Gerry (who was never in the IRA) Adams tweaks history to suit his rosy IRA memories!!!!

I SEE Gerry was busy rewriting history this week?


Shame Fein chief and former republican Adams drew the predictable response when he remarked that republicans “were always law abiding” – even he dosn’t beleive that! It’s planly a ridiculous statment, but it’s all about creating a new benign, sympathetic veiw of the republican movement – Gerry wants us to think of the PIRA as an heroic band of freedom fighters. I accept that to many people that is exactly what they were. But we know have a whole generation who have no recollation of life during the Troubles, and the impression Adams gives of an honest fight is irrestistible to many. When he moved to claarify his remarks he simply amplified the lie: “Everyone who is involved in trying to bring change, whether it is suffagettes or people involved in armed acttions, of course they broke the law, that’s given….but here we are in peaceful times.”


A given – in two words he dismissses or at least brushes aside the catalogue of criminal activity carried out in the name of republicanism. And how can he compare the PIRA camaign to that of suffragettes is beyond me. Chaining yourself to the railings outside Downing Street or throwing yourself in front of a race horse is a million miles from blowing up town centres, planting bombs in bars, restaurants and on buses. Not to mention snatching young men and women from the strreets of Belfast shooting them in the back of the head and dumping them in bogs or shallow graves across the border. That’s breaking the law in anyone’s book – even laws of war. People will always have their own views of historic events, and threre will always be the temptation to rewrite, but this is propaganda pure and simple. Even Gerry wouldn’t admit republicans were the good guys all the time. The republcan cause was, and remains an honourable, decent and achievable aspiration but the PIRA or Shame Fein on their own didn’t create the peace. So when Gerry (who was never in the PIRA) presents his leather – bound history of the Troubles compleate with no blame clause and smelling of suger and spice – ignore it!

With many thanks to: Richard Sullivan, the Sunday World. 


Author: seachranaidhe1

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