DISSIDENT AAD (Action Against Drugs) target New Lodge family after ‘control your youth’ threat

AAD Action Against Drugs supporting the Catholic community

A REPUBLICAN Dissident vigilante group has claimed it carried out an attack on a house in North Belfast days after issuing a threat to the parents of young people allegedly involved in antisocial activity.


In a statement to The Irish News, Action Against Drugs (AAD) said it targeted a house in the New Lodge area on Monday evening and “wracked it”. Police last night said it was reported that paint was thrown over the house and two windows in a door were smashed at around 10.45pm. In a statement the RUC/PSNI said a number of people dressed in dark clothing were seen running away from the property”.

On Monday the AAD issued a statement to The Irish News which said: “Parents who condone and allow their sons/daughters to participate will be held responsible for their actions

SDLP councillor Paul McCusker,

SDLP Councillor: Paul McCusker on a sleep out to raise money for the homeless at Christmas time

who condemned the attack, said tensions “have been very high over the past few weeks”. “Windows were smashed and paint thrown at the front of the property and those living at this [house] and neighbours were left frightened.

Those behind this attack Can’t be allowed to take any action into their own hands which will lead to further problems within the community,” he said. On Monday AAD issued a statement to The Irish News which said: “Parents who condone and allow their sons/daughters to participate will be held responsible for their actions. “Control your youth or we will.” Days earlier armed masked men were pictured (pictured) in front of graffiti in the New Lodge area, threatening to take action. The warning follows the building of a controversial anti-internment bonfire by young people earlier this month and an upsurge in antisocial behaviour.

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REMEMBERING: Mairéad Farrell, Danny McCann and Seán Savage who were executed by the British SAS on this day in Gibraltar

FROM LEFT: Mairéad Farrell, Danny McCann and Seán Savage republican hero’s who were gunned down in Gibraltar in cold blood by the SAS

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THE ARMAGH HUNGRSTRIKERS: From left, Mairéad Farrell (aged 23), Mairéad Nugent (aged 21) and Mary Doyle (aged 24) who went on hunger strike in 1981 in support of the brave ten men who gave their lives in the Maze Prison in 1981
People protesting on behalf of the Armagh hunger strikers

Follow these links to find out more: http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/events/three_ira_members_shot_dead_in_gibraltar

(2)-: https://youtu.be/h6DQruj6KE8

(3)-: https://youtu.be/1myv-Fc0oPA

(4)-: https://www.anphoblacht.com/contents/26514


Armed gang in anti-drug call to arms


MASKED men took to the streets of the New Lodge area of Belfast on Saturday night to drum up support and volunteers for (AAD) Action Against Drugs.

SHOW OF STRENGTH: The ‘anti-drugs’ dissidents in the New Lodge on Saturday night

Locals looked on as two men, dressed in Black, posed with a baseball bat and handgun and called for people to join the ranks of the dissident republican gang. As they have done in the past they daubed graffiti on several walls threatening drug dealers and house breakers with attack and called on onlookers to help them reclaim their community. ‘Join AAD reclaim your community’ read one. ‘Hoods, drug dealers, house breakers will be dealt with’ threatened another.


This is believed to be in direct response to the robbery of a house belonging to a frail old woman aged in her 90s. “There is a lot of anger here at the minute about the break in, she is just an old woman, she is in her nineties for God’s sake,” a local source told us. “Something needs to be done to get rid of the scum that is polluting and terrorising this community and that’s where Action Against Drugs see themselves come in. “This is a perfect opportunity to recruit because people are so angry, people are afraid for their parents. Parents are terrified for their children and when people are like that then they can be more easily convinced to do something and that is what AAD is banking on,” said the local source.

House breaking

They also reminded locals that they were capable for the job having already murdered several drug dealers and have carried out countless punishment attacks on those beleived to be involved in anti-social behaviour. “They have killed before and they have dealt with drug dealers and hoods in the past, they wanted people to be reminded of that,

#noantisocialbehaviour #fuckthehoods

telling them they were their only chance and there were some who were listening,” said another source. Action Against Drugs is headed by North Belfast bully boy Roy McAuley who in a bid to stop us exposing his activities attempted to sue the Sunday World yet failed.

There is no JOY in JOYRIDING

Last year the Sunday World revealed how his luxury lifestyle was in danger of collapse as the National Crime Agency (NCA) were investigating and planned to strip him of all his illegally gained possessions.


