Palestinian political prisoner Khader Adnan near death on his fiftieth day on hunger strike.


 Geraldine McNamara PRO of Republican Sinn Fein has called on the International community to protest by every means possible to the Israeli administration in order to highlight the plight of political prisoner Khader Adnan and his fellow detainees.

Khader Adnan has reached the 50th day of his hunger strike against prison conditions in Ofer Jail Israel. This includes five days of refusing liquids as well; Israeli prison officers have started force-feeding him liquids to keep him alive.

 In solidarity, dozens of youth activists in Gaza have announced that they are joining Adnan in his hunger strike.

Adnan is one of nearly three hundred Palestinian people being interned without trial in Israeli jails in what the Israeli’s call ‘administrative detention’.

This type of detention is in violation of the Geneva Convention which bans detention without charge.

The Israeli’s are not the first to use this type of internment without trial Geraldine said.

 We have seen it in the occupied six counties when Brian Faulkner signed it into law in 1972.

It was also used in 1916-22 and during the 40’s and fifties campaigns.

Recently we have seen it in Guantanamo bay and it is also during this detention when prisoners are continually tortured to force confessions out of them. The truth does not matter as long as the oppressor has their way.

The Palestinian people have long been campaigning to have their state recognised by the United Nations but at present they are being annihilated in their native land.  

. The United Nations has been working on and involved in the question of a Palestinian state since 1947, over 60 years later that statehood has not been granted to the people of Palestine and they are still oppressed and treated like refugees in their own homeland in 2011.

The British government’s “Balfour Declaration” in 1917 expressing support for a national homeland for the Jewish people in Palestine led to the start of mass immigration of mainly eastern European Jews and continues to the present day.

No consideration was given to the native peoples and the Palestinian people rebelled in 1937 and continue to fight for recognition to their right to have independence and statehood.

Resolution 181 of the united nations in 1947 proposed two independent states in Palestine one Jewish and one Palestine Arab. Again no one asked the native people for their consent.

In 1948 Israel declared itself as an independent state   and continued to expand into Palestine.

Since then the Palestinian people have been fighting for justice and their right to freedom in their own homeland.

Khader Adnan will die unless there is an immediate inquiry into the illegality of his detention without charges, and the cruel treatment he received at the hands of the Israeli prison guards.

One of the leaders of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Saleh Nasser, called for an investigation of Israeli detention practices by the International Court of Justice, and voiced support for what he called Adnan’s “heroic battle against the Israeli occupation’s inhumane and racist policies.”

Geraldine said that the international community has been very vocal in favour of the so called Arab spring but has laryngitis when it comes to the plight of the Palestinians who are treated like stateless people in their own homeland.

POSTED ON BEHALF OF : Geraldine McNamara PRO, Republican Sinn Fein.

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