing. Eight homes were evacuated. A follow up operation also caused disruption on the Crumlin Road and Ardoyne area as police looked for secondary devices. Using a recognised codeword the group known as (ONH) Oglaigh na hEireann said they were responsible for the attack. It claimed the bomb contained 3lb of explosive with one pound of shrapnel and had a Semtex charged detonator. 10338851_281437222027427_269669800601606606_nThey added that the device was triggered by a “key detonation,” a method not used by republicans before now. At the time, Superintendent Nigel Grimshaw said that the device thrown at a patrol car close to the gates of Holy Cross Church in Ardoyne was a “worrying development”. British Army techinical officers (whom Shame Fein claim’s no longer opperate in the North of Ireland) said the bomb was advanced and showed great sophistication in terms of how it was constructed. “This had a degree of sophistication and a size which takes it beyond a normal pipe bomb. This device is a worrying devolpment for us”, the senior officer said. While the security operation caused disruption to residents, Mass at Holy Cross did go ahead after parish priest Fr Gary Donegan managed to negotiate a path through the police cordon for parishioners.

With many thanks to: Allision Morris, The Irish News, for the origional story.

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