PSNI/RUC accused of ‘Ignoring’ controversial parade form

Law what fucking law? They make it up as they go along!!!!

‘They should in fact be thoroughly investigating this with a view to a prosecution. Who else is going to do it? Who else is going to uphold the law? – Alban Maginness


POLICE have been accused of “ignoring” a loyalist parade application form which failed to properly identity the organisers. The commission last night confirmed it has “referred” the matter to the PSNI/RUC. However, when contacted, poNorthern st night refused to say if they have started an investigation.

The Irish News revealed yesterday that the Parades Commission has given the controversial parade the ggo-ahead, despite the application form being incomplete. Loyal Peaceful Protesters say 10,000 people and 30 bands could take part in the parade through Belfast city centre on Saturday January 11. Business leaders and politicians have urged organisers to call off. Under the law (in the North of Ireland), the organiser should have filled out and signed an 11-1 form which is handed in to a local police station. A section of that form is then filled out by a police officer (with a rank of no lower than a sargent or higher) and forwarded to the Parades Commission for consideration. However, the form was signed by the “organising committee” rather than an individual (which it an illegal act). A spokesman for the Parades Commission said: “Under the Public Processions Act (1998) an offence may have been committed if the name and address of the person organising the event has not been provided. As this is potentially a criminal matter the issue has been referred to the PSNI. “With regard to this proposed event, the commission considered that it had sufficent information to make a determination,” he said. SDLP justice spokeman Alban Maginness accused the police of “ignoring this issue” and described their response as “wrong.” “They should in fact be thoroughly investigating this with a veiw to a prosecution if in fact an offence has taken place. “Who else is going to do it? Who else is going to uphold the law?


“It’s not the Parades Commission’s job and the Public Prosecution Service can’t act without necessary evidence coming from the PSNI.” The North Belfast MLA said he was disappointed by the police response. “It dosn’t encourage me that the police are adopting this attitude which seems to me to be ignoring the real issue that arises here (two teir policing). “I would hope that the police will look at this again and address the issue properly.” Similar marches through Belfast in September and November broke the law after Parades Commission rulings were ignored by oranisers. sked if they were going to investigate the lack of a name on the form, a spokesman for the PSNI/RUC would only say: “In relation to the Parades Commission determination for a notified public procession on Saturday 11 January 2014, the PSNI will deploy evidence gatherers and similar to other public processions, where breaches of the determination occur these will be investigated. The role of the Police Service of Northern Ireland under the Public Processions (Nortern Ireland) Act 1998 is to receive the ‘Notice Of Intention To Organise A Public Procession’ and forward it onto the Parades Commission.”

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