The earlier prehistory of the civil rights campaign: more IRA than NICRA?

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Far from dismissing the involvement of the IRA and Sinn Féin the formation of the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association (NICRA) in 1967, is it time to acknowledge, instead, that it drew its roots and methods more from prisoner release organisations of 1960-62 than any of the individuals and organisation that subsequently coalesced with them to form NICRA itself. Ironically, it is time to admit that the NICRA owed even more to the IRA than is generally accepted.

The issue of the background the civil rights movements in the north still appear to be the focus of some debate. While Bob Purdie’s Politics in the Streets(published in 1990) is quite explicit in tracing some roots of the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association back into the Wolfe Tone Society and the IRA, earlier accounts, such as that of Fred Heatley (published in Fortnight in March 1974) pretty much cover the…

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US Dependence on Minerals/Metals From other Countries

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There are over 100 crucial minerals and metals that the US imports from other countries. Without these raw materials, the US economy will grind to a halt. For 20 of those minerals, the USA is 100% dependent on other nations. 

Here is the list of those minerals from the US government:

It’s a long document, so here’s a screenshot of the two essential pages that list the minerals/metals, the countries of origin, and the percentage of reliance. As you can see, there are many shithole countries — as Trump allegedly described them — in the list (Africa, South America, Asia etc.) and also our geopolitical rivals (Russia, China). So, yes, we have to learn to get along with everybody! BTW, the value of these minerals is over $200 billion per year!

Minerals Reliance 1Minerals Reliance 2

In terms of countries, China is the #1 supplier of these crucial resources. Canada, Russia…

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Tel Aviv’s Syria Gambit

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Darko Lazar

20-01-2018 | 08:01

The outcome of the latest “Israeli” attack on Syrian military outposts near Damascus is not exactly what the leadership in Tel Aviv was hoping for when it decided to carry out what was, by most accounts, a sophisticated operation.


During the January 9 attack, the “Israeli” Air Force deployed four state-of-the-art F-35 stealth multirole fighter jets, which fired a total of five missiles at weapons storage facilities and anti-aircraft batteries in Syria’s Qutayfeh.

The jets fired the missiles from relatively safe distances in the hope of avoiding Syrian anti-aircraft weapons, including the Pantsir-S1 and the S-200.

Although the F-35s are limited by their high fuel consumption, the “Israeli” pilots compensated by utilizing all available electronic combat systems against both the S-400 radar division stationed at Russia’s Khmeimim Air Base and Syrian air defenses.

The “Israelis” had reportedly managed to temporarily ‘blind’ the Syrians by using…

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Palestinian Teenager Embraces Freedom


In this short clip, Amal Qabha, a teenager from the West Bank who was arrested by the colonial forces of Israel on suspicion of trying to stab a member of the occupying military, speaks upon her release. Although evidence is most often non-existent or refutable in such cases, the Israeli military machine rolls over the rights of the children and teenagers as though they have none. Under the oppression of the Zionist state, they don’t.

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