Politics of Sectarianism will continue to Spoil Politics here !


Sectarianism on any side is wrong ! Catholic or Protestant, Black or White is wrong !!

Politics of sectarianism will continue to spoil politics here
The Irish News 29/05/2017

I genuinely believe in the redistribution of wealth and in a fairer society based on inclusivity. I believe there is more than enough wealth in the country to pay for all the needs of society, to include free healthcare, free education, nationalised, subsidised and even free public transport.

I believe in welfare support for those in need and social care for the elderly, the disabled and those in need of support but what we have is neo-liberal austerity where debt is socialised and profit is privatised.

End tax avoidance and the deficit could be wiped out overnight, leaving plenty of money to pay decent wages and fund social care for all.

I have decided to place on hold my political ambitions in the short term in order to address some of the realities that have been born of austerity.

I volunteer at a local food bank and once a week. I volunteer along with many others with a homeless outreach group in downtown Belfast – providing hot food, tea, coffee, sandwiches and buns – as an act of solidarity with those in need.
Attacks on those on benefits, those who need housed and those who need medical treatment are only set to increase.

I wanted to help those people affected by being elected to speak for those who are seen but not heard, to articulate their concerns.

If I cannot do that then I am determined to make a difference – no matter how small – to help those I believe the political elite have abandoned and are condemned to a life on the streets or the poverty of the just-about-managing.

Fighting injustice and raising awareness around those injustices is embedded in my DNA.

The Labour party is dead in Ireland. It is struggling in Britain and was strangled here at the onset of partition in 1921/1922.

There will always be room for those who advocate for a better, fairer society. People Before Profit, the Workers Party and the Greens all advocate real politics for change for real people.

Austerity causes pain, along with zero hour contracts, coupled with no wage rises for many to combat inflation.

Labour does well when the greed of the Tories incites the people to demand change but I won’t be voting comrades. It’s a two horse race here between the ‘no gay marriage’ DUP on the right and the ‘let’s shed 20,000 public servant jobs to pay for tax cuts’ Sinn Féin on the other right.

Until there is national reunification and an end to partition the politics of sectarianism will continue to spoil politics here.

Belfast BT14

Car park murder victim becomes another victim to the ongoing loyalist feud was a member of SEA UDA

The man shot dead in front of his son in a supermarket car park in County Down on Sunday has been named locally as Colin Horner (pictured below).

South East Antrim UDA feud victim Colin Horner.

Colin Horner paid the same price for badmouthing his one-time UDA god-fathers as his own former South East Antrim UDA boss Geordie Gilmore.

Geordie Gilmore

He was living just across Belfast Lough in Bangor, where he was gunned down in a retail mall car park in front of young kids in broad daylight yesterday afternoon.

The car park where the assassination took place.

James Colin Honer, 35, was holding his three-year-old boy in his arms as the gunman opened fire, he was unmasked.

Sainsbury’s employee Robson McCracken told the Belfast Telegraph: “A car drew up and shot a man in the car park, just outside the store. There was panic in the store, with trolleys abandoned everywhere. “First aiders from Sainsbury’s kept the victim alive until the ambulance team arrived,” he said.

Sources say some of those very close to pointing the finger at and identifying those who carried out the murder of Gilmore. Meantime, the catalogue of loyalist gangs internal feud escalate. Just last August former UDA heavy John ‘Bonzer’ Borland was the victim of a point-blank assassination.

Boreland and fellow convicted criminal Andre “The Bookie’s Brigadier’ Shoukri were both kicked out of the mainstream UDA and were taken under the wing of the SEA Brigade, who had already split from the loyalist terror gang’s so-called ‘inner council’!

But the fact remains that the file of ‘get-away-with-it’ loyalist feud continues to grow, and the RUC/PSNI have still not charged anyone on the ‘loyalist feud’ with any paramilitary offences including membership of an illegal organistion? When this is quite the opposite on the republican side (political policing) comes to mind.

Meanwhile, the murders continue to grow, dating back to the UVF killing of Bobby Moffett on Belfast’s Shankill Road in May, 2010, and before that the shooting dead of UDA godfather Jim ‘Doris Day’ Gray in East Belfast in October 2005, among other blatant killings that are still on the books and still not solved.


