UVF terror flag displayed in North of Ireland town hall during band competition
Flute band colour party at Carrickfergus Town Hall2
Flute band colour party at Carrickfergus Town Hall

A UVF flag was displayed in a Northern Ireland town hall during a loyalist band contest last weekend.
The flag was displayed at Carrickfergus Town Hall by a colour party for controversial Scottish band Greengairs Thistle which takes part every year in a parade on the Shankill Road to commemorate UVF killer Brian Robinson.
A video viewed more than 9,000 times on the Facebook page of the Shankill Road Defenders flute band shows the flag being held by a bearer in Greengairs Thistle’s colour party for over half an hour as the band plays.
The town hall event was organised by the Shankill Road Defenders which also takes part in the annual Brian Robinson commemoration parade.

Robinson was killed by the SAS in 1989 after he shot dead Catholic man Paddy McKenna in a random sectarian attack as he walked along the Crumlin Road.

A wedding was moved from the town hall to accommodate the loyalist band contest.
X Factor finalist Wagner in rallying call for Shankill Defenders’ competition
Local Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson last night said it was “deeply disturbing” that a paramilitary flag was on display in premises meant to be a shared space.
He called on Mid and East Antrim Borough Council to explain their vetting process for groups seeking to use their facilities.
A council spokeswoman said it would be “reviewing the footage provided by the Belfast Telegraph”.

Ten bands took part in the competition in the packed town hall.
A website for Glengairs Thistle says the band is excluded from taking part in Orange Order parades.
It states that in 1987, it was summoned before the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland which objected to its uniform then “as the uniform had links with paramilitary organisations”.
It continues: “The band were expelled for life and members of the band who were also members of the Orange Order were expelled from the order for life. The band were also expelled from all Orange social clubs”.

The website notes the band’s history of “working with the Loyalist Prisoners Welfare Association in Belfast” which “was set up to aid the men and women of the Ulster Volunteer Force who became incarcerated … while fighting for their political beliefs”.
Mr Dickson hit out at the displaying of the UVF flag at the council premises. The East Antrim MLA said: “Carrickfergus Town Hall is a facility for everyone and it’s absolutely unacceptable to see flags in support of an illegal paramilitary organisation being flown openly.
“This should never have been allowed and I would challenge Mid and East Antrim Council to outline exactly what their vetting process is for groups seeking to use local facilities.
“And again, to those facilitating the event at the time, why were no interventions made?”

Mr Dickson expressed concern that a band “allegedly banned by the Orange Order in Scotland and not allowed to take part in any official events” was allowed “to turn Carrickfergus Town Hall into their own arena”.
He added: “Flags and emblems like this are used to intimidate others.
“It is not the kind of environment the majority want to see facilitated in Carrickfergus – especially within our civic centre which should remain a shared space.”
The Mid and East Antrim Borough Council spokeswoman said: “This booking is an annual melody concert run by the Shankill Road Defenders flute band who host a number of visiting bands.
“Council is reviewing this footage provided by the Belfast Telegraph.”
In response to the moving of a wedding to Carrickfergus Castle to accommodate the band contest, the spokeswoman said: “There was a clash of bookings with a wedding party booked for the same venue on the same date.
“Council offered the couple the choice to relocate the ceremony to an alternative approved venue in close proximity to the town hall, which as a gesture of goodwill, council covered a small cost for the relocation.”
Shankill Road Defenders had enlisted the help of former X Factor contestant Wagner to promote the band competition last week.
In a video Wagner, who had no knowledge that the UVF flag would be displayed, said people could look forward to “an evening of culture”.
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End the EXTRADITION of Irish Republicans

Judge wants more information on strip searching in Damian McLaughlin extradition case

A High Court judge is seeking further information on strip searches in a North of Ireland prison before deciding whether to extradite a 40-year-old Belfast man wanted there in connection with the murder of prison officer David Black.

Mr Damien Joseph McLaughlin, with an address at Glenties Rd, Belfast, was arrested in County Donegal last March on foot of a European Arrest Warrant issued by Northern Ireland authorities.

He is wanted to face allegations that he aided and abetted in the murder of David Black on November 1st, 2012, and was in possession of an article suspected of being for the commission of the act of murder.

Mr Black, a 52-year-old father of two, was shot dead on the M1 motorway by dissident republicans as he drove to work in Maghaberry jail.

Mr McLaughlin is also charged with engaging in conduct in preparation for acts of terrorism and of being a member of a proscribed organisation. The maximum penalties applicable to each of the four offences are ten years, 15 years and two penalties of life imprisonment.