One house was seized yet inside sources said he is set to lose everything he has gained through his role as a dissident criminal chief.

NCA National Crime Agency

McAuley remains under intensive investigation by the NCA for money laundering and for financial gains he makes through various criminal activities including extortion. The Organised Crime Task Force is also beleived to be investigating.

Danny McKay a low level drug dealer who was shot dead by AAD

Danny McKay, a low-level drug dealer, was shot dead by AAD.

Joe Reilly was executed for dealing in heroin by AAD in 2016

McAuley was arrested in connection with the murder but has always denied being involved in the shotgun murder in October 2012.

FROM LEFT: Connor McKee, Michael McGibbon and Dan Murry

AAD operates in North Belfast and, although small in numbers, has carried out three murders. As well as Danny McKay has murdered heroin dealers Dan Murray and Joe Reilly in 2016, and was behind the attempted murder of Harry ‘O’ McMahon in 2015.

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NORTH BELFAST MAN: Robert ‘Roy’ McAuley – took action against the Sunday World over newspaper reports

Follow these links to find out more: https://amp.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/northern-ireland/judge-throws-out-suspects-legal-bid-to-gag-newspaper-31481209.html

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(4)-: https://amp.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/northern-ireland/north-belfast-shootings-man-critical-after-being-shot-in-the-head-as-second-victim-blasted-in-legs-30952355.html

Murder victim Malcolm McKeown was a member of a notorious loyalist family involved in sectarian murderers

Clifford McKeown, who was convicted of murdering innocent Catholic taxi driver Michael McGoldrick

MURDER victim Malcolm McKeown was a member of a notorious loyalist family.

Both his brothers served life sentences for separate sectarian killings and were linked to numerous other unsolved murders in the Mid Ulster area as members of Billy Wright’s sectarian Loyalist Volunteer Force (LVF).

Clifford McKeown, a former loyalist supergrass, is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of Catholic taxi driver Michael McGoldrick, who was shot dead in July 1996, apparently as a ‘birthday present’ for Wright.

The 37-year-old victim had graduated from Queen’s University just days before. His wife Sadie was pregnant with their second child at the time.

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Northern Ireland lagging behind in legislation to deal with gangland crime
Fears of more bloodshed after fatal shooting of Malcolm McKeown

INNOCENT: Murder victim Michael McGoldrick who was shot dead by Clifford McKeown.

Clifford McKeown was convicted of the murder in 2003 on the evidence of journalist Nick Martin-Clark.

He had confessed to the killing to during a series of interviews in Maghaberry prison where he was serving a sentence for a number of armed robberies.

Mr Martin-Clark, had promised McKeown confidentiality but decided to break his undertaking after hearing the grisly details of the shooting. He later was forced to leave is home and go into the witness protection programme.

Clifford McKeown remains in jail serving 24 years of a life sentence. Since no group claimed him as a member of its organisation he is ineligible for early release under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement.

His brother Trevor McKeown was also convicted of shooting dead Catholic teenager Bernadette Martin as she slept in her Protestant boyfriend’s family home in the village of Aghalee, Co Antrim at the height of the Drumcree march dispute.

He shot the 18-year-old in the head as she lay sleeping in a bedroom.

The trial heard that the young couple had stayed overnight at McKeown’s Aghalee home two weeks before the murder.

The murder weapon was the same gun used by his brother in the killing of Michael McGoldrick.

Teenage murder victim Bernadette Martin, who was an innocent Catholic murdered by Trevor McKeown

McKeown was sentenced to life in prison for the July 1997 murder but was released in 2012 by the Sentence Review Commission on the grounds it was “satisfied that, if released immediately, you would not be a danger to the public”.

Trevor McKeown also claimed RUC detectives had urged him to kill Lurgan human rights lawyer Rosemary Nelson two years before she was assassinated by loyalists in a 1999 under-car bombing.

He has since disassociated himself from criminality.

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Northern Ireland lagging behind in legislation to deal with gangland crime
Fears of more bloodshed after fatal shooting of Malcolm McKeown

With many thanks to: The Irish News and Allison Morris for the original story

Follow these links to find out more: https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/opinion/news-analysis/ciaran-barnes-malcolm-mckeown-a-notorious-gangster-who-lived-by-the-sword-and-died-by-it-38421476.html

(2)-: https://www.theguardian.com/uk/1999/jun/10/johnmullin

(3)-: https://alchetron.com/Billy-Wright-%28loyalist%29

Jamie Bryson denies ‘outrageous allegation’ of being member of UVF

Jamie Bryson while denying being a member of the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) is pictured here with one of his very close friends a leading high ranking and very well known member of the UVF

Loyalist blogger Jamie Bryson has denied being a member of the Ulster Volunteer Force.

