Vote Leave: Brexit campaign ‘broke electoral law’ in referendum

Brexit campaign group Vote Leave has been fined £61,000 and referred to the police after an Electoral Commission probe said it broke electoral law.

The investigation found “significant evidence of joint working” between the group and another organisation – BeLeave – leading to it exceeding its spending limit by almost £500,000.

Vote Leave also returned an “incomplete and inaccurate spending report”, with almost £234,501 reported incorrectly, and invoices missing for £12,849.99 of spending, the watchdog said.

BeLeave founder Darren Grimes has also been fined and referred to the police for breaking the group’s spending limit by more than £665,000 and wrongly reporting the spending as his own.

Veterans for Britain were also found to have inaccurately reported a donation it received from Vote Leave and has been fined £250.

‘Refused to cooperate’
Bob Posner, from the Electoral Commission, said: “The Electoral Commission has followed the evidence and conducted a thorough investigation into spending and campaigning carried out by Vote Leave and BeLeave.

“We found substantial evidence that the two groups worked to a common plan, did not declare their joint working and did not adhere to the legal spending limits. These are serious breaches of the laws put in place by Parliament to ensure fairness and transparency at elections and referendums.”

He added: “Vote Leave has resisted our investigation from the start, including contesting our right as the statutory regulator to open the investigation. It has refused to cooperate, refused our requests to put forward a representative for interview, and forced us to use our legal powers to compel it to provide evidence.

“Nevertheless, the evidence we have found is clear and substantial, and can now be seen in our report.”

Vote Leave was the officially designated campaign group for Leave in the UK’s referendum in 2016 into whether or not the UK should stay in the European Union.

The result of the referendum was 51.9% for Leave and 48.1% for Remain. The UK is due to officially leave the European Union at 23:00 GMT on 29 March, 2019.

‘Motivated by political agenda’
A Vote Leave spokesman said: “The Electoral Commission’s report contains a number of false accusations and incorrect assertions that are wholly inaccurate and do not stand up to scrutiny.

“It is astonishing that nobody from Vote Leave has been interviewed by the commission in the production of this report, nor indeed at any point in the past two years. Yet the commission has interviewed the so-called ‘whistleblowers’ who have no knowledge of how Vote Leave operated and whose credibility has been seriously called into question.

“Vote Leave has provided evidence to the Electoral Commission proving there was no wrongdoing. And yet despite clear evidence of wrongdoing by the Remain campaign, the commission has chosen to ignore this and refused to launch an investigation.

“All this suggests that the supposedly impartial commission is motivated by a political agenda rather than uncovering the facts.

“The commission has failed to follow due process, and in doing so has based its conclusions on unfounded claims and conspiracy theories.

“We will consider the options available to us, but are confident that these findings will be overturned.”

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Dangerous paedophile on the run alongside man charged with raping a 14-year-old – as police warn the public to NOT approach the pair

Two high risk sex offenders are on the run after the pair disappeared from police
Stephen Powell, 27, and Leslie Maxwell Jones, 39, reported missing on Friday
Their failure to provide their whereabouts means they may reoffend, police said
Two high risk sex offenders with charges of child rape, drug and weapons offences between them, are on the run after the pair disappeared from police.

Stephen Powell, 27, and Leslie Maxwell Jones, 39, were reported missing on Friday when Powell failed to provide his home address and Jones provided a false address to police.

Both men must inform police of their whereabouts as part of reporting obligations and are at risk of reoffending, Victoria police have said.

Stephen Powell, 27, (left) and Leslie Maxwell Jones, 39, (right) are on the run after the pair disappeared from police. The two high risk sex offenders have charges of child rape, drug and weapons offences between them

Their failure to provide their whereabouts means they might reoffend, Acting Assistant Commissioner Tony Langdon told the media on Monday.

‘We’re obviously concerned, that’s why we’re coming forward,’ he said.

‘Our concern is with the fact that they’re actively not letting us know where they are.’

‘The main risk with these people is we know if they meet their conditions of the orders they are less likely to reoffend.’

Serial child sex offender who went on the run after cutting…

Huge surge in number of paedophiles catches police…

Powell last made contact with police on June 10, but failed to provide his residential address on June 19 as part of his reporting obligations.

He is known to frequent Footscray and Maribyrnong in Melbourne’s inner west and the town of Leongatha 135km south-east of Melbourne.

‘He is a person who is charged with a rape offence of a 14-year-old child in 2010,’ assistant commissioner Langdon said.

‘He has an extensive criminal history as well in relation to drugs, weapons offences, dishonesty, assaults and traffic offences.’

Jones, who has a history of failing to notify police of his address, most recently provided a false address and last made contact with police on April 9.

He is known to frequent Sunshine, Footscray and the Melbourne CBD.

