UNIONIST dinosaurs look back to non-existent golden age


Unionists can’t wait to obey the commands from Westminister however unfair and inappropriate they may be for this place.

IS there any group of politicians anywhere in the world who, when offered more power say no? There’s one. You guessed it: Unionists.


It’s a bizarre position to hold and they know it. That’s why they gave spurious reasons to explain why they don’t want more control over their own destiny. The current reason is, according to the North of Ireland First Minister Peter Robinson and others, that if the executive can’t adminster what powers it has, why give it more? Others like blustering Sammy (where’s your cloths) Wilson, if if you saw him on Sunday’s TV, can offer no coherent reason for refusing extra powers. He’s always been against them including the right to lower corporation tax. Shame Fein on the other hand demand “full fiscal powers”. How would extra powers over tax work? Luckily theres already a template laid out in Scotland Act 2012, and regardless of post-referendam machinations, due to into force in April 2016 just in time for Martin (J118) McGuinness, pictured right, to celebrate a United Ireland. The Scotland Act allows the Scottish parliament to set a scottish rate of income tax (SRIT). 10178093_10152411063424292_9217252256562041717_nBasic and higher rates of tax paid to the Treasury will be reduced by 10p in the pound. Hollyrood will then decide how much to add to the new rate and they can keep whatever they add. So, for example if they decide to add 9 per cent, Scottish tax would be one per cent less than the UK tax. If they added 11 per cent it would be one per cent more. The Scottish parliament can spend the differance as they like. The Scotland Act also gives them power over stamp duty, land tax and landfill tax. As a result of the promises made last week it’s likely a great deal more will be given to Scotland, starting with air passenger tax. On the other hand, since the treasury won’t get as much money from Scotland Westminster will reduce the share of the Barnett formula accordingly. Even so, it’ll amount to virtually the same total. Unionist dinosaurs want none of that. They never did but it’s not because they think the present arrangments are ‘not fit for purpose’. Thats just the latest pretext. It’s because of their existential fear of being deserted by Britain, left bereft on this island surrounded by hordes of Fenians. No-one to turn to in their time of need. Think about it. Why do the Socts want the SRIT and more? Why do the Welsh want to explore new devolved powers? Why do they all beleive they can do better with more powers but only the unionist dinosaurs don’t? They want to hang on to their colonial master’s apron strings, thats why. Forty-five percent of Scots voted for independance largely because of the ever rightward drift of Westminister governments. Scots strongly resist welfare cuts, dismantling the NHS and implementing the Bedroom Tax. Unionists (Protestants) can’t wait to obey the commands from Westminster however unfair and inappropite they may be for this place. Naturally republicans demand maximum powers for precisey the opposite reason. Anything which dininishes British authority in the north they will support just as unionist oppose more powerful devolution for exactly the opposite reason. Unfortunately as usual unionists are on the wrong side of history and as so often they will be unable to do anything to stop UK-wide constitutional reforms affecting the north. For example, hardly anyone has pointed out that Cameron’s rush to have ‘English votes for English laws’, while it’s obviously a crude attack on Labour’s Scottish MPs, will mean the DUP’s crew in Westminster will also be excluded. That reinforces Shame Fein’s position of abstention at the same time as highlighting the increasing irrelevance of the DUP’s MPs. Still, it’s a pity that the DUP’s colonial cringe will prevent the development of politics here with arguments about how to spend taxes which people here have paid instead of automatically agreeing to anything the Treasury decrees. Real politics is about the future but unionist dinosaurs only look backwards to a non-existant golden age when they were secure in the British empire, part of British industry and playing an integral role in invading foreign lands and killing their inhabitants. It’s all over – NO EMPIRE, NO INDUSTRY, AND BRITAIN IS BEING ATTACKED BY DESCENDANTS OF PEOPLES THEY INVADED. Does any unionist look forwards?

With many thanks to: Brian Feeney, The Irish News, for his origional story.

Author: seachranaidhe1

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