Previously, his barrister, David Leonard BL, claimed his client’s constitutional right and his right under Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights not to be subjected to inhuman and degrading treatment would be breached by virtue of the prison conditions he would be subject to in Maghaberry prison in the North of Ireland on surrender.

Mr Leonard said that the full-body searches (strip-searches) which took place in Maghaberry and also in conjunction with the background of controlled movement within the prison, reached the threshold of inhuman and degrading treatment.

High Court judge Ms Aileen Donnelly delivered her written judgement today, where she said she rejected the contention that restrictions on movement amounted to inhuman or degrading treatment.

Ms Justice Donnelly said she also rejected the respondent’s claim that he would be at real risk of being exposed to inhuman and degrading treatment because of the manner in which the strip-searches will be carried out.

However, the judge said the question of whether there is a necessity for a full-body search in light of improvements in technology was a separate issue. “The main evidence before me as to a lack of justification for these strip-searches is that technology exists to resolve the necessity for full-body searches,” she said.

She said the court also had credible evidence before it from information provided to a Joint Oireachtas Committee from highly respected persons that Portlaoise Prison operated technology which meant full-body searches were no longer required.

“This information questions whether full-body searches ie strip-searches are necessary in the absence of an indication by the technology,” she said.

The judge said she was entitled to rely upon the evidence presented to the Oireachtas Committee as a credible source of information for the purposes of assessing general conditions in which republican prisoners are held in Maghaberry. She said it amounted to “objective, reliable, specific and updated information” that rebutted the presumption that full-body searches were necessary on entry and exit to Maghaberry prison due to available technology.

“This means that the general conditions in Roe House (at Maghaberry prison) in so far as they relate to strip-searching raise a real risk that this respondent could be subjected to inhuman and degrading conditions on surrender,” she said.

Ms Justice Donnelly asked that further information be obtained in this jurisdiction and from the North of Ireland to show that this technology is limited or that there are specific reasons why strip-searching on entering and leaving the prison are necessary, or that Mr McLaughlin will not be subject to such strip-searching on each individual occasion he enters and leaves the prison.

The judge requested the Minister for Justice to provide her with “any relevant information” about the technology in use in this jurisdiction and she also requested further information from the UK.

A resumed hearing will take place on November 21 and Mr McLaughlin was remanded in custody until that date.

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Support DD McLaughlin and other Irish Republican’s facing Extradition to Maghaberry torture camp.

DD McLaughlin’s extradition case is being heard in the High Court Parkgate Street Dublin this Friday 20th October at 10am.

Saoradh will be holding a picket outside the courts at 10am to support DD and other Irish Republicans facing Extradition to Maghaberry torture camp.

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RUC/PSNI make first loyalist arrests under terrorism laws on crackdown on the UDA in West Belfast.

Storm Ophelia exsposes the face of UDA recruits

UDA searches: Four men arrested and ammunition and drugs seized. 

The men, aged 24, 32, 34 and 36, were arrested in the north of the city on suspicion of being UDA members.

Paramilitary uniforms, drugs, a gun holster and ammunition were seized during a two-day operation which included 13 searches in north Belfast, Holywood, Co Down, and Portadown, Co Armagh.
UDA ties, badges and flags were also seized, along with steroids, cannabis, mobile phones and tablets.
Two of the men, aged 34 and 36, have been released pending a report to prosecutors over UDA membership. The 36-year-old man will also be reported for supplying class C drugs.
The 24-year-old man and the 32-year-old man remained in custody last night.
Detective Inspector Heather Whoriskey appealed to anyone with information about paramilitaries to contact police.
“I understand that people feel afraid to speak out against these paramilitaries, but police need information from local people – as we will act on information we receive,” she said. “It may not always be visible and immediate but please be assured that every piece of information is assessed and acted on.”
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Paul Quinn murder: ‘There was nothing left of Paul to fix after PIRA beating’

Breege and Stephen Quinn holding a photo of their murdered son Paul.

A south Armagh man who was “crucified” by the PIRA 10 years ago today was so badly beaten that doctors told his mother “they left nothing for us to fix”.

Cullyhanna woman Breege Quinn was speaking to the News Letter about the brutal murder of her son Paul Quinn, 21, who was lured to a farm across the border at Tullyvanus in the Oram area of Castleblayney and beaten to death by a gang of men on October 20 2007.

Murder victim Paul Quinn had every bone in his body broken
Murder victim Paul Quinn had every bone in his body broken
Every bone in his body had been broken.

The murder caused shock waves across south Armagh and major political waves, with Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams rejecting his family’s claims that the PIRA was responsible and Sinn Fein MP Conor Murphy branding their son a criminal.

Ten years on, despite a string of arrests, nobody has been held accountable. Breege holds on to precious memories of the good times.