‘He was charged and convicted of sexual penetration of a child under 16 in 2004, and also has an extensive criminal history in relation to drug offences, weapons, violence, assault and traffic offences,’ Mr Langdon said.

Police have asked the public help to find the pair and have ramped up their search for the two men on Monday.

Images of the men were released in the hope they are recognised.

Powell is described as being 175cm tall, with a medium build, brown hair, blue eyes and an olive or tanned complexion.

Jones is described as 160cm tall, of thin build, partially bald with short shaved grey hair, blue eyes and a fair complexion.

Anyone who sights the men is urged not to approach them and call triple zero immediately or contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

‘The main risk with these people is we know if they meet their conditions of the orders they are less likely to reoffend,’ Acting Assistant Commissioner Tony Langdon (pictured) told media
‘The main risk with these people is we know if they meet their conditions of the orders they are less likely to reoffend,’ Acting Assistant Commissioner Tony Langdon (pictured) told media

Police warn dangerous paedophile is on the run alongside man charged with raping a 14-year-old.

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Piers Morgan and Donald Trump on Air Force 1

Piers Morgan says it’s one in the eye
for all those so-called ‘serious journalists’
that when The Donald wanted someone
to talk to on Air Force 1, he was the one
that got the call.
And remember y’all,
The customer’s always right.

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Former Tory Lord mayor jailed for 18 years for sexually abusing young girls.

Former Pembroke mayor David Boswell raped and sexually abused two young girls in the 1990s

Former mayor on trial over historical child sex abuse allegations

A former town mayor has been sentenced to 18 years in prison for raping and sexually assaulting two young girls.

David Boswell abused the girls – who were aged under nine – during the early 1990s.

He had denied the allegations against him, saying the girls had made up the claims.

But former Pembroke mayor Boswell, 56, was convicted of three counts of indecent assault and one of rape following a trial at Swansea Crown Court.

He was acquitted of three more counts of indecent assault involving the same girls.

On Friday he returned to court and was sentenced to 18 years in prison.

David Boswell was the mayor of Pembroke
David Boswell was the mayor of Pembroke

Predatory pensioner saw teenage girl in the street and offered her a hot drink – then brutally sexually assaulted her
In a statement read to the court one of his victims said she felt “damaged” by what he did to her a quarter of a century ago.

The former soldier turned lorry driver was elected a Conservative county councillor for Pembroke St Mary North in May 2017.

He was suspended by the party after being charged by police.

After the sentencing hearing an NSPCC Cymru spokesman said: “This case has highlighted how victims of past abuse are burdened with the fear of their abuser into their adult life. Boswell’s public profile would only have heightened this for his victims.

“But the bravery of the women subjected as children to Boswell’s despicable crimes has helped put him behind bars where he cannot harm others.

“It shows once again that survivors can come forward and achieve justice regardless of how much time has elapsed since the offences were carried out.”

Following sentencing, Dyfed-Powys Police said Boswell’s victims had been incredibly brave in coming forward.

Supt Ross Evans said: “This has been a long and difficult investigation for the victims.

“I hope anyone else who has experienced similar abuse at any stage of their life can find courage from this case to see that all reports will be taken seriously and fully investigated.”

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Liam Fox’s Trade Bill Set To Crush Disabled People!

#ToriesOutIn2018 ✊

Liam Fox’s #Brexit #tradebill set to crush disabled people!! 😠😠😠😠😠

🔴As it stands, ministers would have the right to tear up the human rights of disabled people to facilitate trade deals the President of the CBI says will be of no benefit to Britain!!

🔴According to a letter sent to the International Trade Secretary Liam Fox, the bill “lets ministers change a wide range of laws – including the Equality Act – without parliamentary scrutiny, in order to implement international trade agreements”.

It continues: “There are no safeguards to prevent ministers from using these new powers to remove rights granted by Parliament.”

Its 20 signatories include Liberty, the Business Disability Forum, Disability Rights UK, Leonard Cheshire Disability, Mencap, The National Aids Trust, the Royal National Institute for the Blind, Amnesty International UK, Ambitious About Autism and the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations.

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The Bomb Attacks On The Homes Of Gerry Adams And Bobby Storey


It is difficult to know what one should make of the “bomb” attacks on the Belfast homes of Gerry Adams, the former Sinn Féin leader, and Bobby Story, who served as the party’s northern chairperson. In both cases a large industrial firework or bundle of fireworks seems to have been used, thrown from the passenger side of a passing vehicle at Adams’ address, causing damage to the windscreen of a car parked in the driveway. According to a statement by SF, the Louth TD’s grandchildren had been present in the area just moments before the blast and they and his family were deeply traumatised by the affair.

In days past, the blame for the attacks would have almost certainly fallen on loyalist or pro-British terrorists, militant groupings allied to the United Kingdom’s military and paramilitary forces in the occupied Six Counties during the thirty years of the so-called Troubles. However…

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