The Gibbet Rath Massacre.

Refers to the execution of several hundred rebels by British forces during the United Irish Rebellion of 1798 at the Curragh of Kildare on 29 May 1798.

The United Irishmen’s rebellion in 1798 was strongly supported in the Kildare area, and it was on the Curragh of Kildare that the worst atrocities and suppression of the rising were witnessed.
The rebels took over a number of towns in the Kildare area and having held the government forces at bay for over a week they negotiated favorable surrender terms with Lieutenant General Sir Ralph Dundas, Commander of the Midland District Militia. They were to proceed to the Gibbet Rath on the Curragh on the May 29th, where they would hand up their arms and would be allowed to return to their homes unharmed.
Large numbers of rebels gathered at the Gibbet Rath to meet General Dundas. Unfortunately for them, Dundas was called away before he could accept their surrender. Instead General Sir James Duff, a ruthless English Officer, arrived with his army which included a regiment known as Roden’s Foxhunters led by Viscount Jocelyn, a leading racing man whose father the Earl of Roden was one of the original founders of the Turf Club in Kildare town. General Duff had been informed that a solider from Rommey’s Fencibles was knocked from his horse and killed on the Curragh. He was outraged and vowed to avenge the death. Reports from Kildare town on the eve of the massacre stated that several of Roden’s Foxhunters, in a riotous and drunken state, marched through the streets with fixed bayonets swearing loudly “we are the boys who will slaughter the croppies tomorrow at the Curragh”. This behavior deterred many rebels from proceeding to the Curragh thereby saving many lives.
On the faithful day, May 29, 1798 the rebels assembled at the Gibbet Rath where they handed in their weapons. They were immediately surrounded by General Duff and his forces which, besides Roden’s Light Dragoons, included the Monasterevan cavalry along with other militia. Duff ordered his army to “charge and spare no rebel”. Over 350 men were slaughtered as they fled in panic, many more were badly injured but feigned death until calm prevailed. It was reported that in one street alone in Kildare that night, 85 widows were counted. Within a 10 mile radius of the Curragh there was hardly a house or cottage that didn’t have a father, brother or son killed. Some of the rebels were buried in Kildangan and their names are recorded there. Others were buried in the Grey Abby in Kildare and some in Nurney.

With many thanks to: Clan na Gael.

Lecture organised by: Seán Heuston 1916 Society, this Wwdnesday 7.30pm, in the Teachers Club, Dublin.

Loughgall Ambush

This Wednesday 7.30 in the Teachers club , Dublin. A talk and Q&A on the Loughgall ambush.

Tommy McKearney will be the special guest.

With many thanks to: Pól Ó Scanaill


Russian heroin dealers reported to be operating out of 3 Newington Street, North Belfast. We believe these are some of the heroin dealers selling their poison in our children’s play parks.

Could anyone with further information please contact the page as we will be reporting these scumbags to the police and community leaders.

With many thanks to: Éire Live

Just had word from one of our comrades Julian Theodore Ichim.

Here is the message [more or less] thanks:

Cops are looking for me, to lift me. It’s about the Royal visit and the meeting in Montreal.

Hey! It looks they will hold me for quite a bit.

I think I will turn myself in tommorrow. Monday 29th May 2o17. Message ends…..

Urgent Please Share, Tomorrow I will be presenting myself to the Waterloo Regional Police and demand an explanation for the harassment of my friends and Family in the name of trying to find me. I also will demand answers to why they went to the 32csm international Headquarters with hostile intentions. I ask that people come and join me in taking a stand against political policing. PM me for details. Long Live the 32CSM!!!!!Long Live the Anti Colonial Resistance!!!!!!!End Political Policing!!!!! 

everyone through your support behind julian he does a lot of work for us us abrod espicially in Canada and is a great supporter of 32CSM.

Killer of Garda Tony Golden was ‘protected Garda agent’ and informer.

Why did senior gardaí and DPP – who knew the unstable Crevan Makin had access to guns – release him from prison on reduced bail?

Adrian Crevan Makin – was ‘protected Garda agent’ and paid informer.

