H-Block Hunger Strike Public Meetings & Exhibition

H-Block Hunger Strike Public Meetings & Exhibition

    • Wednesday at 11:00 until Friday at 21:00
  • Cliftonville Community Centre, Manor st, Belfast.
  • The Irish Republican Socialist prisoner’s support group, Teach na Failte, in Belfast are hosting a H-Block Hunger Strikesexhibition and a series of public discussions over a three day period, beginning on Wednesday 11th April until Friday 13th April, in Cliftonville Community Centre, Manor Street in the north of the city.The Hunger Strikes’ exhibition will be open to the public from 11am-5pm and 6pm-9pm daily.
    The exhibition will include prison craft and artefacts from the H-Blocks and Armagh Gaol. Photographic displays will chronicle the mass H Block protest campaign outside the prisons, including the formation of theRelatives Action Committees/H Block-Armagh Committees, including the major input of the Irish Republican Socialist Party into their successful dynamic. The Hunger Strikes exhibition will also pay tribute to IRSP H Block activists, Ronnie Bunting, Noel Little, Miriam Daly, IIP leader John Turnleyand other activists who were assassinated by pro-British death-squads during the height of the H Block campaign.On Wednesday 11th April at 6pm there will be a public discussion on the events and recent revelations surrounding the 1981 Hunger Strike, with a panel of guest speakers including:Richard O’Rawe, former Provisional IRA H Block PRO during the 1981 Hunger Strike and author of the best-selling books ‘Blanketmen’ and it’s sequel, ‘Afterlives’
    Willie Gallagher, former INLA POW and IRSP Political Prisoners spokesperson
    Rab Collins, former O/C INLA prisoners during the 1981 Hunger StrikeOn Thursday 12th April, at 2pm there will be a public meeting on the impact of the Hunger Strikes with a panel of guest speakers inncluding:John Nixon, former INLA Hunger Striker
    Tony O’Hara, former INLA POW and brother of INLA Hunger Striker, Patsy O’Hara
    Gerard Hodgins, former Provisional IRA Hunger Striker
    A former Loyalist H Block prisoner

    For further details contact:

    Gerry Foster,
    Teach na Failte,
    Costello House,
    392a Falls Road,

    Telephone: (028) 90323416


    Paul Little: 07590384792.

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