Mr Bryson was asked the question by presenter Stephen Nolan on his BBC Radio Ulster show on Wednesday, August 21.

A UVF mural in North Belfast

The 29-year-old appeared on the programme to discuss the role of loyalists in the media alongside former Red Hand Commando Jim Wilson and journalist Malachi O’Doherty.

God help little Jamie Bryson I think he’s a little bit mixed up ha,ha,ha

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Watch: Belfast councillors set to meet over alleged UVF threat to leisure centre contractors
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Jamie Bryson ‘did nothing wrong’ says pastor after forgery allegation

Jamie Bryson’s cousin leading West Belfast IRA Republican hero Jim Bryson

‘UVF leader’ talked to PSNI chief over Avoniel bonfire
Mr Bryson categorically denied that he was a member of or a spokesperson for the UVF.

“I absolutely am not in the UVF and for a start that would be a criminal offence, that’s an outrageous allegation to make,” he said.

Asked if he was a spokesperson for the paramilitary group Mr Bryson rejected the suggestion.

“No I am not, I have made this clear on numerous occasions and I’m happy to do so again,” he replied.

BBC NI’s Stephen Nolan

Mr Nolan asked the loyalist blogger how he could “be close to their thinking and know what they’re thinking if you’re not a spokesperson for them”.

“To be a spokesperson for the UVF would be a criminal offence, the UVF are an illegal organisation, the UVF can speak for themselves,” Mr Bryson replied.

Mr Wilson said the line of questioning was “completely unfair” against Mr Bryson and that former IRA members were not asked similar questions.

Mr Bryson said that he was happy to address the issue but wanted to “deal with it for the last time”.

“I’m sick of listening to it, I’m not doing it week in, week out, because it’s not done to other commentators” he said.

“People within the loyalist community, people who would have been ex-combatants, people who would have been involved in the UVF are entitled to have a voice and have their concerns articulated on the media.

“A lot of those concerns are concerns which I share, that does not mean that I am part of that group or I am speaking for that group, because I absolutely am not, but I do support positive transition work and positive efforts to bring the loyalist community forward.”

Mr Bryson first came to prominence during the loyalist flag protests in 2012 and has appeared on the Nolan Show on numerous occasions in recent years.

With many thanks to the: Belfast Telegraph for the original story.

James Bulger’s father urges Parole Board to prevent Jon Venables from ‘harming children again’ ahead of murderes release

Jamie Bulger (left) with Jon Venables the child murderer who took the 4-year-olds life

The father of murdered child James Bulger has urged the Parole Board to prevent one of his son’s killers from having the chance to “harm young children again” ahead of his impending release.

Ralph Bulger told the Daily Mirror that the “predatory killer” formerly known as Jon Venables will be eligible for parole within weeks, and will leave prison with a new identity.

Two-year-old James was tortured and killed by Venables and Robert Thompson, who were both aged 10, after they snatched him from a shopping centre in Bootle, Merseyside, in February 1993.

Jon Venables as he was known then, photographed at the time of the murder

Mr Bulger said: “Venables is up for parole any time now, and if it is granted he will be released into the community under a fake name and secret new identity. He is a dangerous, predatory child abuser and killer, and I am terrified he will strike again and harm another child like my James.”

Venables and Thompson were jailed for life but released on licence with new identities in 2001.

Venables, 36, was returned to prison in 2010 and 2017 for possessing indecent images of children.

He is currently serving a 40-month sentence.

Mr Bulger said he had warned against Venables’ release in 2013 but the parole board were “hoodwinked” into thinking the killer was reformed.

“He wasn’t, and he went on to commit more crimes. He has proven he will never be rehabilitated and will always remain a danger to children,” he said.

“I don’t believe he will stop until he has killed again. The parole board have the power to prevent him having the chance to harm young children again.”

Half his sentence will have been served in October, with the Daily Mirror reporting a parole hearing will follow at a date to be determined by the Ministry of Justice.

With many thanks to: The Telegraph and Gareth Davies for the original story 


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