ON 11th OCTOBER 2015, Adrian Crevan Mackin shot dead Garda Tony Golden and seriously wounded Siobhán Philips before taking his own life near Omeath, Co Louth. New evidence shows that Adrian Crevan Mackin was a Garda agent and informer, tasked with infiltrating so-called dissident republican groupings. He was out on bail at the time of the murder even though he had admitted possessing weapons and explosivies. Nine months before the killing of Garda Golden, Crevan Mackin had admitted to possession of firearms and even led gardaí to an arms dump near the Border where they recovered two pistols. Incredibly, despite this, Mackin was not charged with any firearms offences. The series of events leading up to the killing of Garda Golden and the wounding of Mackin’s partner, Siobhán Philips, paints a murky picture where An Garda Siochána used a highly dangerous, volatile and abusive individual with serious mental health issues as an agent of the state working for the Irish police.
Crevan Mackin told garda detectives he had access to guns, including two glock pistols – the type he would use to kill garda golden.

Garda Tony Golden, shot dead by paid Garda agent. Adrian Crevan Mackin, a gardaí informant.

Mackin had for years been on the fringes of so-called dissident republican organisations. He went to school in Warrenpoint, County Down, In 2012, he was arrested by the RUC/PSNI for possession of extreme pornographic material. After this, he moved to the north Louth, where, according to his sister, he began to supply pipe-bombs to dissident republican groupings opposed to the Peace Process.

On 16th January 2015, following a tip-off from the FBI in the United States, at least 16 armed gardaí from the Special Detective Unit in Dublin raided Mackin’s home in Omeath.

The Garda funeral of Tony Golden in Blackrock, Co Louth.

The FBI had provided a list of weapons which Mackin had purchased over a two-year period. Gardaí had obtained the warrant to raid Mackin’s home stating that they beleived he had six firearms in his possession. During the raid they found threaded and capped pipes ( which can be used for making pipe-bombs) along with gallons of sulphuric and nitric acid which are used in the mixing of explosives.

Mackin was arrested and interveiwed by gardaí. Check out the video: https://youtu.be/gr6WhuW5nRA

The FBI claimed they had information that Mackin was intending to import the highly-toxic poison ricin with intent to kill a Social Services officer in the North. The transcripts of interviews with gardaí show that Mackin denied membership of any organisation styling itself the IRA before simply answering 27 further questions with the words “no comment”. During a fifth round of questioning, Mackin did admit to weapons possession and importing components parts for six firearms after a list of his PayPal transactions were shown to him. Around this time, Mackin told detectives he had he had access to guns, including two Glock pistols – the type he would use to kill Garda Golden.

He also led gardaí to an arms dump at a direlict cottage in Edentubber where they recovered two beretta 9mm pistols. Mackin said he brought the gardaí to this arms dump in exchange for not being charged with firearms offences, and instead to be charged with IRA membership – something he had not admitted to. Mackin’s sister said he informed her that there was a deal with the gardaí. “‘We’ll keep you out of prison but you’ll have to do this [or that] for us’. Why did they think Crevan was a good candidate to be a grass, or a tout, or informer, or whatever word you want to put on it?” she said. On 18th January 2015, the Office of Director of Public Prosecutions instructed gardaí to charge Mackin with IRA membership, the very offence he had not admitted.

Numerous questions for Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald, former Taoiseach Edna Kenny and Garda Commissioner Noirín O’Sullivan.

Crevan Mackin’s solicitor, Paul Tiernan, told an RTÉ Investigates programme detailing the incredible story that he finds it “very strange” and “highly unusual” that “someone who had admitted possession of firearms and the importation of component parts for firearms, should have been treated in this way” and  not charged with possession of those firearms. In the vast majority of cases, the strongest evidence against people is their own admissions,” the solicitor said on TV. While awaiting a bail hearing, Mackin was sent to Portlaoise Prison. There he attempted to have himself placed on wings which housed prisoners of various so-called dissident republican groups. These prisoners refused to allow Mackin on their wings, suspecting him of being a spy. Mackin’s solicitor said in an interview on RTÉ: “He told me that he was advised to infiltrate the Real IRA in Portlaoise. He confirmed that he was brought onto the political wing but, very soon after arriving on the political wing in Portaoise Prison, he was expelled.” Mackin’s bail was originally posted at €20.000 but, strangely, this was reduced to €5.000. He was released 10 days after his arrest. His sister says he had confided in her that he beleived he was going to be shot dead by dissident republicans for his role as a Garda informer, describing himself as “a marked man” and saying it was “only a matter of time” before they would kill him. His sister and solicitor say he started to deteriorate mentally and became increasingly anxious and was prone to violent outbursts.