The crime scene in 2007 in Oram near Castleblayney where Cullyhanna man Paul Quinn was murdered
The crime scene in 2007 in Oram near Castleblayney where Cullyhanna man Paul Quinn was murdered
“Paul was always in good form, always up for a laugh, playing jokes on you,” she said.

“He would have his friends in and he would get the frying pan and he would cook everything that was in the house.

“Paul was not keen on school.

“But he didn’t mind working, he would work at anything. He loved driving tractors, he would go to work on the buildings if anyone was stuck.

“He couldn’t wait to get his lorry licence to drive a lorry. That is what he wanted to do.”

However, the good times with her son were to come to an unimaginable end 10 years ago today.

It was a Saturday and Paul had left home before she was awake.

The terrible news came when his girlfriend rang Paul’s sister to say he had been beaten up and that his arms and legs were broken.

“She rang again to say the ambulance was on the way to the hospital and they had him on a life support machine. They said for us to get to the hospital as quick as we could.”

But he had died by the time they arrived.

“The doctor came out and said: ‘They left nothing for us to fix’.

“It is unreal isn’t it? They just crucified him.”

The reason he was targeted was because he had “run ins with the son of the top IRA man” she said.

“Neither of the two of them were ever in hospital.”

After one such row a young man told Paul he would be shot, she said. Then a woman connected to the PIRA followed him to a chip shop. Speaking with a hammer in her hand, she told him: ‘You will be got along the side of the road in a black bag’.

Breege said: “When you are a son of one of them you can say whatever you like to anybody.”

A month later her son was murdered. She confirmed that every bone in Paul’s body was broken.

“That is correct, yes. They could not even put rosary beads in his hand in the coffin. He was smashed.”

Some people responsible live very close to the Quinn family and would see the family on a regular basis.

“They couldn’t look at us now. They just look away. The community was stunned.”

It caused major anger against mainstream republicanism. “It did do surely, yes. It would have caused a lot … just among themselves.”

The dozen or so men who broke every bone in her son’s body must have flashbacks of him screeching and should hand themselves in to clear their consciences, she said.

“I often think would they not have flashbacks in their head from listening to Paul screeching while they were laying into him. They are bound to have.”

She has one message for them: “Clear up your conscience and give yourselves up.”

Up to 12 men in the shed beat him with bars and bats, with up to another 12 outside.

They watched him all day and made one of his friends phone him to ask him to come and help clean a shed.

“They just had to ring him and ask for help and he was away. That was Paul.”

Conor Murphy called Paul a criminal after his murder.

“We have asked him on several occasions to withdraw the slur on Paul’s name but he never has.”

Gerry Adams blamed border criminals. “But isn’t the young lad that Paul fought a top PIRA man?”

The woman who threatened her son with a hammer was also connected to the PIRA, she said.

“Who else dresses up in boiler suits and balaclavas and uses disinfectant to clean up after them?

“You could not believe one word out of Gerry Adams’ mouth.

“Didn’t Conor Murphy say he spoke to the PIRA in Cullyhanna. There wasn’t supposed to be any PIRA.

“They told him they didn’t do it. So who are they? Who did he speak to?

“There have been over 20 arrests but not one of them spoke. You would wonder why they wouldn’t speak, wouldn’t you?”

The killing would have been sanctioned at local level but the senior leadership would have been aware of the plans, she said.

“They never do anything unless everybody knows.”

The Garda are still working hard on the case. “We have to have hope, yes. It is the only thing that gets you through.”

Sinn Fein offered the following response: “Sinn Fein once again offer our support to the Quinn family, and urge anyone with information about the murder of Paul Quinn to come forward to the RUC/PSNI and An Garda Síochána to ensure that justice is done.”

• Breege said that there is a £10,000 reward for information leading to a conviction. Telephone Garda on 00 353 47 77 216.

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LIAM CAMPBELL: End Collaboration and Extradition.

Republican SINN FÉIN Poblachtach


Ráiteas – Statement: 19/10/2017

“The arguments put forward today by the 26 county state in favor of surrendering Liam Campbell for extradition to Lithuania should come as no surprise to anyone, let alone Irish Republicans.  The fact the prison that he will more than likely be held awaiting trial is a former Concentration Camp will not impact on their thinking considering that the Free State will happily evict families with children from their homes to exist in sheltered accommodation or worse, have to live on the streets in door ways and tents.

For the Barristers and Solicitors of the 26 county administration, being an Irish Republican is evidence enough for conviction, jail, extradition and incarceration.

Should Liam Campbell be extradited he will not be the first Irish Republican to be sent to foreign jurisdictions, be held for weeks, months and even years only to be released due to a lack…

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