The FBI claimed Mackin was intending to import the ricin poison with intent to kill a Social Services officer in the North.

He also began to regularly assault and beat his partner, Siobhán Philips. Two days before the killing of Garda Golden, Siobhán Philips (21) had been subjected to a horrific and prolonged assault at the hands of the 24-year-old Mackin. Over the course of 12 hours he punched Siobhán in the head, kicked her in the stomach, and slashed her a number of times on the arm and legs with a bread knife. Siobhán told work colleagues what happened and then her father and stepmother, telling them she was terrified Mackin was going to kill her. Mackin had also threatened to kill other members of her family, including her brothers. Her stepmother told her that the only way anything would come of it was if she went to the Garda and made a statement. On the morning of 10th October, a visibly frightened and injured Siobhán Philips – accompanied by her father and stepmother – attemted to register complaints of domestic violence and assault against Mackin at Dundalk Garda station. This is the same Garda station at which Mackin signed on as part of his bail conditions. Siobháns father, Seán, says the garda they dealt with in Dundalk refused to take a statement, telling them ‘that girl [Siobhán] could have a brain injury or anything. I’m not going to take a statement from somebody with injuries like that”, before instructing them to go to Omeath as it was in that jurisdiction where the assault happened.

Dundalk Garda Station

The family met Garda Tony Golden at the Omeath station the next day.

Mackin’s sister said he informed her that there was a deal with the gardaí to keep him out of prison.

After taking the statement, Garda Tony Golden accompanied Siobhán and her father to the home she shared with Crevan Mackin to collect her things. Garda Golden and Siobhán Philips went inside while Siobhán’s father waited outside.

Mackin aggressively demanded to know why Garda was there before opening fire on the pair, killing Garda Golden and horrifically wounding Siobhán Philips with a gunshot in the head. He then turned the gun on himself.

Gerry Adams repeatedly contacted An Taoiseach, the Justice Minister and the Garda Commissioner.

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD asked for the recall of the Dáil from its Easter recess to allow the Minister for Justice to make a statement on the matter and to answer questions. The Louth TD has written to Justice Minister Francis Fitzgerald eight times since October 2015, to the Taoiseach four times and GSOC on three occasions to raise concerns about the case. “Given the information I provided, I would have expected Minister Fitzgerald and the Taoiseach, after a reasonable period of time, to ensure a proper investigation into the circumstances which led to the shooting of Garda Golden and Siobhán Philips took place,” he said.

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions instructed gardaí to charge Mackin with IRA membership – the very offence he had not admitted

The Dáil deputy described the responses from An Taoiseach and the Minister for Justice as “unsatisfactory”: “I have never received any indication that the Government was taking this matter seriously. Given that it was known by some senior figures in An Garda Siochána that Crevan Mackin had access to weapons. Siobhán Philips and Garda Golden should not have been placed in this perilous situation. Gerry Adams described the arrest, interrogation and subsequent treatment of Crevan Mackin as ‘entirely inappropriate’: “All of thd families affected by this need to have the truth about the circumstances of Cravan Mackin’s arrest, questioning, charging and relationship with An Garda Siochána. “Those responsible must be held accountable and, if neccessary, they must face a criminal investigation and possibly charges.”

Mackin’s bail was originally posted at €20,000 but, strangely, this was quickly reduced to €5,000.

Meanwhile, the family of Siobhán Philips have announced that they are to sue An Garda Siochána. In a statement following the airing of the RTÉ Investigates programme on 20th April, their solicitors. Madden & Finucane, said: “These revelations raise issues of significant public importance and require an investigation at the highest level. “We have been instructed today to issue proceedings in the High Court in Dublin and we will be writing to Francis Fitzgerald, the Minister for Justice, requesting that she immediately establish a public inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the shooting of Siobhán and the murder of Garda Golden.”


With many thanks to: Mark Moloney – anphoblacht for the origional story. http://www.anphoblacht.com